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ASO- A Secret Weapon to Make Your Mobile App Go Viral!
By Shivam Srivastav
June 14, 2017 5 min read
Last update on: September 18, 2019

With millions of mobile applications already existing in the app store, seeing your app ranking on the top and gaining huge traction seems tough. This appears even more unrealistic and unachievable goal if you are a novice to the mobile space. Well, don’t panic! Though there’s no substitute for getting higher rank in the app store search, there are various methods you can use to market your app and make it go viral. One of the most significant methods used widely across the globe is App Store Optimization (ASO).

ASO is the process of optimizing the mobile applications so that they could rank higher on the app store’s search results. According to our mobile app developers, the higher rank your app achieves in the app store’s search results, the more visible it will be to the users. And ultimately, higher chances of traffic on your app’s page and higher downloads.

According to a research, 63% of mobile apps are noticed through app searches, which means neglecting the ASO would adversely affect your app’s success rate.

App Store Optimization is the largest channel of engaging users and increasing app downloads. Hence, no one should ignore it when submitting an app to the app store. To help you in easier and effective ASO marketing, here we are sharing the key factors of App Store Optimization.

Key ASO Strategies for Mobile App Developers

To attain higher ranking, you need to focus on several app store ranking factors, as well as practices required to develop a captivating and effective listing for your application. Some of them are given as follows:

Choose Right Keyword & Title

The prime goal of your title is to depict the name and subject of your mobile app. The more perfectly it conveys the functionality of your application, the easier will be to engage users. Besides this, the keyword you place in the title is also essential for app’s ranking.

According to a survey, the right keyword inserted in the title can increase the ranking by a 10.3%.

Our mobile app developers suggest doing an extensive research and find the most relevant keyword that could empower you to make your app successful. Also, keep in mind that App store titles can go up to 255 characters only. That means you have just 255 characters to make an impact on the audience.

Write an Engaging App Description

The description you add while submitting your mobile app helps the user to understand your application and decide whether to download and use. When writing the app description, make sure that the first five lines that are usually displayed to the users in the app store must be so captivating that they feel the urge to click on “more” option. And ultimately, download your mobile app.

Select a Unique Icon

There are a wide array of applications in the app stores, competing for attention. In such a scenario, it is must that your app has an icon that stands out of the crowd. Tha icon should have the right size & define your app and must be unique to grab the attention of the users. The Same rule must be followed for the screenshots.

Consider Ratings and Reviews

This might be the trickiest task for the mobile app developers, but is a nice way to attract users. After all, all the smartphone users prefer going through the review and then determining whether to download the application or not.

We suggest all to keep screening the positive and negative reviews. Request your users to share their experience, and do respond the reviews with the valid point. Look into the matter and improve your application. This will increase the audience range as well as help in engaging existing users.


Developing a mobile app and getting it into the App Store is not enough; you have to put more efforts to attract your users and enjoy app visibility. Now, as you know the key factors that can take aid you to make your application discoverable in the app store as well as outside of it, plan wisely and act! For any further guidance, contact our mobile app developers.

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