KFC Food Delivery App Development Case Study
About KFC

One of the largest fast-food restaurant chains with a presence in over 150 countries, KFC operates under the billion-dollar Americana Group in the Middle East.

As part of our Americana Group project to deliver 18 mobile applications for 5 of its brands, we successfully launched 7 KFC food delivery apps in the Middle East across - the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Industry Restaurant
Services Design, Development and Deployment
Business Type Enterprise
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Meeting Americana’s Need for Higher Growth by Expanding KFC’s Digital Presence in the Middle East

It is not uncommon for a brand as big as KFC to partner with food delivery aggregators to reach a broader audience. However, the problem arises when almost 90% of the total orders start coming through aggregator apps, leading to massively increased costs for the business. The situation becomes even more worrisome when the business starts receiving bad reviews for its own platform due to poor user experience.

To resolve these issues and expand KFC’s digital presence in the Middle East, the Americana Group onboarded Appinventiv for KFC food delivery app development. The target was to develop and launch a total of 7 KFC mobile applications in a year.

KFC food delivery app Splashscreen
KFC App Login Page
KFC App Menu
KFC Food App Order Tracking
How we helped Americana’s KFC
reduce dependability on aggregator
apps from 90% to less than 50%
We approached Appinventiv with a clear vision to build a robust and future-ready platform that could seamlessly integrate with the busy lifestyle of our customers while uplifting their overall experience and giving us a competitive edge. The Appinventiv team not only understood our vision but also enhanced the overall solution with their expertise. The end results exceeded our expectations with massive improvements in the user base and digital revenue for different brands.
Our search for an industry leader that could design, integrate, and digitally engineer fluid and eye-pleasing apps in restaurant space ended with Appinventiv. The agency helped us unlock opportunities by building specialized capabilities that empower scalability. Innovation-led digital transformation of our processes by Appinventiv is playing a pivotal role in tackling our scalability requirements.

Our Process


  • Market understanding
  • Localization


  • User flow
  • Designing


  • KFC Android App
  • KFC iOS App


  • Play Store publishing
  • App Store publishing

Our Project Challenges

KFC food delivery app

Helping KFC Achieve Fantabulous Results through
Continuous Development & Optimization

We executed the entire project in BOOT (Build, Operate, Optimize, Transfer) model. Once our team gained complete understanding of the client's vision for the product, we went on to build a solid foundation with the first KFC mobile app. Once the app met client's expectations, it was instantiated and extended to deploy in multiple markets.
Some important optimizations we did during Americana's KFC app development include:
The proposed solution for KFC UAE and other locations was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as:

The Results

Chicken All In One Box
KFC Party box
 KFC Roller box
KFC App Cart Page
KFC food App menu
Fried Chicken bucket
KFC Chicken bucket
Twister box
KFC Twister box

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