The Ultimate Guide to Advantages of Encryption Technology

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Advantages of Encryption Technology

A large number of enterprises are investing in enterprise app development services to simplify and speed up business processes. Enterprise apps are taking up important positions in the enterprises and at the same time are also making way for potential threats to corporate security. However, preventing hacking is a biggest concern for enterprise app developers and many companies, including Appinventiv follows best practices to protect sensitive data.

In this regard, implementing encryption to protect the data is widely preferred. It scrambles the text in order to make it unreadable by those who don’t have the key to decode it. There are many apps in which Whatsapp and Signal etc. apply end-to-end encryption.

Importance of encryption

In organizations, instant messaging is one of the most common ways to communicate with partners and consumers. In addition, employees use risky and consumer-grade apps to share important corporate information. Thus, encrypted text messages is an important security measure. Thus, app developers should pay attention on this security measure. However, information security is not the only benefit that your business can acquire from facilitate encrypted text messages. In fact, there are some other benefits also, which are listed below:

Transmit safely

There is no denying that encrypted data provide security benefits during transmission. If users are sending files through email or distributing them through a cloud server then they can use encryption. This helps them in making sure that no unauthorized user has an option of viewing that information.

Ensure data integrity

The misuse of data can not only be done by targeted data theft, but through manipulation also. A hacker can manipulate specific data to disrupt corporate communications. However, using encrypted data can avoid such situation.

Protect data across devices

A wide range of devices are becoming a big part of our lives. However, transferring data from one device to another is a risky thing. Hence, encryption technology can protect and store data across all devices. Such security measure can deter unauthorized users.

Encryption is a crucial part of compliance

In most of the cases, it is seen that numerous industries have strict compliance needs to protect all those whose personal information is stored by organizations. FIPS, HIPAA or any other regulation completely rely on encryption to safeguard data.

Hire a leading mobile app development company

Appinventiv is a world-class app development company that has years of experience in offering encryption based apps. Here, app developers make sure that all critical data is encrypted at the client-side with strong encryption techniques. After gauging your app development requirements, team of expert mobile app developers leave no stone unturned in making your dream app come to life.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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