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We are a team of game app development experts that strives to deliver not only an enthralling user experience but also comprehensive gaming applications with robust architecture.

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We are a leader in the mobile game app development industry with a great track record of delivering captivating and enthralling Android and iOS games for the top businesses worldwide. Here’s a complete glimpse of our high-end game development services:

Mobile Game Development

Mobile Game Development

Build a game that can thrill your users across different platforms by harnessing our mobile game development services. Our experts will offer you full-cycle development services where your project will be passed through different stages, right from gaming app development to post-release support. Our team will utilize incredible user interfaces with robust programming that would guarantee outstanding gameplay.

Web 3 Game Development

Web 3 Game Development

In the world of gaming, the Web 3 game development is based on smart contracts and blockchain. Blockchain technology mainly enables the developers to create centralized games, which means that any third party does not control them. Our team has hands-on experience utilizing blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, etc., for creating robust web 3 games.

AR / VR Game Development

AR / VR Game Development

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hold a great potential to make an enthralling experience in the world of gaming and entertainment. At Appinventiv, you can explore a wide range of AR and VR game app development services for multiple platforms in different genres. With profound creativity and uniqueness, our game app developers can bring your creative gaming thoughts and visions to life.

3D Game Development

3D Game Development

At Appinventiv, we master the development of 3D games and offer services of full-cycle development of 3D games with a host of advanced features. Our certified mobile game developers are experts in game design, art, and programming. They are always dedicated to taking complete responsibility for your complex 3D gaming projects.

Metaverse Game Development

Metaverse Game Development

At Appinventiv, we offer unique and top-level metaverse game development services for helping businesses dive into the wave of digital gaming. Whether you require a play-to-earn (P2E) game, player-vs-player (PvP) game, move-to-earn (M2E) game, or any other engaging game, our expert metaverse game developers will build an eyeball-grabbing metaverse gaming environment.

Top Mobile Game Development Platforms

Our highly experienced creative team of mobile game developers, illustrators, and programmers has mastered the gaming application business for you. They utilize advanced technologies and mobile programming techniques for creating high-resolution, impressive mobile games that run smoothly on the targeted platforms, interfaces, and devices.
iOS Game Development

iOS Game Development

We create dynamic game applications for several iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Apple watches with an exceptional user interface and high-end graphics. As a leading iOS game app development company, we provide comprehensive iOS game development services for creating various mobile gaming solutions optimized smoothly to run on different iOS devices. Indulge in our full-scale maintenance and support services for ultimate user satisfaction and enhanced results.

Android Game Development

Android Game Development

At Appinventiv, we have a skilled team of Android game app development experts who can create attractive and engaging games for Android devices by integrating diverse game themes and rich features. Our game app developers design highly optimized Android gaming solutions that work well across various screen sizes and devices. They are also adept with the latest technologies & tools and can create stunning Android games for you to rank on the App Stores and win millions of customers.

Cross Platform Game Development

Cross Platform Game Development

The mobile gaming industry is projected to grow and reach new heights by utilizing cross-platform gaming which allows the players to connect with different devices. Leverage the merits of cross platform game development in order to build a robust game that ensures scalability and smooth functionalities. Enjoy an incredible gaming software that works across multiple platforms seamlessly without any glitches.

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Our Mobile Game Development Services have Transformed 30+ Brands

We are a game app development company that develops track and field solutions for every segment of the myriad-elements sports and games ecosystem. No matter who your end users are, we have your game needs and expectations covered in our expansive gaming app development solutions.
Fantasy Sports Apps

Fantasy Sports Apps

We are the fantasy sports app development company that prepares your app to join the $17 billion sports industry, enabling million gamers’ participation in the day and season-long gaming sessions.

Coaching and Training Apps

Coaching and Training Apps

Our team of sports app developers excels in creating interactive apps that help sports enthusiasts learn a new sport with ease and in the comfort of their time.

On-Demand Sports Coach App

On-Demand Sports Coach App

We give sports learners the ability to practice their movements by taking help from coaches when they feel the need to, without waiting for their next training session.

Game Streaming App Solutions

Game Streaming App Solutions

A very important part of our gaming app development solutions is our specialty in developing live sports event streaming apps that are strategized in a way to give high load speed along with a superior viewing experience irrespective of the network conditions.

Games Event Booking Apps

Games Event Booking Apps

Our mobile game development services include designing and developing event booking solutions that are powered to handle thousands of users in a robust, hack-proof environment.

Sports Betting Apps

Sports Betting Apps

We are a sports betting app development company that builds secure sports betting platforms to make it safe for viewers to place a bet on their favorite sports team. Read this blog to understand how mobile apps are changing sports betting.

Team & League Management

Team & League Management

We, in addition to sports betting app development, also provide you with web solutions that streamline the process of monitoring and managing sports teams and leagues.

Why Choose Appinventiv for
Game App Development?

Being a reputed sports app development provider, Appinventiv has been pioneering in serving modern business needs by delivering top-notch game software development solutions globally. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best choice when it comes to building a robust fantasy game app:
Agile process by sports app developers

Agile Process

At Appinventiv, our sports app developers work on the agile methodology by conducting frequent scrum events to optimize the methods and practices of sports app development, thereby delivering fine results.

Customer Satisfaction in game app development

Customer Satisfaction

With our latest technologies and frameworks, we deliver scalable, user-friendly, secure, and brand-new business solutions as per your need to assure customer satisfaction.

Dedicated Teams for game app development

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated development team is always ready to serve you with the best of their services. They are well-versed in different technologies and frameworks, delivering high-end business solutions.

Integrity & Transparency in sports app development

Integrity & Transparency

We believe in remaining transparent to our clients, and so offer you every small project detail. As a game app development company, we deliver customized solutions with complete project details, right from conceptualization to deployment.

Turnkey Scalability in game app development

Turnkey Scalability

We create fantasy game apps with the ability to develop operational performance and strength so that our clients can engage as many users as they like. This turnkey approach will enable you to see bigger growth as you get a fully scalable app deployed.

Our Hand-Picked Features Put Your Digital Sports Offering into High Gear

Introducing sports and game app features that are devised to keep users hooked with the application and bring us into the league of the top sports app development companies.
Sports app development with Real-Time Score Updates

Real-Time Score Updates

We give your users the freedom to access real-time scores and schedule updates. They can now access the news, stats, scores, sports betting coverage, and videos.

Sports app development with Augmented reality

Augmented Reality

We, as a mobile game development company, have the skills to place your viewers on the ground along with their favorite stars from the comfort of their homes.

Fantasy sports software development with Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

We add an interactivity quotient to your sports app by linking them to social media platforms. Your users can easily log in to the gaming app through their social media profiles.

Game app development with Push notifications

Push Notifications

We keep your users engaged with our strategically planned push notifications. Keep your users engaged with recent app updates, news, bonus points, offers and others.

Sports app development with GPS


Our GPS functionality helps keep your users informed of sports events happening near them and helps them locate sports coaches in their proximity.

Game app development with Big Data

Big Data

We help sports agencies and venue managers gain insights into how users are interacting with their business - what elements are keeping them engaged and what are the instances that are pushing them away.

Fantasy sports software development with Live Streaming

Live Streaming

We add live streaming functionality into your sports apps to make it a one-stop-shop for your users to remain updated with the game's movements and scores.

Game app development with Communication tools

Communication Tools

To make your application more interactive, our game app developers give your sports enthusiast users the provision to interact with each other during a betting session or while the fantasy game lasts.

Fantasy Game App Development Features

We are a mobile game app development company that knows the sector inside out. And this understanding translates into us being able to offer solutions that delve into a feature set that all the sports industry stakeholders use.

Participants version

User authentication

Search and filter matches

Join tournament

Create tournament

Develop fantasy team


CMS system

Appinventiv powered features

Push notification

GPS tracking

Live match score

Real-time analytics

Android Developers Tools

Admin version

Admin login

User management

League management

Match management

Revenue management

Reward point

Bonus cash management

CMS system

Advanced Tools and Technologies We Utilize for Game App Development

With the world getting better with disruptions and innovations, the Games industry should not fall back too. Our team of game fantasy sports app developers are playing their part in seamlessly merging the sports and games sector with technologies.
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