Suite of Managed Cloud
Services We Offer

Experience hassle-free cloud operations and expedite value realization with our comprehensive
suite of managed services, carefully designed to take care of your complete cloud infrastructure
and DevOps stack round the clock.
Cloud Monitoring and Incident Management

As a managed cloud services provider, we offer comprehensive cloud monitoring and incident management services, enabling businesses to swiftly restore operations, minimize downtime, and expedite cloud transformation.

  • 1. 24/7 production monitoring

    Our round-the-clock production monitoring services by our managed IT cloud service experts include taking care of infrastructure and cloud resources, threshold deviations like CPU utilization, and application availability and performance.

  • 2.Creation and maintenance of SoPs and runbooks

    Our team specializes in the creation and upkeep of SoPs and runbooks. These documents are essential for maintaining consistent and efficient incident response processes.

  • 3. Alert response

    We quickly acknowledge, triage, and troubleshoot all issues that arise. If needed, we escalate incidents for further investigation and resolution.

  • 4. Root cause analysis

    Our team performs comprehensive root cause analysis to identify the underlying factors behind incidents and then implements preventive measures to mitigate future occurrences.

  • 5. Issues resolution

    We quickly resolve all issues in the production environment raised by the development or client teams, ensuring timely resolution and minimized downtime.

  • 6. Cloud provider notifications

    Our team promptly addresses all notifications received from the cloud provider. We ensure you are well-informed about any pertinent updates or changes impacting your environment.

  • 7. Monitoring and response

    We diligently monitor your systems for any signs of an outage, performance degradation, or unexpected activities. We respond promptly to address such incidents and restore normal operations.


With our expertise in cloud visibility, proactive governance guardrails, and automated remediation, our CloudOps services ensure continuous compliance across diverse multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our comprehensive services allow you to gain control and oversight over your cloud environment and, thus, optimize performance.

  • 1.Periodic maintenance

    With regular maintenance activities like backup management, patch installation, antivirus updates, sanity tests, and restoration/DR tests, we ensure the smooth functioning and optimal performance of your system always.

  • 2.Service requests

    We cater to all kinds of service requests, including IP blacklist/whitelist and firewall configurations, user/access management on cloud and operating systems/VPN, load balancer configuration, and instance launching, upgrading and downgrading. In addition to these, our team also helps clients with SSH/RDP users creation, database dump creation, disk space expansion, SSL certificate updates, resource tagging based on best practices, running jobs on clients' continuous integration tools, and more within the scope of the cloud infrastructure console.


Our Managed FinOps services provide a comprehensive and adaptable operational approach to enhance cloud spend efficiency and increase RoI. Combining our expertise with real-time insights and measurable outcomes, we manage multi-cloud cost optimization from start to finish.

  • 1.Cloud infrastructure and services utilization reviews and reports

    Our managed cloud service experts deeply analyze, assess, and review the usage of cloud resources and services in an organization. Based on their analysis, they regularly present reports for effective cloud cost optimization and data-driven decision making.

  • 2.Cloud spend visibility

    We provide complete cloud spend visibility, forecasts, and reporting. All the manual spend evaluation is carried out by certified cloud experts.

  • 3.Cloud spend optimization

    Our FinOps service experts share regular guidance on periodic cloud spend optimization via architecture recommendations, rightsizing and right selection of instances, pricing model recommendations and changes, and automated and tool-driven recommendations, as per the needs of a business and third-party license cost. Our managed cloud service experts also implement guardrails to manage and optimize cloud spending and resource usage.

  • 4.Capacity review and optimization

    Our FinOps experts adequately analyze and manage the capacity and resources provisioned in a cloud environment to ensure maximum cost efficiency and improved performance.

Cloud Reports and Reviews

As a dedicated cloud managed services provider, our cloud reporting and review services employ various strategies to analyze, track, and manage your cloud environment effectively.

  • 1.Reporting

    Our reporting services offer personalized weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on SLAs and infrastructure usage and cost/spend. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and status updates, comprehensively understanding your cloud environment's health and performance.

  • 2.Review

    Apart from creating comprehensive reports, we also schedule regular review calls with key stakeholders to discuss the reports and address any concerns or recommendations.

Cloud SecOps

Our expert developers with end-to-end cloud infrastructure management, cloud service management, and cloud application management, identify any potential gaps or security loopholes to deliver top-notch SecOps and cloud security managed services.

  • 1.Frequent security checks

    Our team provides a range of security checks to ensure the strength of your systems. Our cybersecurity services cover audits in key areas like identity and access management, security groups, CIS framework, encryption, and account maturity index. These checks help identify and resolve vulnerabilities, ensuring top-notch protection for your digital assets.

  • 2.Automated security scans and alert mechanisms

    Our team establishes an alert mechanism that promptly notifies specific security events and any detected unusual activities in the account. We automate infrastructure security scans driven by cloud platform tools or third-party tools to detect and resolve all cloud infrastructure-related issues early on.


With our DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS) service model, we provide businesses with a convenient and efficient way of accelerating their software development process. Our experts not only help them embrace the best DevOps practices but also provide complete support without the need for maintaining their own infrastructure.

  • 1.DevOps professional service

    As a reliable cloud managed services provider, we offer a suite of DevOps professional services including assessment and strategy; toolchain selection and implementation on Non Prod and Prod; IaaC/infrastructure provisioning; scripting and automation; CI/CD pipeline implementation; containerization/orchestration/microservices management; resource, capacity, and cost optimization; infrastructure vulnerability fixes, security, and compliance implementations; performance optimization; and troubleshooting, fixing, and support.

  • 2.DevOps support

    Our managed cloud service experts provide complete support for deployment on production environment, issues in production deployment pipeline, and issues on production environment DevOps stack like monitoring and configuration. Our experts also assist with automation of redundant manual activities on production environments via scripts.

Years of Delivering
Cloud Services
Strategic Cloud
Cloud Experts
Projects Delivered

Why Choose Appinventiv as Your
Cloud Managed Service Provider?

Appinventiv provides tailor-made and highly effective cloud services to help you stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Our managed cloud services go beyond just data migration as we aid you in gaining a new perspective and adopting an organizational mindset to establish essential business applications and achieve your business goals.

We help you leverage our deep understanding of your industry and business to effectively seize market opportunities and navigate evolving competition.


We help you achieve security and compliance effortlessly while ensuring the highest level of data protection with our dedicated cloud security managed services.


Harness the power of our robust partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Our extensive collaborations enable us to offer diverse cloud services tailored to your needs.


Our flexible approach ensures you get a precise level of assistance without any compromise. You can avail our cloud-managed services for specific portfolio segments or seek comprehensive support.

Highlights That Make Us the Right
Cloud Managed Service Provider

We provide tailor-made and highly effective cloud services to help you stay ahead in a fiercely
competitive market. Our managed cloud services go beyond just cloud operations. With our cloud
management services, we aid you in gaining a new perspective and adopting an organizational mindset
to establish essential business applications and achieve your business goals.

Here are our prominent operational highlights that make us the right managed cloud service provider for your business:
Beyond Operations and Help Desk
- Team of DevOps engineers
24/7 Operations in 3 Shifts
eMail, Chat, and Portal
as Channels for Tickets
Dedicated Service
Delivery Manager
Dedicated Tech Lead and
Architect for Mentorship
Approachable Leadership
Strict Governance
SLA Guaranteed with
Proactive Penalty Clause

Cloud & DevOps Services Packages


  • 24x7 Monitiring & Incident Management
  • Reports & Reviews


  • All in Basic
  • CloudOps
  • Cloud SecOps
  • DevOps Support


  • All in Intermediate
  • DevOps Professional Services


  • All in Advances offered by Dedicated team
Offered by Shared Service Model
Offered by Dedicated Team Model

Our Strategic Cloud Service Partners

We partner with industry-leading cloud service providers to deliver comprehensive solutions
capable of facilitating digital innovation.


We provide swift and efficient assistance in designing and migrating to the AWS Cloud, regardless of
your industry. As a reliable managed cloud security services provider, our expertise, top-notch tools,
and agile approach ensure a seamless migration process.


As a trusted managed cloud service provider, we assist in expediting innovation within your products and
services by utilizing a wide array of features and services provided by Azure. Our team constantly strives to
offer a smooth and effortless experience for your business.

Google Cloud

Being a leading managed cloud services provider, we assist your organization in unlocking the full potential
of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With our deep expertise in developing innovative AI-enabled products,
we help your organization effortlessly harness the power of GCP.

Advanced Tech Stack We Employ to
Deliver Robust Cloud-Managed IT Services

Our managed cloud service team leverages advanced technologies that guarantee smooth and effective management of your
cloud infrastructure. As a leading managed IT cloud services provider, our offerings are fully-backed by top-notch security,
monitoring, and optimization tools that ensure seamless scalability and enhanced user experiences.

ITSM & Collaboration
Cloud Platforms & DevOps
Monitoring, Alerting & FinOps
Jira Service desk
Jira Service desk
Google Chat
Google Chat
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
Site 24X7
Site 24X7
Amazon Cloudwatch
Amazon Cloudwatch
New Relic
New Relic
Concierto Cloud

Achieving Transformational Results
for Clients across the Globe

Here are a few of projects from our portfolio of successful cloud managed projects, exclusively developed
for startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500s worldwide. Our services enable businesses to thrive and
achieve goals in the least time possible.

An e-learning mobile app with CI/CD and DevOps automation and 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and alerting to provide glitch-free skill-based training and digital literacy to students.

$2.1 Million
Raised In Funding
Cost Saved On Monthly Spent
Through Optimization On AWS

A SaaS platform with end-to-end security implementation and cloud infrastructure management, allowing commercial property owners to increase business revenues by creating awesome workplaces.

Cost Reduction
in Monitoring Tools
Monitoring and Alerting

An eCommerce platform on cloud with automated backups and server tunings to provide users with a seamless shopping experience from a range of high-end beauty products.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

A cloud-based custom ERP solution designed for the world's finest furniture retailer, IKEA to redefine its customer onboarding process.

IKEA Outlets Adopted the Solution
Biggest Source of ROI Measurement for the Retailer

A dedicated food delivery app built on cloud for the world's largest fast-food franchise to fortify its digital presence globally.

Growth in Conversion Rate
Increase in Orders Coming Through App

$102 billion

Projected cloud-managed service market size by 2025


Organizations recognize the growing significance
of managed services


Organizations expected to rely more on managed
services over time

Tap into the growing potential of the managed
services ecosystem


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