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Social Media App Development
Services That Connect and Engage

From custom social networking website design to an extensive development process, our social app
developers are skilled in connecting the world with a suite of services.
Custom Social Networking Apps

Our team of social app developers excels in building custom social networking apps which allow users to add friends, manage their network, and send requests to get added to other users’ networks.

Social Network Analysis

Our custom social network analysis tools help you to get insights into how your social campaigns are performing, how your users are interacting with the app, what experiences they are enjoying, and other behavioral metrics.

Messaging App

Our team understands how messaging and real-time chats form the backbone of a social media app. With this understanding, we develop platforms that enable instant connection in a safe, hack-proof environment.

Video-Based Apps

We create the most efficient live video streaming software to help you create, expand, and manage your streaming apps or channels efficiently and to the highest possible standards. Know how much it costs to develop a video streaming app like Disney+?

Social Gaming App Development

We bring networking, excitement, and technology together with our social gaming apps, which gives the end-users a thrilling experience to connect and enjoy.

Mobile Dating Apps

Powered by the geolocation ability and a robust verification algorithm, we simplify the dating world by giving users a simple and secure platform to build new relationships.

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Power Your Social Media App With
Advanced and Modern Features
As a pioneering social networking app development company, we work on features
that add the element of connectivity and interaction within the application.
  • Profile creation
  • Map integration
  • Media upload and sharing
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time chat
  • Image and video editing
  • Social media API integration
  • Voice search
  • Live streaming
  • AR filters
  • Personalized content feed

Technologies We
Implement to Drive
Success to Your Business

Tapping into the potential of state-of-the-art technology, we build social media apps that ensure efficiency and profitability in your business. Our experts bring their hands-on technical experience to create social media apps that enthrall users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By offering personalized recommendations, chatbots, image and speech recognition, we utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience on social networking platforms. Additionally, we also use AI algorithms to aid in the detection and prevention of offensive content such as bullying and hate speech.

Machine Learning (ML)
Machine Learning (ML)

Our social networking app developers employ ML for predictive modeling, content recommendations, and enhancing user engagement. With machine learning technology, we make it possible for you to learn more about user interactions, preferences, and behavior in order to deliver more relevant and tailored content.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Through Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) technology, your social media app can provide interactive experiences through filters and effects that let users edit their photographs and videos in real time, explore immersive environments, and interact with virtual objects.


By implementing blockchain technology, our experts can assure you of improved security and anonymity. It is employed to protect user information, mitigate fraud and hacking, and guarantee the legitimacy of user-generated content.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Social media apps can now instantly store and analyze massive volumes of data thanks to cloud technology. Our cloud consulting solutions leverage cloud computing for content delivery, data analytics, and scaling the app to handle user demand.

Tool Stack We Use to Make
Your Apps Robust

Our choice of technology stack is what makes your social media app stand out from the sea
of others in the app stores. We work on the latest tech stacks, frameworks, and
programming languages that meet the demands of modern social networking.

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Databases / Storage
Push Notification
Send Bird

Why Should Appinventiv
Be the Top Choice as Your Social
Media App Development Company?

Our social media app development team, with extensive experience and technical know-how, ensures that
you are served with the most innovative and functional solution that entices your users.

We constantly upgrade ourselves with advanced tools and technologies to deliver incredibly cutting-edge social networking app development services.

Our proven track history demonstrates our ability to consistently meet and surpass client expectations, complete projects on time, and uphold high levels of customer satisfaction.

While developing a social media app, we adhere to all security regulations. To ensure that user data and other sensitive information are protected from unauthorized access, manipulation, or theft; we fortify all our social networking solutions with solid tools & technology.

We always stand behind our clients, offering continuous post-launch maintenance and support services. Our social network developers provide 24/7 support services and leave no room for any issues.

Know how we developed Vyrb -
a next-gen voice-assisted social media
app optimized for bluetooth devices,
leading the client to receive a whopping
of over $1 Million.

Enterprise social networking
app development

Fitting social elements into traditional businesses with enterprise social media networking app
development solutions.

Appinventiv powers enterprise-grade mobile applications with social capabilities that make an
organization's collaboration much more effective. We blend our app development skills with
our concentrated focus on integrating next-level social media technology and tools to
empower enterprises from all fronts:

  • Business tools
  • Employee
  • Work process
  • Team evaluation
  • Video collaboration
  • Knowledge Base
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Calendar Management
  • Task Management
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Discussions
  • Notifications
  • Intelligent Feed
  • Version Control
  • Document Collaboration
  • Tagging
  • File Sharing
  • Video Calls
  • Video Conferencing
  • Enterprise Webcasting
  • Video Messages
  • Voting
  • Ratings
  • Badges
  • Privileges

Our Social Media App Development

In order to produce an engaging and profitable product, we, as a reputed social media app
development company, follow an agile development process with a blend of technical skill,
imaginative design, user-focused testing, and iteration for developing a social media app that
ensures maximum returns.
With an average user spending
147 minutes daily on social media,
it is time for you to tap into the market

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