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As an ingenious software development company, we offer innovation-led mobile and web app
development for startups that are designed to help you achieve your goals seamlessly and
outsmart the competition.
Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Our experts ensure that you are not a part of the 70% app failure chart that results from a lack of proper market testing. As a leading firm offering custom mobile app development for startups we thoroughly analyze your project requirements first to detail what you wish to achieve, who is the app audience, and the features that need to stand out. We create an MVP within 60 days, ready to be rolled out in the market and presented to the investors.

Product Consulting

Our product consulting services involve refining and aligning your startup idea with the current market needs. Our product consultants create a strategic roadmap and prioritize features for your mobile application. As a leading app development company offering startup development services, we ensure a user-centric approach for your app that boosts the probability of your app's success.

Full-Cycle Product Development

Our full-cycle product development services include Proof of Concept (PoC), user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, iterative development, extensive testing and quality assurance (QA), seamless integrations with third-party systems, and ongoing support to guarantee a secure operational environment.

Mobile App Development

Our startup app development services cover the entire process of creating customized mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Being a pioneering firm offering custom app development for startups, our team ensures that every aspect of your mobile app development project is taken care of, resulting in high-quality, reliable, and fully functional applications.

Web App Development

We are a proficient startup web development company that specializes in developing user-focused websites, web apps, and online portals. Our solutions stand out for their efficacy, usability, and effectiveness. As a part of our startup web development services, we design and develop web-based software that provides an exceptional user experience.

Managed Services

We understand how crucial it is for startups to focus on their core activities while staying up to date with the latest technology trends and enhancing the performance and reliability of their application. That is why we offer comprehensive managed services to startups that involve day-to-day operations and responsibilities of app monitoring, hosting, maintenance, and support.


Being an integral part of the startup app development process, we offer robust cybersecurity services that involve various measures for protecting apps from cyber threats. As a reputed app development company offering startup development services, we ensure that our cybersecurity services for startups not only prevent data loss and data breaches but also maintain trust among users.

Successful Applications Built
Certified Developers Onboard
Funds Raised for Startups

Our Modus Operandi

As a leading startup software development company, we
follow a defined course of action to achieve the end goal, but
our process's true essence lies in never losing sight of our
client’s unique requirements and end users.

Discovery Workshops

We believe discovery workshops are the most efficient way to handle any project. We conduct product discovery workshops to define the business goals, prioritize core functionalities, understand target audiences, and formulate user personas. In order to carry out a streamlined custom software development for startups, we conduct a workshop that fosters a shared sense of understanding and helps us steer the project in the right direction collectively.

Scoping Sessions

We articulate your custom startup software development idea into a well-defined Scope of Work and release your product faster in the market. After understanding your goals and vision, our experts infer your value propositions, characterize your product, and define the project's scope. Each one of our software development services for startups is backed with a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), a report where we underline the project scope, and a ballpark estimation of the project budget and timeline.

Business Analysis

Our business analysts work closely with you to turn your app idea into a viable product. For your startup business mobile app development, they act as intermediaries, managing your interests and performing strategic analysis. Besides conducting stakeholder and competitor analysis, our software developers for startups examine the feasibility of options and only validate requirement-based solutions with your approval.

Product Design Sprint

Following a 5-day product design sprint methodology, our experts transform an idea into a functionally designed prototype. The startup software developer at Appinventiv conducts months of designing, prototyping, and testing to validate assumptions with real users and assess the gaps in the process. This design sprint yields invaluable insights to our team on how an end user engages with a product and helps us filter what works for them and what doesn’t.


After rapid prototyping, we jumpstart building the Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is the first version of a digital product. Intact with the core functionalities, it is built to garner valuable feedback from its end users. As a startup app development agency, we strive to develop a delightful, usable, valuable, and feasible product from day one. Backed by real data and not speculations, an MVP for startups helps in decision-making and sets the scope for future iterations.


As a reputed startup web app development agency, we continue improving, iterating, and upgrading your startup product. We provide long-term support for the app that you build with us and offer due consultation whenever needed. Our pre-release testing and post-release support ensure you relentlessly improve your product’s quality and retain your end users. As a leading company offering software development for startups, we believe in stabilizing and scaling your product for long-term success.

Our Product Discovery Process and 5 Days
Design Sprint Process Help You Know
What’s Really Important

A pioneering startup software development company like ours focuses on your needs first and syncs them with your
business values for a promising launch. As part of our sprint planning sessions during the software development for
startups, we ask you questions, challenge your assumptions, and then drive prioritization based on user needs, business
value, implementation cost, and the constraints of resources and timeline.
Issue Mapping

In this stage, our startup mobile app development team works with you to thoroughly identify and comprehend the
challenges and opportunities your solution seeks to address. This entails gathering information from users,
market research, stakeholder interviews, and whatever data that is already available. As a leading startup web
development company, our goal is to establish a distinct and widespread understanding of the problem.

Solution Sketching

The team conducts an engaging brainstorming session after completing the issue-mapping stage.
Throughout this productive discussion, the team members offer an array of views and ideas, each
of which represents a potential solution. These contributions are in the form of written explanations,
graphic representations, or rough sketches.

Hypothesis Testing

The team begins the hypothesis testing phase with the solution sketches in hand. They identify presumptions
and theories about the suggested fixes. In order to verify these assumptions, we, as a renowned firm offering
software development for startups, design experiments or tests that aid in determining the most promising
solutions and risk mitigation.

High-Fidelity Prototype Creation

Our startup software developers then move on to develop a high-fidelity prototype after gaining clarity
on the solutions and validating a few presumptions. This is a comprehensive, interactive representation
of the solution that closely resembles the user experience. The prototype can take the form of a website
that can be clicked on or an interface resembling an app to show how the product works overall.

Solution Testing

A limited group of target users, stakeholders, or potential customers are then shown the high-fidelity prototype.
The team gathers feedback and information about how well the solution responds to the concerns and needs of
the users through user testing sessions. Based on actual user interactions and perceptions, this step aids us in
delivering streamlined and error free software development services for startups.

Our Partnership Gives You a Lot
More than a Mobile App

We seamlessly commence the process of delivering a robust application specifically designed for
startups, complete with a real proof of concept. Being a top-notch company offering app
development for startups, we focus on growing your business, bringing forth its inherent potential,
and taking it toward unparalleled growth.


Our Product Canvas Helps Build Right. Build Smart

Before we start with the startup software development process, we create a product canvas with complete information of the product planning stages on one page. We float the product canvas to all stakeholders with information like - the project’s goal, details of the user persona, and the mobile app's functionality. As a leading startup web development services provider, we meticulously craft a comprehensive product canvas, condensing essential details of the product planning stages onto a single page.


We Ship Early and Ship Often

As a dedicated software development company for startups, our release plan promises that the features get out of the door in the least possible time. Getting app versions rolled out quickly and frequently, increases the chance of success and lowers the probability of app failure. We use automated tests, an in-house QA team, and strict code review to ensure the app is always ready to deploy.


We Help You Analyze, Grow, and Change

At a stage where the cost to change is the lowest, what helps is getting feedback on the core USPs of your app from people who are using it. As a leading provider of IT services for startups, we use tools like user polls, video recordings, and conversion analysis in our MO to determine if our startup app development end product is fulfilling its goals.

Turbocharge Your Startup

No matter the product that you
have envisioned is big or small,
your goals moderate or moonshot,
we make it happen


Startups We Have Successfully Empowered

As a top-tiered company offering custom software development for startups, we have a proven
track record of delivering innovative solutions that give exceptional business outcomes. We have
successfully partnered with innovative startups and globally renowned brands, helping them to
grow their user base and engagement.

Our experts developed the no 1. recruitment app, JobGet, connecting blue-collar workers and employers on a single platform while reducing the job search time from months to days.

The results?
$52 Million
Received in Series B Funding
Job Seekers Placed

Our experts developed an innovative financial literacy platform tailored for kids, equipping them with valuable money management skills from an early age.

The results?
Received in Pre-Seed Funding
as the Best FinTech Startup

We created a voice-assistant app, Vyrb, that enables users to experience seamless social media interactions with Bluetooth wearables.

The results?
Mobile App Downloads
Million Funding Received

We created an eCommerce platform tailored to deliver personalized shopping experiences for new and expectant mothers.

The results?
$5 Million
Funding Received
Expectant & New Mothers Served

Our Exceptional Range of Technology Stack
Can Revolutionize Your Startup App

Being a leading firm offering software development services for startups, we utilize a wide array of
technology stack
that can elevate the performance and user experience of your startup app and help you
increase your return on investment by multi-folds.

Cross Platform
React Native
React Native
Backbone JS
Backbone JS

Crafting Mobile Apps for Startups
across Diverse Industries

We help industries to grow and scale with our robust startup application development
services. As a leading software development company for startups, our experts help
businesses from numerous industries to dive deep into the realms of digitalization and
explore its benefits.
Make your first move towards initiating your
digital presence with the upper hand of our tech wizards

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