Applications of Mobile Apps for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Sudeep Srivastava June 12, 2023
Mobile Apps Applications for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT), is fast emerging as a concept that will immensely impact the way we live our lives as well as the way we work. In fact, IoT is a way to disrupt the way we live. IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, people, mechanical and digital machines etc. that are marked by unique identifiers and have the ability to transfer data over a network.

The use of IoT is changing business administration, expanding the productivity of the value chain, which ultimately prompts to the formation of new business models and markets.

The development of the applications of the internet of things in mobile apps provides the controller of smart gadgets, such as wearables (wristwatches, eyeglasses), sensors, medical devices, and much more.

IoT Scope in Mobile Apps

IoT brings scope for new applications to make the consumer’s life simpler and easier by interacting with different multiple devices that are connected with the internet.

IoT is all about communication, connection and collection/cloud. The 3 c’s that define the working and procedure behind IoT brings a lot of enhancements in daily life.

Connect: Connecting smart devices with internet

The IoT mobile apps connect to multiple smart devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC, and other networks. The focus is made on such modules, so that the connectivity is simple and easy to use.

Communicate: Having a communication with smart device to carry on tasks

To communicate with IoT devices like sensors, actuators, etc, mobile apps receive input from users through gesture recognizers, cameras, and voice & communicate to IoT devices through connected medium.

Collect/Cloud: Collect data acquired from those devices and & store the information on cloud

Collecting information from connected devices, analyzing that data & acting upon it. After a successful operation, the information is stored on the cloud. For example, smart lock (when a user tries to unlock, it collects information of user input and verifies data to act upon to know whether it’s correct or not to unlock the device, and stores transaction information on the cloud).

Applications of Mobile Apps for the Internet of Things

Mobile Apps Influencing IoT Sector

There are many IoT real time applications that are found in most of the industries. Some of which may be cited as healthcare, agriculture, energy, building management and many such more. In fact, IoT, after crossing a number of developmental challenges, has started to touch many aspects of our everyday lives.

The question that arises in everyone’s mind is what are the applications of IoT? We see the technology invading almost all the emerging applications like the connected cars, industrial IoT platforms, smart cities and smart retail and specifically for the wearables.  Following are some of these areas which are finding themselves a prominent part of IoT applications 2021.

  • Building and Home Automation
  • Wearables
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Manufacturing

Building and Home Automation

The smarthomes of the future will be loaded with connected devices for making our lives comfortable, easy and convenient. So, we encounter a situation, when you lower the room temperature of your house through the thermostat and a mobile app, before you reach your home.

IoT apps are innovative solutions aimed at the smart homes and the smart buildings. They become effective means to bring a reduction in maintenance and energy costs as well as enhance the security aspect. The mobile apps in IoT will solve the issues on security and increased power efficiency.


The wearables market is growing at a rapid pace and will reach 14 billion dollars at the end of the year, as per Forbes, for CCS Insight. The top catalyst for pushing the wearables to this extent is the healthcare segment. The power of IoT based mobile apps will help to take care of your fitness regime. The fitness trackers will be using the wearable devices to get a record of their health and exercise statistics. An intelligent IoT enabled house of the future will be able to stop the window light that produces the glare on the window. 

Applications of Mobile Apps for the Internet of Things


The total population of the world is projected to hit 9 billion by 2050. The requirement for improved agriculture to fulfil the consistently growing food request is a necessity. IoT-based sensible cultivating devices are utilized to watch field crops with sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil wetness, and so forth). With these sensors, farmers can monitor the state of their farmland remotely utilizing their mobile devices.

Other IoT applications in real world include, precision cultivating, livestock monitoring, smart greenhouse, agriculture drones, etc.


The monitoring of patients becomes easier with the IoT enabled devices in the medical equipment. This will ensure that the patient who needs immediate attention is taken in account. The business apps for the hospitals will enable them to seek more health information, creating operational efficiencies and also streamlining the costs. So, the IoT tech based app development will be useful for remote monitoring and even ambulance telemetry.


In retail, products can consist of RFID stock tracking chips, infrared foot-traffic counters, Wi-Fi global positioning system, digital signage and many more. These sensors acquire important information that are moved to mobile applications. This empowers us to react proactively to a customer’s need contingent upon the setting of time and place.

Further applications of IoT developments in retail incorporates, smart transportation, smart stores, predictive maintenance, connected customers and so on.

Smart Cities

The IoT app development company finds lots of applications in smart cities. The sensors will direct us to the available parking spaces. The Garbage collection system based on the mobile apps will inform the system and the garbage will get collected, only when there is a spilled bin detected.

The IoT applications will take help of the ubiquitous connectivity and the power of big data and analytics. Real-time data will be available from the devices across the smart cities and will generate information and newer insights. This way the internet of things mobile applications will be able to monitor, control and manage the devices.

Smart Manufacturing

The IoT for smart manufacturing is about to ride a new cusp of revolution. The visibility of the things in manufacturing will be enhanced to a great extent. The IoT application development for the smart manufacturing sector will take care of real-time inventory, employee safety and tracking the assets. The IoT based Point of Sale (POS) system will securely transmit the information on the cards.

Parting Words

The IoT software development is included in the strategies of the upcoming companies. This only enables the business to ride over the competition, by using the cutting edge technologies like IoT. The best IoT applications are powerful ways for the brands to build deeper understanding with customers. So, whether it is remote control of your home or forecasting the weather, the best solution are the mobile IoT apps.

Appinventiv, is one of the top IoT software development company in USA. It is focussed solely towards the mobile app development market, irrespective of the devices including the wearables and the applications of the internet of things. The powerful apps developed by IoT app developers will engage the customers and bring a positive impact on your business.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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