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ERP Software
Development Services

Custom ERP solutions that fit best to your enterprise needs

Our Pool of Custom ERP Software
Development Services

Appinventiv's highly skilled team of ERP developers, QA engineers, business analysts, IT consultants,
and project managers leave no stone unturned in creating the most dynamic and high-end ERP software
systems for your business. Our pool of ERP services include:
ERP Consulting Services

Our ERP consulting team analyzes your current business environment and understands your strategic business needs and desired outcomes. Our consultants work as your trusted advisors and help you formulate the best strategies to implement critical ERP software.

Custom ERP Solutions

We offer custom ERP software development services for businesses of all sizes and industries. We develop robust and scalable business ERP systems that offer key data insights across multiple platforms - web, mobile, and on-premise.

ERP Implementation Services

The best of ERP solutions count for nothing if they are not implemented properly. Our ERP implementation service team is uniquely equipped to take care of the complete deployment of your custom networks, servers, and data management solutions while maintaining data integrity.

ERP Application Development

Our technical experts using the best industry technologies and programming languages build feature-rich custom ERP applications as per the needs of your business. Our experts develop the best-in-class ERP applications for all platforms including web, desktop, and mobile.

Managed Services

Time spent on managing applications is the time away from things that really matter. Our ERP managed service experts ensure continuous monitoring, management, and support of your ERP system, thus identifying, resolving, and preventing issues before they become a real problem.

Staff Augmentation

Let’s say you are not convinced in outsourcing your ERP software application development and want to build the system in-house. What next? Our ERP staff augmentation services allow you to hire the most skilled and experienced professionals needed to keep the project thriving.

Why Choose Appinventiv as Your ERP
Systems Development Partner?

With almost a decade of experience in enterprise software development, we have developed a number
of custom ERP solutions for clients across a broad range of industries.
Comprehensive ERP Solutions

Whether you want to build an ERP system from scratch or need improvement in the existing one, we get all your needs covered without sacrificing business continuity

Faster Development

Using the agile and iterative business model, our team develops the MVP version of the ERP solution usually within 3-5 months and releases a new version every 4-6 weeks.

End-to-End Support

With Appinventiv as your chosen ERP development company, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything - from design and development to implementation and post-deployment support.

Multi-Platform ERP

We make the ERP system accessible in any mode - mobile app, web app, or desktop app. For ERP application development, we focus on building an intuitive UI/UX, thus increasing user satisfaction.

Smooth Integration

Our team ensures smooth integration of the ERP solution with popular platforms such as Magento and Salesforce, cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and IoT, and other ERP modules.

Greater Transparency

We provide high transparency not only on the development process but also on pricing. We regularly report the information needed to make the right business decisions and offer fair pricing at every stage of the project.

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Our ERP Software Development Process

Appinventiv builds custom ERP software solutions that take care of your project's end-to-end requirements, from understanding current business needs to offering post-deployment support.

What can you achieve with
Appinventiv’s ERP services?

90% High-End Process Automation
80% Improved Customer Service
65% Intelligent Data Analytics

ERP Software Modules We Develop

Depending on your business needs, we cover the development of the following ERP software modules to
raise the efficiency of your workflows.
Supply Chain
Customer Relationship
and Sales
and Accounting
Human Resources

ERP Technology Stack We Use

Our experts are proficient in all the cutting-edge technologies required to build the most effective
ERP system.
Back End
Programming Languages
Front End
programming languages
data processing
Databases / data storages
Hive Logo
Cloud databases,
warehouses and storage
Payment gateways

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