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We didn’t build our reputation as an Android App Development company overnight. It has been the culmination of a number of successful projects, developing over 230 full-stack apps, for local as well as international clients. Our apps have seen more than a million downloads on Google Play Store! Our rigorous processes and deep expertise guarantee that every project is well-executed and delivered within budget and timeline.

And it is not just our reputation as a stickler for design and for building robust technical code backing every app, but our fast-paced growth that has everyone swooning. We meet and adhere to the most stringent guidelines. We ensure our app security and privacy are top-notch. Clutch, Appfutura, Extract, GoodFirm and Upwork have all named us among the Top App Developers in the nation and beyond!

Like every success story, behind the scenes, it is our team who have made all this possible! 250 fully certified developers with diverse hands-on experience, we are skilled and adept. We are actively involved with several Android App Development Forums, where we hone our skills and seek out new information to up our practice. Our client satisfaction ratings are consistently high. And we are champions of innovation.

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  • Android 4.0-8.0 Support
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We Know Why You Chose Android!

With access to a large number of Android devices in more than 190 countries across the world, the Android app market is a golden space. It has the largest installed base of any platform and is growing fast. With a million users powering up their new Android devices every day! Further, Android offers you a world-class platform for creating apps and games, as well as an open marketplace for distributing them. Android apps claim nearly 78% of the market share and almost 33% of the people in the world are Android users. These spectacular statistics are enough to convert even the biggest sceptics into keen Android app fans.

Technology That Thrills!

We are a full-stack development company.
Yes, you heard right! Now, while that is no easy feat, we have been doing it for so long that for us it definitely is.

The flexible and truly awesome Java language environment allows us to create apps that are rich in on-screen as well as backend functions.


Android SDK and NDK are the architectural backbone. Using these we build modular apps that manage resources aggressively.


Eclipse reduces the cognitive dissonance of switching in and off from the development environment, giving you a finished app that is seamless and integrated.


We exploit and leverage the Android adaptive app framework for our highly intuitive apps that can work on a sea of devices!


Material Design, is a bold new design language that captures the imagination and emulates the flow of sheaves of paper. We use it to create digital experiences.


We use the likes of Active Android and SQLite high performing databases to store and retrieve crucial information.

Our Continued Obsession With Material Design
Our Continued Obsession With Material Design
A design language so potent, it has the world mesmerized!

Material Design is about synergized visualization, surface interaction and fluidity of motion. A seamless experience. All through design. Material is used as a metaphor for a system that integrates styling and branding elements. And renders them a unified voice under one set of guiding principles. A resounding oneness. So that everything is defined with the same consistency.

It is simple. It is agile. It is vibrant. Built for engineers, data scientists, and artists alike. It is crisp and clear. And geometrically beautiful. It describes the place and position of the UI elements. It ascribes appearances. Customizable and modular. Akin to sailing through stacks of paper. A floating call-to-action button that stands out. And the chatter of component movements that are sleek.

And, we, at Appinventiv, have understood it so completely, that it has been entrenched in the very way we approach app design. We create artistic interfaces. Impressions and movements that are surreal. Touch, click or scroll, every little thing stirs a similar feeling. Our grasp of the core principles and guidelines is beyond expert. We harmonize your app with Material elements. Exquisite colour palettes. And dynamic schemes. So that when the app is ready to be received, everyone including you is simply wowed by it!

Variety… Beyond Devices, Screens & Platforms!

From tablets to smartphones, there is a massive plethora of devices, screen sizes and OS versions. This means that the app too must be built specifically so that it works across this range. And appears bright and clear on devices with differing resolutions.

Our trendy market-ready apps are responsive and delightfully addictive. They work just right, no matter what! And our rigorous testing before release ensures that even the smallest inconsistencies are caught and corrected.

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow
  • Nogat
  • Oreo
The Google Play Store Advantage
Google Play Store

Infinitely more than a digital distribution service, Google Play, serves as an official store and treasure trove for Android apps, music, books, magazines, movies, videos and television programs. With a growing list of over 2 million apps, downloaded more than 50 billion times, the Play Store finds wide acceptance and credibility.

The store is a developer’s dream, as the rules are straightforward and for the astute there are few rejections. Plus, an app enlisted on the Play Store is quickly recognized by Google and served up whenever a user requests it. The Google search is powerful enough to intuitively serve up your app even when the user search phrase remotely resembles your app description. The upload to the Play Store takes about 4 hours, and in this time, it is tested algorithmically and intensely. This beats manual intervention, which could stretch the period to days.

Our personal favourite is the Ratings and Feedback feature. And we believe that our fantastic ratings on the Google App Store connect communities of users with shared experiences.

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If you are looking to partner with an Android App Development company that knows it all, you are precisely at the right place. We are here to help you develop and test the best-in-class Android apps, launch them and then ensure that they thrive in the busy Android marketplace!

We find creative ways to generate revenue from your apps- from in-app purchases to in-app advertising. Really! From ideation to maintenance, we have the ground covered, the course charted and the tools laid out. So, contact us to get a consultation or a free quote today! We are always excited to talk about a new project!

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