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Developing Android Applications that Rule The Million Apps' Google Play Store

We are the Android App Developers behind 250+ Apps, which are present on million of Android devices of Consumers and Businesses alike. We didn’t build our reputation as a reliable and trusted Android App Development company, overnight. It has been the aftereffect of a number of successful projects, development of over 250 full-stack apps, for both local as well as international Android users. The process that we follow to create Android Apps is formulated not according to our client's requirements but to their customers' needs.

Every app that our team of Android app developers create are backed by a thorough market research, an in-depth analysis of the required technology stack and a
Quality Assurance Process that guarantees its marketability.

With the mix of technical soundness and logical creativity, we develop Android Apps. The apps that have seen more than a
million downloads on Google Play Store

Our Android App Builders don’t Restrict Themselves to Smartphones

Our Android Application Development Portfolio covers Android Smartphones, Android Wear, and Android TV from Ideation to a Plethora of Post Launch Services. Appinventiv Team of Android App Makers is Adept at working around the different Technology Stack, UI/UX, and Users expectations every device comes with. Irrespective what device plan our clients come with, we give them an app that improves their operational efficiency, cost effectiveness, and overall market standing.

  • App Development for Android Phones
    Android Phone
  • App Development for Android Tablets
    Android Tablet
  • App Development for Android Tv
    Android TV
  • App Development for Android Wear
    Android Wear

Android Mobile App Development Services

Our team excels in Customized Native Android Mobile App Development that are known to result in Android apps that are famous for their robust code, spectacular designs, responsiveness, scalability, and error free functioning. Every app that leaves our factory is rigorously prepared and thouroughly tested to ensure that it works under all network conditions, gives a pleasant user experience, and occupies a very less corner of the Android device memory space.

The experience of our Android Mobile App Development Team is what helps us achieve excellence for our clients. A few of the areas we specialize in are:

Why the World Trusts Us to Rule Their App in the Crowded Google Play Store
Google Play Store for Android Apps

The App count in Play Store across categories is on a constant upsurge. Today's 5 million app headcount and over 50 billion install rate, give a push to the Google Play Store community to reach 5X jump in the same numbers, next week.

With an app store that is governed by numbers as these, we have to keep every stage of our app development, straight from ideation to post launch maintenance, spot on.

From designing the first wireframe to preparing the app description to be easily searchable, our Android Software Development suite ensures that our clients' image and idea is transformed into an app that ignites positive emotions in their users.

The Appinventiv Work Policy of hand-holding a brand till long after an app is launched in the Google Play Store is what helps them keep their app updated and in sight of the their prospective users, in least workaround time.

Android App Development Process

The Android Software Development Process which Results in Engaging Apps
  • 1
    Android App Development Complete Discovery
    Discovery Tech Feasibility, App Monetization, Requirement Analysis
  • 2
    Android App UX/UI Design Services
    UX/UI Design Wireframing, Concept Design, UI Design, Visual, Micro-interactions
  • 3
    Android App Architecture
    Architecture Define MVC Modules, Create Frameworks, Define Network Layer, Database Layer, UI Layer
  • 4
    Android Apps Intermediate Release Services
    Intermediate Release Continuous Integration, Ad Hoc Release, Beta Testing, Feedback Incorporation
  • 5
    Android App Development Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance Functional, Integration, Usability, Performance Testing On Actual Devices
  • 6
    Android App Development
    Development Frontend Development, Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development, Code Review, Unit Testing
  • 7
    App Submission On Playstore
    App Submission On Playstore App Submission, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, MDM
  • 8
    Post Launch Services
    Post Launch Monitor Crashes, Actionable analytics, Use Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization

Android Technology Stack We Base Our Apps On!

We know how to match technology with ideas. Having worked with over 20 different industries, we have acquainted ourselves with a range of different tools and platforms that convert ideas, no matter which industry they come from, into a million users' reality.

The Technologies and Tools That Make us the Leading Android App Development Agency With -

  • Programming Languages in Android App Development
  • Technologies in development of best android apps
    Technologies Android SDK
    Android Native Dev Kit
  • Android Apps Eclipse Android Studio
    IDE Eclipse
    Android Studio
  • Android 4.0-8.0 Support
    OS Android 4.0-8.0
  • Android Apps Material Design
    Design Material Design
  • sqlite Active Android
    Database Engine SQLite
    Active Android
  • Android Apps Testing

The flexible and innovation friendly Java and Kotlin languages help us develop android apps that give an unmatched user experience both through app's frontend and backend.

Technologies in development of best android apps

Our Android Apps are Born Robust Because of the Kit - Android SDK and Android NDK - they are Conceived through.


We use Eclipse and Android Studio for making our Android app development stages manageable, which ripples down to our users' experience as well.


We follow Google's Material Design in every Android App that we Curate. The design language lets us use grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows.


We use high performing databases coming from Active Android and SQLite to store and fetch crucial information from.

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We are the Android App Development Company That Offers Solution to A Range of Different Industries.

Android Wearable App Development

The future is here with wearable apps. And we bring your ‘wearable app’ dream home with Android compatible wearable development.

Fully Integrated Android Apps

Leverage the power of Social with fully integrated apps. Encourage participation and reach those savvy networks in a jiff.

Next Gen Media Optimization

Music to your ears! Play video and stream audio with our next-gen media optimization, based on state-of-the-art technology.

e-Commerce Solutions

Making and receiving payments is simple with our payment portals and e-commerce solutions that are secure and trusted.

Travel Bookings And Reservations

Explore the ‘travel’ functions that literally give your app ‘wings’. Travel bookings and reservations are a breeze.

Enterprise Suite And Experience

Take it higher with seamless scalability and apps that grow with you. Try our enterprise suite and experience the possibilities.

Our Integrations Power Pack Your Apps, Rocketing them to the Next Level
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Timely deliveries, real time project communications, and unmatched quality are our USPs that bagged us these and doesn't allow us to sit empty handed.
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