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Introducing JobGet: The de facto job platform for underserved communities

Back in the day, job advertisements were limited to newspapers. But today’s fast-paced world demands the situation to change. While we have enough online employment exchanges and job portals for white-collar job space, there is no platform that caters to blue-collar jobs.

In today’s digitalized world, where most things happen with a tap or swipe, applying for a job and the recruitment process should be time saving and cost-effective, except it is not. Primarily in the case of tier 3 jobs.

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With massive job cuts and employee layoffs, finding a job, especially for people who are not economically well-off comes as a huge challenge.

JobGet, bridges this exact gap and provides the best employment services to job seekers in the retail and hospitality industry.

How the concept was born

Necessity is the mother of invention. For Tony Liu, the Co-Founder of JobGet, it certainly holds true. When the client first spoke to us, we realized it was a great idea with a noble vision.

When Tony Liu saw his mother struggling with job applications in the hospitality sector, he studied the employment landscape. He found out that the majority of people from underserved communities spent almost 30-40 odd minutes applying to a single job.

It was then that Liu and Billy Lan (CTO and Co-Founder) envisioned building a platform that provided the right staff to employers and an array of opportunities to thousands of job seekers in the blue-collar space.

The Problem The struggle of finding a job and the right candidate in the service industry is real. Getting a job shouldn’t take hours filling online applications and then waiting for weeks on end to hear back.
Jobget Mobile App

Our process

We initiated the process in March 2019 with a Product Discovery workshop, performed strategic analysis and UX
Design to solidify the Information Architecture and handed off UI Designs to our dev team who developed the app by

JobGet is trying to reshape the employment landscape for professionals and hourly employers by making it instant, accessible, and efficient.
JobGet, the award-winning application received a Gold Award at the 2019 Mass Challenge Awards Ceremony and won $2,50,000 at the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2019

Product discovery workshop

We kicked off the project with a Product Discovery Workshop. Discovery Workshop is our trusted format for problem-solving. Our cross-functional team spent the first day understanding the client’s vision of the product and the intent behind the application.

We established the core values of the product and created User Personas.

Create User Persona
Product Discovery Workshop
Design Wireframe
DISCOVER The workshop provided us the necessary direction. We established that we wanted to connect millions of people and employers in the hourly space. Whether someone was exploring possibilities or looking for a new member for their staff team, the app was supposed to be a complete solution provider.

User research

User Research was carried out by conducting interviews and sending out surveys to a range of users working in the retail, hospitality sector, and customer service. The intent was to understand their motivation, behaviours, pain points and gather insights on how people perceived certain issues.

Sample interview questions

  • How do you feel about job opportunities in the retail and hospitality sector?

  • Do you have any frustrations with regards to looking for jobs?

  • How long does it take you to apply to a single job opportunity?

  • What are your thoughts on the recruitment process?

  • What are the websites or sources that you use frequently?

  • Would you be open to the idea of job application and recruitment over text/ video call in an app?

Appinventiv's app development team

The interviews provided us clarity on the challenges job seekers were facing while exploring opportunities. Building a digital product requires looking at things holistically and considering the many elements of the environment we are operating in.

Define Creating an app for two types of users( employers and employees) comes as a challenge. It requires digging deeper into the market, understanding the various pain points and devising a solution that tackles the challenges for both types of end-users.

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder research was carried out by conducting interviews with professionals in the industry. It helped us understand their perspective on the issues.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is your recruitment process like?

  • What are some of the skills that you look for in a candidate?

  • What are your frustrations about the recruitment process?

  • Would you be open to the idea of doing this over text/ video call in an app?

Competitor analysis

We ran a competitor analysis comparing JobGet with other platforms. We evaluated them against common parameters. It is a critical segment of our marketing plan and helped us identify opportunities and avoid bottlenecks.

The results from competitor analysis validated that there was a niche unexplored and our product will find the right market fit.

The key challenges

Job Posting Option On Jobget
Easy to use Interface

We had identified our target audience. The majority of our target users were middle-aged people, who were not too educated or tech-savvy.

Ideate One of the key challenges was to keep the interface simple. User interactions should be direct and consistent with the natural behaviour. We wanted the app to have a clear to understand, easy to use interface. We made sure that every screen brings out an action of real value.

One-stop Solution:

To make recruitment faster and easier, an integrated chatting and video experience seemed like a necessity. We started building a product that didn’t just have a feature to chat with your prospective employee, but also video call them, interview them in the moment, and finalize the whole process in one go.

There was no hassle in terms of going from place to place for interviews and waiting for the recruiter’s response for days. We wanted the app to be a complete solution provider for various job needs, for both employers and jobseekers.

User story and journey mapping

User Interviews and research helped us understand the target audience and their needs better. We were able to formulate stories from the perspective of the user. We outlined a path that a user would move in, in order to accomplish their end goals quickly and have a smooth experience.

Following the user stories, we created a user flow map that outlines the journey for both the employer and the employee. While mapping the user journey we established that we wanted to reduce the timeline of the whole recruitment process from weeks to minutes. This implied removing any barriers whatsoever, such as no detailed resumes and cover letters, thereby making the process instant, easier and efficient.

Empathy Mapping

We prepared empathy maps to gain deeper insights on how to tackle user challenges. Mapping empathy helped us view the world through the eyes of the target users and understand their problems firsthand.

During the research phase, we found out that most people in the blue-collar space would flock to the public library to apply to jobs online. It took them almost 40 minutes to apply for a single job.

We established that we wanted to reduce the time barrier and build a platform that would allow job seekers to register, create a profile in 4 easy steps and apply to numerous opportunities in an instant.
Jobget - Applicant Information Adding Screen
Jobget Chat Option

Information Architecture

We structured the app in a way that was simple and most logical. The app was designed such that users would better adjust to the functionality of the product.

Paper Prototyping

We conducted exercises like paper prototyping and pencil sketches to map out ideas and visualize features. This was done to envision the early stages of the product, define the layout, structure, and content for each application screen.

High Fidelity Prototypes

At first, we developed the previously made paper prototypes and sketches into a defined digital version. It provided us more clarity regarding the components and content of the application.

We then created high fidelity prototypes keeping in mind the structure and layout of each screen, beginning with registration and onboarding.

Jobget UI Design
Jobget - Apply Now For Job Screen

To ensure that users don’t miss out on the best opportunity, we provided them an ease of access by filtering opportunities as per the various categories such as Chef and Cook, Waiter, Cleaner, Bartender, Host, and others.

Jobget Post Job Screen
Jobget Preview Job screen

When visiting the company’s profile, the user can see all the pertinent information such as Job Description, Experience required and Salary range. The information is presented in a manner that is easily scannable and reduces the time required to apply for a job to just a few mins.

During the Stakeholder Analysis, most employers admitted that it took them a lot of time to go through a candidate’s resume in its entirety. We designed the User Profile in a manner that it acts as a wholesome resume. It is visually appealing, scannable and reduces the time required to go through each candidate’s application.

Jobget User Profile

Developing the solution

We helped materialize the vision behind the app by making the recruitment process instant, accessible and efficient.

JobGet provides Speed of response and filters opportunities as per the various categories.

Develop JobGet comes with a Best Match functionality to ensure finding the right opportunity and the right employee is not a difficulty.
With the next release, the app will come with a feature where you can apply to a series of jobs in one go without visiting every employer’s profile, thereby reducing the timeline from minutes to seconds.
Jobget Recommended Job Mobile Screen
Jobget UI Design
Tech Stack
  • Android Native
  • Swift IOS
  • Node Js
  • MongoDB

From an idea to a success story

JobGet App Awarded with top prize
JobGet App Success
JobGet Team
MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge
MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge
Boston Cohort
MassChallenge Award

Besides providing thousands of job seekers their dream job within minutes, JobGet is a MassChallenge startup as well as an MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge winner.

One hundred startups were a part of the 2019 Cohort where JobGet was selected as one of the winners for the MassChallenge Boston Cohort by a community of expert judges.
It went on to win the Gold Award at the 2019 MassChallenge Awards Ceremony. As part of the award, JobGet received a $50,000 cash prize to expand its business operations.

JobGet was awarded the top prize under the Income Growth and Job Creation category at the US and Canada Regional Finals for the 2019 MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge.
Global organizations representing the most innovative future of work competed in the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge where JobGet was awarded $250,000 as a Global Grand Prize Winner by a selection panel of world innovation leaders on November 21, 2019.

Jobget Cofounder
“The product delivered by Appinventiv has been extremely well received across multiple platforms, gaining traction in the market right away and satisfying all requirements. Their team is very proactive in their development process, offering unique ideas and being flexible around project milestones.”

Billy Lan

CTO and Co-founder, JobGet
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