TweetReality App: Bringing Twitter to Augmented Reality
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TweetReality App: Bringing Twitter to Augmented Reality

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Saturday, December 9, 2017 09:24 AM |3 min read
TweetReality App

From politics to media, tech, fashion and education, news travels on a lightning speed on Twitter, making it the most popular microblogging platform. Users jump to the Twitter news feed for gathering and sharing information. And now, the Twitter experience is going to be doubled with the TweetReality app.

TweetReality App

Based on Apple’s ARKit, the TweetReality app has been launched a couple of days before for iOS users. The mobile application brings tweets, profiles, mentions, search and various other feature presented into a grid of cards on a virtual screen that overlays the iOS device’s display.
The app is a brainchild of great designer Oscar Falmer who described the application to be a prototype of the kind of augmented reality headset applications we will use in the future.

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TweetReality App’s users can zoom into the walls by moving their phone closer to the virtual display and interact with the tweets. They can compose new tweets, retweet, like and reply to tweets, and much more with the help of Augmented Reality. However, the app is missing various common features of Twitter, like the ability of following links to the other sites, viewing videos or gifs, and working with 280 characters.

Besides this, Twitter’s format will let users tweet about TV shows and sporting events as they air on TV, but AR could mix tweets with live concerts, games, or events in case the AR-enabled app adapted to display hashtags in real time.

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