Enterprise Android App Development : Why you need it?

Saurabh Singh February 2, 2024
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Enterprise android apps are surely needed for the hour and more and more entrepreneurs are embracing the same with open arms. It is worth noting that though android is the leading platform covering almost 80% of the global mobile markets. Still, when it comes to enterprise android development, iOS is the ultimate winner in terms of quality and the major reason behind this is security concern. But of late, things are improving, still there are a set of challenges.

Let’s have a look at why an enterprise app must be developed in Android

Though the latest outcomes of android smartphones are keeping into consideration above two problems. Still, there are many challenges to be faced. Let’s look at the challenges and explore more about the issues.

  1. Android devices are inexpensive and today almost everyone has an Android device with him or her.
  2. The concept of BYOD (bring your own device) is allowing more and more people to choose their devices that they bring to office.
  3. Price is another factor; iPhones are available for no less than $500 while a variety of Android devices are available from $75 to $500. This is the reason why companies are switching to Android.

 The question occurs why android? How big is the android enterprise mobility market size? and, what are the advantages of android app development for enterprises?

According to some reports, the global enterprise mobility market in 2019 was valued at $19.65 billion in 2019. This is not it, by 2027, the mobility market is expected to reach $151.51 billion growing at a CAGR of 29.3% from 2020 to 2027.

enterprise mobility market

The above data concludes the why, where we know that as of today 71.93% mobile operating systems are led by android. The importance of enterprise android app development can be noticed from the fact that android leads the market with most of the gadgets under its cover, including smartphones, TVs, wearables, and so forth.

mobile os market share worldwide

The enterprise android app development has immense benefits for businesses with its strategic and open-source benefits, that is why enterprises are investing in mobility solutions. With the free to use open source it is easy to modify the operating system as per the requirement. Also, the open source provides the benefit of custom ROM (read-only memory).

Advantages of android app development for enterprises

Advantages of android app development for enterprises


One of the biggest enterprise android apps benefits is Privacy. With BYOD culture gradually gaining prominence, employees were worried earlier that the company’s IT administrators have access to their device. But, the scenario is completely different as IT administrators only have access to the app data and rest any of the personal data is not accessible.

High Return on Investment

Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) tool is available easily and that too free of cost. This helps in saving enterprise app development cost by enterprise app development services and enterprise mobile application development company. The tool increases the high ROI by easing the user engagement and providing developers with design material to build and test products for smartphones. Speaking of Enterprise software and app development, you might also want to explore the development cost of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for your business

Easy Integration

Android app development for enterprise provides the option for a single integrated system. Enterprise software development services create an integrated system by seamlessly implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software on android and connecting it with marketing automation suite, human resource management system and other services. This integrated system provides smooth flow of information between different departments across the enterprise.

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Multiple Platform Presence

Enterprises can avail the opportunity to target multiple platforms with enterprise android application development as in android it is easy to port the app into various operating systems. There are many tools and trending Android libraries that help in designing cutting edge and productive apps in less time and provide the developers with reusable codes to work efficiently on multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS and many others.


Enterprise android development apps are flexible and adaptable. The app is scalable to integrate with the whole android technology and devices including smartphones, AR and VR devices, IOT devices, wearables, and much more. This increases the scope for businesses with versatility to serve multiple purposes.

Problems faced in deployment of Enterprise Android Apps

Although investors are making a good deal of investments to make Android the most preferred OS, there are still some issues with the same. Likewise, only a few leading mobile phone manufacturing companies adhere to the terms and conditions of Android. But, of late, other companies are following the same footsteps and we expect the target to be accomplished by the end of this year. Second, it can’t be ignored that phone manufacturers need to have the minimum level of hardware and software support to deploy at the enterprise level.

How secure is Android?

This question haunts most of the business owners and employees. Let’s dig into this and find how the potential threats could be controlled.

A) Encryption

In order to ensure the security of data, device wide encryption should be brought into action. The process is quite similar in the case of encrypting a PC.

B) Separation of personal and professional data

Personal and professional data should be kept separate at the enterprise level for smooth working. Enough arrangements should be made by the IT administrator for the separation of Personal information and work information.

The future of android is very bright and it can be deployed to enterprise level. If you are a business owner and are interested to take advantage of android app development, then Appinventiv is the best choice. We have a proven track record of a world class enterprise android app development that have created new milestones.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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