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Know how we created a platform where users can store and monitor all their healthcare apps and devices' data, find medical caregivers for their friend and family, and connect with people making the expansive healthcare world a community.


The Guiding Idea

Today's generation uses at least 7 mHealth Wearables and Apps every day, with each of them tracking individual areas of their health. What they are missing is a platform which would connect all the devices together and do a lot more than just being a concentrated platform.

Health-ePeople is an app that does just that. Apart from fetching and presenting the data from 200+ devices and apps in one place, the platform also connects users with caregivers for helping with their unwell family members or friends.

It doesn't end there. On the basis of the data, a predictive and prescriptive analysis sheet is drawn, helping the users in their health journey. For the universal good, all the generated data are, with consent, sent over to researchers to build the healthcare industry making it more responsive.

We had an idea that would transform the world of not just the health conscious users and their family/friends but would also make the healthcare industry more responsive by giving them insights into the ground level health issues people are facing. We came to Appinventiv with an idea that had a number of features which had to be in sync with each other to a very atomic level.

Getting Started

The first task that we did upon getting the app idea was integrating the Human API Platform in the app. Since all the devices were the third party, we brought the Human API platform in the process. All the data first went to the API and from the API we used to fetch the information to present on the app. Next, we broke down the processes defined in the wireframe for all the three panels - Users, Caregivers, and Researchers and worked on them in Agile cycle.

Design Direction & UI Strategy

All through the app, we kept a UI that would complement the heavy usage of analytics and statistics in the platform.

Since the app was extremely content and graphics-rich, we set all the UI elements - from text font to color choice and icon - in a way that would make it easy on the users' eyes to move within the app and read, analyze all the given insights.

There were a number of elements in Health-ePeople, a lot for its users to do. It was important that the icons and color choice is such that the users can work inside the app minus distractions.

  • #062B4B
  • #194F7D
  • #C82424
  • #309E00
  • #FFAE00
  • #D3D3D3

We concentrated on green color palette all through the app to remain in sync with the color of healthcare. We used different hues of Green to make it easy for people to read through in the app.


We made use of line icons in the application, as the app was completely text and report oriented.

Working Out the Details

From Ideation and Design to Development

The biggest challenge that we encountered straight from the ideation stage was of getting the data from over 200 healthcare devices and apps in one place. Creating an algorithm to sync them in real time, took us a few days to get a grasp on.

We worked alongside our Client on the wireframe we had designed and took every broken down piece of the process specific to the three panels (Users, Caregivers, and Researchers). We had our team of developers, designers, and testers in the loop for ensuring that every element of the panels was tested before moving on to the next.



Appinventiv ensured that every complicated process was broken down in parts that would make it easier for the users to interact with the application. The resulting product that came to us was an app that justified every process we wanted it to perform, benefitting all - the users, caregivers, and the researchers.

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