AVATUS - Reinventing Social Networking
with Cloud and Blockchain Integrations

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AVATUS is a unique avatar-based social networking platform designed to facilitate user interaction, engagement, and content sharing within a virtual environment. The platform’s standout feature is Avatar Creation, which enables users to customize their digital avatars from head to toe, maintaining privacy and anonymity.  

Built on the guidelines of security, transparency, and safety, AVATUS fosters a dynamic online community. It redefines social interaction by offering a unique avenue for self-expression and virtual connections, thereby transforming the way users engage with one another in the digital realm.


AVATUS - Redefining Social
Interactions with Custom Avatars
and Virtual Communities

Through avatar-based social networking platform development, our clients wanted to create a global community where users could explore, grow, and monetize their ideas. They wanted to build a platform where users could connect with each other based on similar interests and aspirations while maintaining their privacy and anonymity. 

This is when Appinventiv was onboarded to build an innovative yet highly secure and reliable avatar-based app for social media.

To ensure the integrity of the platform’s services and safeguard critical business and user data, we recommended implementing a secure private network within the cloud environment. We also proposed a tailored solution leveraging the inherent strengths of the blockchain technology.

The AVATUS-Appinventiv
collaboration resulted in a platform
that boasts

  • A highly secure, reliable, and resilient infrastructure
  • A unique set of features, including Avatar Creation and Avat Coins virtual currency
  • Optimized cost efficiency

The USP of the project is its ‘Avatar Creation’ feature, which adds an element of gamification to the platform by putting avatar-based masks on the users' faces whenever the camera is open for the content creation.

We built AVATUS - a secure and reliable social
networking platform that is redefining the concept
of social interactions in the digital realm

Our Process


  • Client needs assessment


  • Solution design blueprint


  • Blockchain and spot.io integrations
  • API gateway implementation


  • Amazon EKS deployment

Project Challenges


Complexity of Blockchain Integration

Integrating blockchain technology into AVATUS’s existing infrastructure presented significant complexity due to the intricate nature of blockchain networks and the need for seamless interoperability.

To overcome the challenge, we conducted thorough research and analysis to understand AVATUS’s requirements and carefully designed a tailored solution using Hyperledger Fabric. Close collaboration with blockchain experts and rigorous testing ensured a smooth integration process, mitigating risks and ensuring the successful deployment of the blockchain network.


Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance were paramount concerns for AVATUS, especially given the sensitive nature of the information being handled. To address this challenge, we implemented stringent security measures, including encryption, access control, and compliance checks, to safeguard user data and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Regular audits and compliance assessments were conducted to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities or gaps in security measures, thereby mitigating risks and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.


Optimizing Cloud Costs and Resource Management

Maximizing cost efficiency while ensuring optimal resource utilization posed a significant challenge, particularly in a dynamic cloud environment. Leveraging Spot.io for cost optimization and resource management, we implemented automated scaling and cost-saving strategies to minimize operational expenses without compromising performance or reliability. 

Continuous monitoring and optimization helped identify cost-saving opportunities and fine-tune resource allocation, ensuring efficient utilization of cloud resources and maximizing RoI for AVATUS.


Ensuring Seamless Integration and Interoperability

Integrating various technologies and systems while ensuring seamless interoperability presented challenges in terms of compatibility, data consistency, and performance. 

Through meticulous planning and testing, we developed robust integration mechanisms, including API gateways and middleware layers, to facilitate smooth communication and data exchange between different components of the system. Continuous integration and testing practices ensured early detection and resolution of integration issues, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a seamless user experience.


An Innovative Social Media Platform Built with Unique
Features & Seamless Technology Integrations

Appinventiv kickstarted the AVATUS project with a thorough requirement gathering and analysis phase. Following multiple
brainstorming sessions, our team leveraging its in-depth understanding of the client’s vision for the platform, commenced the
development and implementation process.
AVATUS Implementation
  • (01) Solution Design
    Based on the insights gathered during the requirement analysis phase, we crafted a detailed solution design blueprint. This design encompassed the integration of blockchain technology, API gateway, spot.io, and Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) to address AVATUS’s specific needs effectively.
  • (02) Blockchain Integration
    The core of the solution revolved around the integration of blockchain technology to enhance security, transparency, and data integrity. We worked on configuring and deploying a Hyperledger Fabric-based private permissioned network, meticulously tailoring it to align with AVATUS’s use case requirements. This involved setting up nodes, defining smart contracts, and establishing consensus mechanisms to ensure the reliability and immutability of transaction records.
    Through the deployment of advanced cryptography mechanisms within the blockchain network, our team also ensured that sensitive user data remained safeguarded against unauthorized access and tampering. This comprehensive approach not only upheld AVATUS’s commitment to data security but also empowered its users with a seamless and trustworthy digital experience.
  • (03) API Gateway Implementation
    In parallel with blockchain integration, we focused on implementing an API gateway to streamline communication between AVATUS’s applications and the blockchain network. The API gateway served as a centralized entry point, facilitating secure and efficient access to blockchain functionalities while enforcing authentication, authorization, and rate limiting policies.
  • (04) Integration with spot.io
    Leveraging spot.io, a cloud cost optimization platform, we optimized the deployment of resources within AVATUS’s cloud infrastructure. By leveraging spot instances and automated scaling capabilities, spot.io helped AVATUS achieve cost savings without compromising performance or reliability. We seamlessly integrated spot.io into AVATUS's ecosystem, ensuring smooth orchestration of cloud resources to meet fluctuating demand while minimizing operational expenses.
    Additionally, the auto-shutdown feature of Spot.io was utilized in the preprod environment to automatically shut down non-essential resources during non-working hours, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • (05) Deployment on Amazon EKS
    Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) served as the underlying infrastructure for hosting and managing containerized workloads, including the blockchain network components and associated microservices.
    We orchestrated the deployment of AVATUS’s solution on Amazon EKS, leveraging Kubernetes to automate container management, scaling, and resource allocation. This approach ensured high availability, scalability, and resilience, allowing AVATUS to focus on delivering value to its users without worrying about infrastructure management.

Add-On Services Provided

  • Document DB optimization and centralized database
  • Infrastructure Security WAF, Security Headers, AWS Inspector, AWS configuration services implementation
  • New tools suggestions and implementation of X-rays, Feature flag, and SonarQube
  • Snyk, Sentry, and AWS lambda with event triggers implemented after missing logging and monitoring parts were identified in the existing infrastructure
  • Production backup was enabled on an hourly basis after an important part of server backup was not implemented

Unique Features Integrated

  • Avatar Creation: We integrated Union Avatar API for full body and head avatar creation. This avatar was used in the multiple modules of the application like post creation, channel connect creation, and video calling with Agora.
  • Avat Coins: We used Tilia which helps convert real currency to Avat coins and vice- versa. Through this virtual currency concept, AVATUS offers users the way to monetize their skills by creating paid content.
  • Video Calling: The app has a video calling feature with the avatar head superimposed on the real face. This helps not reveal the real identity of the user even when s/he is calling one-to-one or hosting group events.

Tech Stack Used

  • AWS Cloud to deploy the application
  • Amazon VPC to launch AWS resources in a virtual network
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for deployment of microservices
  • Mongo Atlas for the databases of applications
  • Amazon S3 for storing objects and images
  • Spot.io for cost optimization
  • AWS Elasticache to improve the performance of web applications by allowing them to retrieve information from fast, managed, in-memory caches instead of relying on slower, disk-based databases.
  • OpenVPN to facilitate secure remote access to the private network where the infrastructure was deployed. This allowed developers to securely connect to the services and databases within the private network, ensuring seamless collaboration and access to essential resources while maintaining security and confidentiality.

The Result - Elevating AVATUS’s Digital Infrastructure to New Heights of Security and Efficiency

By harnessing the transformative potential of the cloud and blockchain services, Appinventiv significantly enhanced AVATUS’s digital infrastructure to unprecedented levels of excellence. It not only upheld AVATUS's commitment to data security but also empowered its users with a seamless and trustworthy digital experience.

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