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Bada Business - An app that help commoners
find the entrepreneur inside them

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

Brainchild of India’s top Motivational Speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra, Bada Business is a Platform for Budding Entrepreneurs and Business Domain Students to Learn the People Part of the Business World.

Incepted to make the business learning mobile, Bada Business application brings the extensive knowledge of Dr. Vivek Bindra and several other business leaders like Alfred Ford, Balaji Viswanathan, Manu Jain on users’ fingertips, on the move.


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    How the idea originated

    With YouTube becoming the hub of motivational speakers, the listeners have also started choosing the platform as their go-to platform for consuming the video content. But because the very foundation of YouTube is based on distraction, it is difficult for viewers to remain focused on the video series. Also, since the comment section is a very restrictive space for viewers to get in touch with the speakers, the all problems addressing two-way communication gets difficult.

    When Dr. Vivek Bindra’s team contacted us, they were looking for a solution to change this equation. They wanted to create an application where users would get complete access of the videos in one place. Plus, become a part of a community where all up and coming entrepreneurs discuss their journey.

    Scope of Work

    The extent of our involvement

    The project called for the involvement of UI/UX Designers, Developers, and QA Experts’ whose combined efforts would result into a robust experience. The intent was to give the users who relied on Bada Business app to grow their business knowledge, a platform to interact with on the move.

    UI + UX Design
    UI + UX Design

    Following the research, we designed the visual part and flow of the application keeping the user persona in mind.


    The mobile app development team participated to convert the user experience elements into a working application.


    The QA team was responsible for ensuring the app was ready to sustain the 1 million user base.


    We had to make sure that the application gets live in stores in one go, without any re-runs.

    Appinventiv App Development Timeline
    Features Set

    Functionalities which the app entailed

    The features that we settled on were decided upon after an in-depth analysis of the users expectations and the market’s movement.

    Phase 1 : User Engagement and Stickness ( All Free)

    • Social Login
    • Login
    • Signup
    • Smart Signup
    • Guest User
    • Level Capture
    • Interest Capture
    • Ask a Question
    • You tube Videos
    • Recommended Videos
    • Community
    • Post a Question
    • Answer a Question
    • Up Vote/Down Follow Question
    • Rewards
    • My Profile
    • My Favourite
    • Invite and Earn
    • Rate Us
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • About Dr. Vivek Bindra
    • Awards
    • Testimonials
    • Gallery
    • Video Articles
    • Quote Sharing
    • Notification

    Phase 2 : ARPU Model / Freemium

    • Courses & Assessments
    • Payment Integration
    • Free + Premium Video Library
    • Subscription Plan
    • Invoices on email
    • Offers on Courses and Reward System
    • Report Builder
    Technology Stack

    The engineering behind Bada Business app

    We Used a Combination of Languages and Frameworks to Make the Application Accessible to the 9.6K Daily Active Users. The selection of this technology set was decided upon by gathering a complete insight into the project present and projected requirements.

    • iOS
    • Native Application Development
    • Swift 4.0
    • Xcode
    • Android
    • Native Application Development
    • Java
    • Android SDK
    • Mean Stack
    • API: Node
    • DB: Mongo
    • LAMP Stack
    • UI Development: HTML
    • Coding: PHP
    • Framework: Laravel
    • DB: Mongo
    Team Size

    The project was a result of an agile team’s amalgamation

    Some of the top brains from our design, development, and testing teams were involved in transforming the idea into full-fledged Android and iOS applications.










    Team Leads








    Project Manager

    The translations of our efforts

    The result of our 4 months of design and development efforts resulted in an application that grew on to earn 4.7 stars on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store in only under 3 months of its launch. The download rate had a similar spike story to share. In a very small amount of time, the application became a part of 1 million app users on both App Store and Play Stores

    Bada Business App Development by Appinventiv
    Bada Business App Development by Appinventiv
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