Supply chain software development for a global manufacturer

Improving supply chain visibility for a global
manufacturer by 60% with AI & Analytics solutions

About Client

Our client is a global manufacturer of heavy construction and
mining equipment, whose production depends on reliable
service throughout the supply chain. It is a US-based enterprise
with an operational footprint stretching across 3 continents –
North America, Europe, and Australia. The company has around
6 manufacturing facilities and 100 distributors around the world.

Industry Manufacturing
Services Conceptualization, Development, and Deployment
Business Type Enterprise
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Business Challenges

A manufacturing enterprise of this scale has complex supply chain and logistics requirements. As customer expectations continued to evolve, the company's logistics function faced challenges. Its operations were decentralized with no visibility across the supply chain, which led to increased transportation costs.

Their existing business application software was grappling with unstructured data and diverse input formats. Due to the mismatch between data in the company's existing mainframe and its application software, their supply chain management team often had to resolve errors related to goods receipts and storage manually. When data errors related to sales orders occurred, the team had to manually verify and resolve these errors in the system as well.

All these time-consuming manual processes caused delays in the execution of crucial business applications and compromised the company's operational efficiency.

What our client needed was a data-driven supply chain logistics software development solution that could automate the company's processes, improve productivity, reduce costs, and scale up operations.


We kicked off the project by gathering a thorough understanding of the client's needs. Our team of developers, designers, and project managers worked closely with the client to ideate and then implement the best-suited supply chain logistics management software solution for the business.

The client took into consideration multiple factors while selecting the software solution. The priority was to implement a solution that could establish visibility in the supply chain, speed in product deployment, and the company's flexibility in terms of technology support. What we finalized along with the client was a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and data analytics solution.

Using AI-powered RPA and analytics, our team implemented a new data-driven logistics and supply chain management system. The system delivers sophisticated data analytics, which the company uses to generate useful insights for its supply chain. Specifically, the system also provides complete visibility into process execution supported with root cause analysis to continually improve operational efficiency of the company.

The bots deployed by our team automated the manual processes in the supply chain to a great extent. The bots now search the records for multiple error types, resolve them, and complete the workflow by sending the resolution email to different stakeholders.

Our Process

Ideation and
conceptualization 1

software development 2

and deployment 3

We were looking for an enterprise software development services company that could help us optimize our logistics and supply chain process. When we partnered with Appinventiv, they not only understood our needs but also gave us ideas on how to make the supply chain more efficient and customer-friendly. We highly recommend them for supply chain software solutions.

The Results

An intelligent logistics and supply chain software solution helps the company to be more responsive to its customers' needs. Also, process automation now allows employees to focus on other important areas of their jobs and business, thus improving productivity and efficiency.

60% Increase in supply chain visibility
40% Reduction in transportation
and logistics costs
30% Increase in operational

We helped a global manufacturing company
increase operational efficiency by deploying an
efficient supply chain management solution.

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