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About Ility

Ility is a SaaS-based white-label real estate platform that enables commercial property owners to manage their multi-property portfolios seamlessly. Leveraging data and technology, the platform assists landlords in unlocking new growth opportunities by making meaningful improvements to revenue, profitability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Empowering Ility with a White-Label
SaaS Product Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Juggling with multiple systems across the portfolio is not something very uncommon for property owners. However,
such inefficiencies in processes often lead to operational complexities, enhanced risks, and tenant dissatisfaction
for real estate businesses. It is when our client identified this gap and decided to join hands with Appinventiv to build a
robust Ility SaaS platform capable of streamlining and digitally transforming the real estate businesses.

Our client wanted to build the Ility real estate platform with a highly available, scalable, and automated microservice
architecture for both backend and frontend. They wanted to build an infrastructure that was robust as well as cost-
effective. Apart from that, they also needed a disaster recovery plan for the application to recover quickly in
moments of crises.

On the user front, they wanted to build the entire revenue and invoicing system from scratch. They also wanted a
seamless integration with payment services that could help landlords process rents seamlessly and ultimately
increase revenue.

So, what did we finally build for the client?

  • A highly robust SaaS real estate application with extensive white labeling and customization capabilities
  • An efficient payment services and revenue system
  • Effective WiFi and print management systems
  • Multiple seamless digital access systems
  • A rights management framework with high flexibility and scalability

What did we achieve?

  • 40% higher occupancy
  • 2% increased landlord RoI
  • Automation for every aspect of the infrastructure
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Enriched customer satisfaction
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
Our development expertise lifted
landlord ROI by 2% for Ility

Appinventiv has constantly exceeded my expectations in every aspect of our partnership. Their team is composed of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who possess a deep understanding of our industry and its unique challenges. One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Appinventiv is their unwavering dedication to meeting deadlines. In an industry where project delays are all too common, Appinventiv stands out as a beacon of reliability. Furthermore, their communication and collaboration skills are top-notch.

I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a reliable and proficient software development partner.

Mayank Mishra

CTO, Ility

Our process


  • SaaS property management software
  • Automated cloud infrastructure
  • Microservices


  • System integrations
  • Technology integrations


  • Bug fixing
  • Regression testing


  • AWS deployments
  • Azure deployments

Project Challenges

Frontend Deployment on AWS

Deploying the Angular frontend on AWS posed a challenge due to the prior deployment of over 20 web apps on Heroku. However, our team successfully addressed the challenge by achieving a seamless deployment of all web applications within a single Amazon s3 bucket, using a single CloudFront distribution and by creating directories within the s3 environment. This strategic approach resulted in substantial cost savings for the client when compared to the previous deployment on Heroku.

DR Creation

Execution of the disaster recovery plan posed challenges as the entire infrastructure deployed on AWS had to be simultaneously deployed on Microsoft Azure. Our team efficiently created the infrastructure in Azure and used EKS and storage accounts there, leading to invaluable scalability and flexibility for the client to establish and maintain robust disaster recovery for the platform.

Accelerating Ility’s Time-to-Market with Robust DevOps and Agile Development Practices


The client partnered with Appinventiv for outsourced engineering resources, wherein our dedicated development team worked as part of the Ility engineering and product team to handle all deployments and environments. Initially, the client was working on Kanban methodology with no release dates. After collaboration with Appinventiv, our team setup proper test, stage, and production environments for the platform. Our experts also moved to the DevOps and agile methodologies to streamline the product and set deadlines for feature releases and customer go lives.

Our professionals followed the two-week sprint and one release every month process, wherein few features and bugs were grouped together with developers working on the bugs and using CI/CD pipelines to deploy the code to the development and testing environment, further enabling the QA team to test parallelly. 8-10 days before the release date, the team provided code freezed environment to QA for regression testing and giving sign off for releases.

With a complete result-oriented and customer-focused approach, our team worked for extended hours frequently during the first customer go-live of the platform. This unwavering dedication to meet deadlines accelerated the time-to-market from 4-5 months to just 45 days with all the required features and minimal bugs.

Our team has resolved multiple product challenges over the years and provided development, integration, testing, and deployment solutions that were customized to the client’s use cases. Some of the key integrations we carried out for the platform, include:

  • WiFi Management System - Integrations with ironwifi using radius servers for wifi management
  • Print management - Integrations with ezeep print management hardware
  • Payment services and revenue system - Integration with Stripe
  • Other integrations with DocuSign, Tidio chat assistant, Sendbird chat, Metabase reporting, Google Analytics, Mixpanel Analytics, and a lot more tools to fulfill client use cases and PoCs

Technology Integrations


we have worked on multiple digital access systems for Ility, that includes using the hardware and APIs like:

  • HID
  • SwiftConenct
  • Integriti
  • Sofia Locks
  • Zerv
  • Openpath

Cloud and DevOps

  • Amazon Cloudformation to provision the infrastructure
  • Amazon VPC to launch AWS resources in a virtual network
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service for deployment of microservices
  • Amazon RDS PostgresQL for database and read replica for high availability
  • Amazon S3 for storing objects and images
  • Amazon ElastiCache (Redis) for in-memory data store or cache in the cloud
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to increase the effectiveness of email marketing on cloud
  • Cloudflare for managing the DNS
  • Amazon s3 from frontend (Angular) deployment
  • Amazon cloudfront for caching static content for angular deployment
  • Hevo data for replication of database in azure
  • Microsoft azure for disaster recovery
  • Hevo data tool to replicate databases from AWSto Azure
  • EKS and blob storage for deployment

The Result

The impact of Ility-Appinventiv partnership has led to the creation of a robust SaaS real estate platform that is currently piquing interest from multiple investors to raise funds. The client has added some of the biggest names under his clientele, including RXR, Legal and General, Centuria, Foundry, SHVO Properties, GPT Group, LendLease, Schneider Electrics, and Deloitte.

Also, the client has been able to enhance operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce infrastructure costs significantly. Approximately,


Occupancy Increased


Landlord RoI Increased

Step into the future of real estate innovation
with our scalable custom-made solutions
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The Road Ahead

Going ahead, the Appinventiv-Ility partnership plans to:

  • Integrate GPT-4 to improve search results
  • Provide natural language search using machine learning and vector database
  • Integrate blockchain technology
  • Add new features as per users’ requirements

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