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We Developed a Low Network Condition
Education App For NMA Countries

By Appinventiv
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 14:35 PM | 13 min read

We helped IFOAM develop an education based
interactive app for the NMA Nations which are crippled
from low network conditions.

Project : Agriculture education-based interactive mobile app for the NMA nations

Deliverables : Android App, Source Code, App Wireframes


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IFOAM Came To Us With an
Idea of Socio-Economic Cause

IFOAM, an NGO supported by the United Nations and the Swiss Government working on the betterment of the NMA Region came to us with an app idea that was aimed at improving the agriculture economy of egions like Ethiopia, Ecuador, BOL, Peru, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The idea that IFOAM came with and we brainstormed to better, was concentrated on the creation of a mobile app - MAAN - and a web platform where everyone who was interested in bettering the nourishment condition of the NMA region would come together to discuss and share articles, experiences, and notes related to nutrition and agriculture.

Maan - App Idea

Business Model Challenges that Our Team of Mobile App
Strategists Solved Foundation

Although the concept of MAAN as a community-based platform for like-minded Agriculture and Nutrition based enthusiasts to meet was fairly direct, there were two challenges that we came across riginating from the app’s user base choice - A. The problem of NMA region being made up of non-English speaking users and B. The presence of low to zero network connection in the area.

The Conversion Phase : With the mindset of the ultimate user and the demand of the client now clear to us, we went on to creating a wireframe that had the app movement wise features drawn out for the clients to get an idea of how the app would function and how transition would happen between one screen to the second and so on.


Ideation Of The Cause

The Conception Phase : Our Project Managers sat with the research team of IFOAM for several hours to get an idea of the mindframe and everyday behavior of the NMA region stakeholders who surrounded themselves with agriculture.

It was only after some few weeks that we could start relating to the psyche of the MAAN stakeholders - we now understood that they are not as used to working inside an app as the user demographics we generally work with - a revelation that was now going to define every single element of the app, straight from design to features choice.

The Probable Solution : The answer that we could offer in the form of service to these challenges was a multilingual app that works on an offline mode.

Design Model

The Design Elements Were To Be Same as the Cause -
Direct and Overly Simplified

Montserrat Regular
Every curve and line of the design elements that went into the creation of MAAN app was thought of and drawn in a way that it was very easy for the app user to understand what they had to do in the app to invoke what action

The Starting of the Formation Process

The development of MAAN started with us gathering a team of Project Manager, Designing Spoc, Android App Development Head, and QA Analyst team lead. Together we all formulated an Agile plan by dividing the whole development process into parts. This was followed by regular scrum meetings, the details of which were sent to the IFOAM team as well.

When IFOAM came to us with the MAAN app idea, they already had a Confluence server whose REST endpoints were not mature enough for us to base the needed app functionalities on.

To tackle this, our development team continuously manipulated their platform, while ensuring that the platform doesn’t change so much that the idea with which they developed it gets nullified.


The Translation of Our Efforts

The end result of our efforts of a year was an app that has now created a community of people interested in bettering the nutritional condition in the mountain region of NMA nations.

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