Mobile Apps: The Secret Ingredient of Better Health and Fitness

Dileep Gupta November 30, 2021
Mobile Apps

 Mobile apps, the ones we often relate to games, personal use, and social interactions, have brought radical transformation in the health and fitness industry. These applications help in changing the lifestyle of users in a holistic and hassle-free manner. The health and fitness app development has made healthcare services available to all beyond the borders of their traditional offices.

A ripple effect of this is that, today almost every second person is using health and fitness applications to stay fit and healthy. In fact, it has been found that millennials are using mobile fitness app features twice as much as other age groups, with women showering more love to fitness app design as compared to men. This in turn has paved the way for the future of wellness market and has opened the gates for health and fitness app development companies to look ahead and hire fitness app developers for mobile apps in healthcare and fitness.

  • According to a report by Statista, revenue in the fitness segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2024) of 1.9%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$23,127m by 2024.
  • Another report according to Weforum, states that between Q1 and Q2 2020, there was an expansion in health and fitness app downloads by 46% worldwide.
  • According to ReportsandData, the fitness app market is forecasted to grow globally at a rate of 23.5% to reach USD 14.64 billion by 2027.

Growth of Fitness App Markets

Are you one of those who wish to take their health and fitness business on mobile? If so, it is imperative for you to be familiar with different types of mobile apps in the healthcare and fitness industry and how the benefits of mobile health apps are actually helping the fitness conscious people to monitor their health. Something that we will cover in this article.

Instead of uncovering opportunities that health and fitness mobile apps deliver, we will firstly see the different types of mobility solutions and fitness app ideas that are taking over the app industry.

Types of Mobile Apps That Rules the Health and Fitness Industry

A step taken by a health and fitness app development company has actually paved the way in bridging the aforementioned gap by providing interactive and creative solutions to human problems.

Workout Apps

This type of mobile applications come loaded with workout plans, training sessions, and other content in different digital formats to enable users to do workout at their respective places.

On-demand Personal Trainer Apps

Designed by the top fitness app developers, the on-demand fitness app design lets users hire a personal trainer in real-time and take required steps towards getting a fit body and shape.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Collaborated with wearables, NFC, and other such technologies, these set of health and fitness applications enable users to track their health and fitness metrics in real-time. And eventually, take the right steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition and Diet Apps

These applications, as depicted from its name, empower users with the solution of what to eat and at what duration for a healthier and disease-free living.

Doctor-on-Demand Apps

The Doctor-on-demand apps like ZocDoc provide users with an opportunity to search and hire doctors in real-time using geolocation technology.

Medication Tracking Apps

Medication tracking mobile apps make it easier for users to keep track of medicines in real-time. It helps the users to follow their prescription and not miss a single dose.

Clinical Assistance Mobile Apps

These types of health and fitness app development help the organizations to streamline all the associated processes and focus on delivering better services to their patients.

After coming across the different options in the arena of health app development, let’s turn towards the benefits of mobile health apps.


Benefits of Mobile Apps in Healthcare and Fitness Domain

Higher Accessibility and Affordability

With the advent of apps for the healthcare sector, there is no need to go hunting for a yoga class or the gym in your neighborhood. Apart from this, you don’t have to hire costly trainers to maintain your health.

All you have to do is look up to a suitable mobile app that is capable of meeting your needs. After finding such an app, simply install it in your phone and start doing exercise. Hence, it can be said that now distance and money can no longer prevent an individual from doing exercise.

Real-time Tracking

Unlike the traditional process, a focus to create a fitness app by a reputed health and fitness app design company enables users to track their health data in real-time. This approach eventually lets them bring some required changes in their workout plans and other associated activities.

Hassle-free Search for Doctors and Hospitals

There are many healthcare and fitness mobile apps that can help you in making the search as per your geographic location. Some advanced apps even help in calling the doctor easily. You even have the chance to see the facilities available at a particular hospital.

Time Saving

Another benefit of going with an application designed by the best health and fitness mobile app development company is that it gives users an escape from rushing to the gym and medical service providers for every single doubt. They can clear their doubts on chat or video calls, or simply turn towards the tutorial section to get a better understanding. Something that helps them relish better outcomes in less time.

Smoother Medical Operations

Mobile apps in the healthcare and fitness domain are not solely delivering real-time experience to consumers, but also helping with streamlining medical processes. This way one can enjoy peace of mind and increase productivity level of the workforce.

Improved Communication Level

Mobile application, residing on the device that stays with users day and night, also eases the process of interaction. It enables users, trainers, and other health organizations to connect with each other anytime and anywhere, and take required actions in real-time.

This is yet another reason to keep track of health and fitness app market size and invest in the same market to enjoy the profits.

Increased Motivation

Using the power of gamification, personalized push notifications, and other such elements, fitness mobile apps also develop a positive environment and encourage users to spend more time on the platform. This eventually helps the brand enjoy higher user acquisition and retention rate.

Social Communities

Mobile apps created by the top health and fitness app designers also make it easier for fitness freaks to connect with similar people, and collaborate and share their ideas and experiences to bring dramatic difference in each other’s life.

Competitive Advantage

Since many organizations are still hesitating from entering the health and fitness app industry, investing in mobility solutions can be a competitive advantage over them.

Is the fitness app a new replacement for gym?

Looking into various factors like fitness app development cost, fitness app features, self-time availability, busy schedule, etc., it is difficult to maintain the balance amidst work. It would be inappropriate if we conclude the fitness app as a new replacement. We need a proper approval about what people are thinking about the app.

With this covered, it is likely that you must be curious to know how to step into this domain. Well, the process is a bit lengthy and cumbersome, if you think of DIY. So, it is advisable to connect with top health and fitness mobile app development agencies and discuss how to incorporate mobile technology into your existing processes.

Dileep Gupta
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