Doctor-On-Demand App Development: The Future of Healthcare Domain

Dileep Gupta June 24, 2024
Doctor-on-Demand App Development: The Future of Healthcare Domain
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The emergence of doctor-on-demand app development stands as a revolutionary force, shaping the healthcare industry’s future. This innovative healthcare solution connects patients and healthcare providers easily, bringing a paradigm shift that redefines patient-doctor interaction while simultaneously improving accessibility. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with healthcare not only takes care of urgent medical issues but also opens the door to a more effective, patient-centered future.

Doctor-on-demand app development solutions have changed the healthcare industry’s landscape in the past few years. Such apps have enabled users to harness their smartphones for healthcare and encouraged many doctors and healthcare organizations to invest in doctor-on-demand app development.

As per Statista, the revenue of the global online doctor consultations market is anticipated to reach a valuation of $23.75 billion in 2023. Also, the anticipated user base of such on-demand applications is projected to grow by 1.63% by the end of the year 2028.

Global Online Doctor Consultations Market

Mesmerized with these numbers, if you are a doctor or healthcare practitioner who wishes to enter this market segment or want to optimize your digital healthcare offerings while making the decision smartly – you’ve landed at the right place.

In this blog, we will talk about how doctor-on-demand apps are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, the near future of the telehealth market, and things that will aid you in reaping the benefits of investing in this idea.

So, let’s begin with a glance at how a doctor-on-demand app works and the driving factors behind the emergence of telehealth apps.

On-demand app market

How Does Doctor-On-Demand App Work?

On-demand doctor app development has transformed the way individuals access and utilize healthcare. It has improved the patient experience by enabling smooth virtual consultations, streamlining appointment scheduling, and encouraging a patient-centered approach. Let’s see how these doctor-on-demand apps work:

1. User Registration and Profile Setup

The patient initiates the process by installing the doctor-on-demand app and setting up a user profile. The patient enters relevant information during profile setup, such as their medical history and a description of their symptoms or ailment.

2. Location-Based Specialist Recommendations

The app uses the patient’s location data to provide a list of available doctors in their area. This feature maximizes convenience and timely care by guaranteeing patients have access to nearby healthcare specialists.

3. Selecting a Doctor and Scheduling Appointments

The patient chooses their preferred physician after reviewing the recommended doctors.

Appointment scheduling involves choosing a suitable date and time for an online consultation, considering the doctor’s availability.

Doctor app

4. Online Advice Request

The patient and their chosen physician have a thorough online consultation. The patient reports their symptoms in this session, and the physician collects pertinent data to enable a well-informed evaluation.

5. Suggestions for Treatment

The doctor suggests suitable treatment, medicine, or additional diagnostic tests based on the results of the virtual consultation. In this step, the individuals are guaranteed to receive prompt, individualized healthcare advice catered to their needs.

6. Online Payment

After the consultation, the patient utilizes secure online transaction features to finish the payment process through their preferred payment gateway. This adds to an efficient and convenient healthcare experience for the users.

7. Medical Records and Prescription Drug

After payment, the patient receives the doctor’s prescription and any pertinent medical documents. These files are easily accessible for future use or sharing with other healthcare professionals since they are safely kept in a specific folder or file within the app.

From the first reporting of symptoms through online consultations and easy payment, the doctor-on-demand app essentially streamlines the whole healthcare process, guaranteeing a patient-centric and cutting-edge approach to healthcare delivery. Let’s now have a quick look at the reasons why you need to invest in on-demand doctor app development.

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Doctor-on-Demand App

Doctors on-demand apps are becoming incredibly popular because they are revolutionizing healthcare accessibility. These apps remove geographical constraints by offering instant virtual consultations and immediate medical help.

Unmatched ease is ensured by the technology’s seamless integration, which includes features like online appointment scheduling and safe payment methods. While the individualized care provided by these apps improves the overall patient experience, the 24/7 accessibility of healthcare providers satisfies the expectations of the patients or users.

Consequently, the rise in demand highlights a paradigm change in favor of effective, on-demand healthcare options. Let’s have a look at the reasons why doctor-on-demand apps have gained popularity and why you need to invest in one:

 Doctor-on-Demand App

1.  More Convenience

The lack of medical specialists in many parts of the world, especially in rural and remote regions, means that those who need proper treatment must travel great distances to receive it. It becomes a frequent challenge to wait weeks for a doctor to visit their region; this problem worsens when caring for sensitive populations, such as the elderly or children.

This geographic restriction highlights the urgent need for creative healthcare solutions that close the gap and offer everyone prompt, convenient medical treatment, regardless of their demographics. In this case, an on-demand doctor consulting application lets patients connect with reputed doctors in real-time. This delivers them the convenience of getting the right consultation and healthcare services with a few taps.

2.  Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients can avoid the inconveniences of repeating trips to the clinic or hospital for follow-ups, prescription refills, and follow-up questions by using a telehealth mobile application. This greatly improves the patient experience by streamlining appointment-related chores and enabling physicians to provide real-time support via calls or text messages.

The software maximizes healthcare efficiency by reducing unnecessary or not-so-crucial visits. This guarantees smoother and more responsive contact between patients and healthcare providers, ultimately improving the standard of service and results.

3.  Reduced Paperwork

One of the prime advantages of doctor-on-demand platforms is that they let healthcare practitioners and patients keep a record of all the details on mobile. This cut down the time and hassle associated with maintaining in-office administrative paperwork.

The ability to store all the crucial information, like prescriptions, reports, diagnoses, etc, on the mobile has created an influx of technologies like blockchain and cloud in healthcare. Multiple health services can be availed through mHealth applications without the trouble of managing paperwork, as everything related to the consultation is updated and available on your mHealth application.

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4.  Lower Hospital Readmissions

As already hinted, doctor-on-demand mobile apps give people the freedom to enjoy better healthcare services from the warmth of their homes. They no longer have to get admitted to hospitals. This has ultimately reduced the number of hospital readmissions without affecting the quality of services.

When doctors diagnose a patient, they recommend medications for a few days. Patients can directly connect with their respective doctors for further diagnoses via the doctors on-demand mobile application.

5.  Cheaper Services

By making healthcare services convenient and available in real-time while cutting down the costs associated with ER trips and hospital admissions, telehealth solutions have also made these services cheaper and more accessible. Most healthcare apps are free and developed to benefit users’ overall healthcare journey.

This combination of accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-centric design highlights the transformative impact of telehealth services, making quality healthcare an inclusive and sustainable reality for all.

6.  Better Work-Life Balance

One standout benefit of doctor-on-demand apps is their capacity to empower doctors to conduct consultations seamlessly, whether working from home or on the go. These mobile solutions transcend traditional borders, guaranteeing accurate healthcare services and enabling virtual home visits for patients.

This improves medical professionals’ flexibility and promotes a better work-life balance, enabling practitioners to give the best treatment possible while enjoying a more flexible and fulfilling career.

7.  Higher ROI

Such applications let doctors have a regular flow of patients without spending more on hospital staff, infrastructure, and equipment. This way, these apps help doctors enjoy higher ROI. The rise in doctors on-demand applications showcases that more people trust the apps and avail of the services. This, in turn, generates higher revenue for doctors, healthcare institutions, and caregivers.

The increasing trend of on-demand doctor app development highlights a notable change in patient behavior, suggesting a growing confidence in the dependability and efficacy of these platforms. This boost in user confidence positions mobile apps as key participants in the changing healthcare scene, benefiting individual doctors, healthcare institutions, caregivers, and additional revenue streams.

8.  Competitive advantage

By investing in doctor consultation app development, you can get a competitive advantage and gain better market benefits. This proactive strategy makes them stand out from their competitors, creating new opportunities to connect with a larger patient base.

The adoption of doctor consultation app development benefits everyone involved, including healthcare professionals and those seeking their services—by improving accessibility to services and leading to the general growth and modernization of the medical field.

If you want to enter this business space and enjoy profits from the significant growth of the doctor-on-demand app market, it is good to be acquainted with the competition.

So, considering the same, let’s look at the most popular doctor-on-demand mobile apps in the market.

Top Doctor-On-Demand Apps Prevailing in the Market

Various apps are available in the marketplace; however, a few have excelled and are recognized as the top market players in the industry due to the functionality, navigation, benefits, and ease of use they deliver. Here are some top examples of doctor-on-demand apps you must know before diving into on-demand doctor app development.

top examples of doctor-on-demand apps

With this covered, let’s focus on the essential steps involved in doctor-on-demand app development.

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Essential Steps for a Successful Doctor Consultation App Development

For building top-notch doctor-on-demand app development solutions, it is essential to hire a dedicated app development agency that has the expertise and experience to build robust healthcare apps. Here are a few steps commonly followed during doctor-on-demand app development:

Steps to Build a Robust Doctor-on-Demand App

Market Analysis

Determine the target market, research the competition, and comprehend users’ and medical professionals’ particular requirements and inclinations.

Define the Key Features

Identify key features, including prescription delivery, secure video consultations, appointment scheduling, doctor profiles, user registration, and payment integration.

Select the Platform for Development

Considering the target audience’s preferences, choose whether to design the app for iOS, Android, or both platforms. Read this blog to learn the tips to pick a mobile platform for app development.

Follow Regulatory Compliances

To guarantee legal compliance and user trust, familiarize yourself with data protection laws, telemedicine rules, and healthcare regulations.

Prototyping and Wireframing

Before developing the app, create wireframes and prototypes to see its functionality and structure. This will enable for user feedback and future iterations.

Telehealth Features Implementation

Implement strong telehealth features such as secure video consultations, real-time messaging, and virtual prescriptions to provide thorough and efficient virtual healthcare services.

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Secure Data Storage

Make data security a top priority by putting strong encryption mechanisms in place to protect user and healthcare provider communications, patient data, and medical records.

Payment Integration System

Incorporate safe and practical payment methods to enable smooth transactions for in-app services such as prescription delivery and virtual consultations.

Testing and Improvement Constantly

Throughout the development phase, thoroughly test the product to find and fix any flaws and guarantee a dependable and seamless user experience. Plan for frequent upgrades and enhancements, taking user input and changing healthcare trends into account.

The development of a doctor consultation app can be strategically carried out by carefully adhering to these fundamental guidelines, leading to a successful and significant solution that meets the changing needs of patients and healthcare practitioners. Check out the things to consider before plunging into doctor-on-demand app development.

Things to Consider While Investing in On-Demand App Development

Building a mobile app for your business seems a natural progression, keeping the current market trends in consideration. However, before investing in doctor-on-demand app development, you must explore components to help you make the right application. Your focus should be on creating unique apps that meet the varied needs of your stakeholders. Before investing in on-demand doctor app development solutions, here are a few things to consider.

1.  Know Your Target Audience

Patients from different walks of life have varied needs and expectations from the healthcare industry. In such a scenario, having a clear and comprehensive understanding of your target user base and their demographic content is an answer to how to develop a doctor-on-demand solution. Otherwise, you might end up creating an application no one prefers.

2.  Maintain a Good Doctor Network and Database

To ensure that people connect with the best doctors and physicians on your doctors on-demand app, it is necessary that you first have a connection with the certified doctors and healthcare organizations and have created a database of the same.

An updated, strong healthcare database will help stakeholders easily access in-depth health data. A healthcare database management system is an essential tool and can’t be overlooked by healthcare organizations.

3.  Introduce the Right Set of Doctor-on-Demand App Features

Consider the features of doctor-on-demand app development if you want your app to reach a massive user base and cater to their needs. Giving the features of your doctor-on-demand app careful consideration throughout the development is essential to its success and widespread adoption. To improve accessibility, incorporate user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation, strong telehealth capabilities for safe video consultations, and effective appointment scheduling.

Right Set of Doctor-on-Demand App Features

By giving these features top priority, your app draws in more users and successfully meets the various needs of people looking for quick and easy access to medical consultations.

4.  Choose the Right Technology Stack

The right technology stack adds life to the doctors on-demand app, making it highly navigational, seamlessly performing, and easy to use, letting the users enjoy the finest user experience. Because of this, it is good to look ahead to picking the right technology stack for your mobile app.

5.  Follow the Necessary Compliances

From HIPAA to HL7, FDA, HITECH’s meaningful use stages 1 & 2,  HHS, and certification with EPSC, one must look for various compliances, medical acts, app integrations, and certifications when building an on-demand doctors app. So, do not overlook this step, as not complying with the standards can lead to app rejection and can publish a case of the organization based on the data breach.

6.  Hire a Reputed Healthcare Development Company

An on-demand healthcare app development expert can help you refine your idea and launch an application that rules everyone’s hearts. So, turn towards the best healthcare app development company – one with expertise and experience in creating telehealth applications and is strongly familiar with compliances and hidden market challenges.

7.  Prepare the Right Budget

Since the lack of the right budget can put your project on hold or compel you to postpone the idea of adding the top doctor app features and tech stack of the doctor-on-demand, be sure you have an estimate of how much does doctors on-demand costs.

8.  Devise the Right Business and Revenue Model

While the previous pointer will aid you in calculating the overall doctor-on-demand app development cost, you need to know how to earn this money back. So, perform market analysis and see what type of doctor-on-demand business models are top in the market. A few of the commonly preferred business models or revenue streams are:

Commission-based – Here, the platform charges a certain commission on the patient’s fees directly to the doctor.

Featured listing – Focusing on this revenue model of a doctors on-demand app development is a great opportunity when doctors and labs are ready to pay some money to get featured and listed on your platform to attract more patients.

In-app advertising – As stated by the name, the platform earns a certain share of the profits doctors and organizations earn by advertising their services.

Focusing on these factors makes it possible to create robust doctor-on-demand app development solutions effortlessly and gain momentum in the present market. But, to make your app future-centric and get a bigger slice of the telehealth market, you need to introduce the best technology into your app development plan.

What is the Cost of Doctor-on-Demand App Development?

The average doctors on-demand app development cost is subjective to various factors and elements depending on the requirements and complexities of the application. Overall, the cost ranges from $40,000 to $250,000. Here are some of the factors influencing the pricing:

Location of the Chosen Agency

The topographical area of the selected mobile on-demand app development company plays a significant part in influencing the general expense of an application. For example, the cost of a healthcare app development company in the US would differ from those in Europe or Asia.

The per-hour cost of a healthcare app developer in the US is around $200-$300; in Eastern Europe, this expense is down to around $150-$200, while in Asian nations like India, the hourly cost of a developer is $60-$100.

Features Included

The number of features an application will include is likewise instrumental in ascertaining the overall expense of the application. For an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) variant of the doctor-on-demand application, the cost ranges from $40,000. If the application is to be developed for different platforms and with cutting-edge features, the expense of the application will climb by more than $250,000. We have created an in-depth guide on the development cost of telehealth applications that will give you an in-depth insight into the cost estimation factors.

Now that you are familiar with on-demand doctor appointment app development and the factors contributing to its cost, let’s wrap up this blog with insights into how Appinventiv can help.

Propel your healthcare services

Empower Your Vision With Appinventiv’s Expertise in Doctor-on-Demand App Development

As a leading mobile app development company that has developed many on-demand apps, we have aggregated a highly skilled team of on-demand app developers who have mastered the technologies that are needed to create top-notch on-demand apps. We have partnered with various healthcare brands for their app development requirements and have successfully delivered high-end solutions.

For instance, YouComm, an efficient healthcare system, improves the patient-caregiver relationship by empowering users to access real-time medical help. Currently, over 7 hospital chains in the US run on YouCOMM solutions with 60% growth in nurses’ real-time response time.

Another notable healthcare app that Appinventiv has developed is Health-e-People, which allows users to create comprehensive healthcare records while assisting advanced science in finding cures. The app offers a platform where users can store and monitor all their healthcare apps and device data, find medical caregivers, and connect with people to build a community.

The seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies like wearables and artificial intelligence (AI) is envisioned as the future of doctor-on-demand app development, providing innovative and personalized healthcare solutions. On-demand applications will emerge as key hubs for comprehensive health management in response to the growing need for easily accessible and convenient healthcare.

Connect with a reputed healthcare application development company like Appinventiv to build an efficient doctor-on-demand app. Our experts can help you in doctor-on-demand app development through which you can usher in a new era of proactive and individualized digital healthcare solutions.


Q. How do you add an on-demand doctor appointment app development solution to an existing business?

A. The best way to implement an on-demand healthcare solution is to get an MVP developed and validated with the stakeholders. It will provide insights into their comfort while using the app and what elements could be improved for a better user experience. Partner with an experienced healthcare development company to assist you throughout the implementation process.

Q. What is the cost of on-demand doctor application development?

A. The doctor-on-demand app development cost varies on multiple factors like the development team’s location, the functionalities of the app, the development model, budget, and more. Overall, the doctor-on-demand cost ranges between $40,000- $250,000 or more. The most reliable way to estimate the development costs is to contact a healthcare app development company and request a quote based on the project needs.

Q. What features of a telemedicine application are necessary for guaranteeing the best user experience?

A. The most critical features of a telemedicine application necessary for an ultimate user experience may include profile management, e-prescription, billings, notifications alert, 24*7 availability, etc.

Q. Which technologies are leveraged for building on-demand doctor app development solutions?

A. The tech stack for doctor-on-demand app development includes many technologies that power up your application. You can develop iOS apps using the Objective-C or Swift programming languages using Apple’s robust ecosystem. Regarding Android, Kotlin or Java can be used for development, offering versatility and interoperability across a large spectrum of Android devices.

If you choose a browser-based web application, the technology stack consists of Javascript, Express.js, and HTML5. This makes for an agile and responsive user interface. Alternatively, the flexible Flutter framework can be used to create cross-platform apps developed consistently and quickly for iOS and Android, all from a single codebase.

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