How Much Does Headspace Like Meditation App Development Costs?

Peeyush Singh February 10, 2022
How Much Does Headspace Like Meditation App Development Costs

Breathe in … Breathe out …

The four words hold the age old secret to a mental well-being that manifests physical transformations in a person. 

There is hardly any entrepreneur who does not vouch for the myriad of benefits that the power of meditation comes with. 

The age old-secret to immense self control has grown to not just help transform people’s mind and body but also the business revenue model. When Yoga went mainstream on mobile devices, it took very less time for its meditation and mindfulness branches to follow the route. 

And today, at the back of the peace search journey that the world is on, mindfulness and meditation industry – as per these statistics – has grown to become a multi-billion sector.

Here’s a peek into the Meditation app market size: 

Digital Meditation Market

A sector that even after being high in demand still have the potential to make entrepreneurs a part of the static. And playing a contributory role in this growth is the Headspace application. 

Started in 2008 by an under-confident and anxious Londoner, Rich Pierson with the help of Andy Puddicombe, a Buddhist monk preaching the 2500 years old practice, Headspace grew to become the name that put meditation apps on the list of profitable business avenues. 

In the $75.2 Million funding that the company has raised in the matter of 4 years has helped them in making the mind a better place on-the-move. It has also helped them work on the feature-set and business model that makes them the brand that the industry now sees as a pioneer. 

At the back of its ease of functioning and high user base, Headspace has helped define the benefit of meditation app and has grown to become an important part of meditation application ecosystem

Top Meditation App Market Leaders

Now it is not just the growing market size that is common between these apps but also the quest of entrepreneurs to know Headspace app cost or how much does Headspace app cost and the features set. 

Features of the Meditation Apps like Headspace

Prominent Features of Headspace Like App

1. Profile Creation

Unlike other applications, the information set that you would have to work around would be different. While the ones related to name, social media link, and emails would be the same, you should ask for additional information from your meditation app users: – 

  • Age of the user
  • Time they would be able to invest in the app in a day
  • If they would appreciate Newsletter and Course update on email
  • (Optional) Their understanding of their stress level

2. Introductory course

The one thing that make apps like Headspace successful is that they do not work under the impression that every user who visit their application have an understanding of the 2500 years old practice. They add an introductory course for all the users to get a headstart on how meditation and mindfulness process works. 

Appinventiv Tip: Creation of courses is what usually makes up for Headspace like app development cost most. So what we recommend is integrating ready-made course inside the application or add YouTube links in the app. 

3. Gamification

Even in an anxious state, people crave the kick of competition. Adding gamification elements in the application don’t just quenches this kick addiction but also strengthens the app retention strategies. 

The Headspace app comes loaded with its achievement system wherein the users get badges for finishing the sessions on Days 1, 3, 10, 15, 30, 90, 180 and 365 in a row. This desire to match the scores makes the users visit the application on an everyday basis. 

4. Session sets

An important part of any meditation app is the session set. Every meditation application is made of multiple session sets which guide users through the process of achieving calmness and relaxation. 

The sessions, individually, can last for anywhere between 3 minutes to an hour, depending on the issue that is being targeted. 

[Optional] You can also add search and filter options in the session page to help users choose what session they want to practice.

Session sets

5. Audio and video playback

An important part of the session sets would be an audio and video playback option. In addition to being integrated in the sessions, you can even give the users to record their chanting voice or video log their meditation practice to see how their breathing has improved from day one to now. 

6. Push Notifications

Nothing helps in solidifying the app retention strategies as much as push notification does. Seeing how task-like it is to keep coming back to an application that brings you outside of comfort zone, it is easy for people to skip days. 

And the function that keeps them from making this a habit is push notifications. By sending them timed push-notifications, you can send them a reminder that they have to visit the application to continue being calm. 

7. Activity tracking

This part of the app would look into the users app interaction history. It will show them how far they have come in the application and how many stages they are yet to cover to reach the next stage of calmness. 

8. In-App Purchases

You should give your users the option to pay for subscriptions or purchase advanced features of the application through an in-built in-app purchase option. It then would become your responsibility to ensure that the payment gateway is secure and the whole transaction experience is hack proof. 

These are the important features that will determine Headspace app cost and help you give the answer to the much-awaited question how much does Headspace cost?

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an app like Headspace?

Now let’s discuss the most important part of this article – how much is Headspace app? The cost estimation of Headspace like app development cannot be given a range till we have a complete understanding of what your exact requirements are – a condition that applies in knowing all the app development costs.  

But assuming your app will only have the features that we mentioned above and the meditation app tech stack that you choose is also less complex, your cost of Headspace clone app would come out to be in the range of – USD 170K to USD 193K.

Numbers that we arrived at on the following assumptions:

* It is being developed in the $30 to $40 per hour range

** It will only have the functionalities that we mentioned above

Now that we have seen how much does headspace cost, let’s move on to the revenue model of meditation apps.

Revenue Model of Meditation Apps Like Headspace

The answer of How Much Does it Cost to Develop an app like Headspace or how much is Headspace app is closely followed by the answer of how to make money with Headspace like meditation app?

The app monetization models when you make a meditation app like Headspace can take multiple routes. Let us look at the most popular ways you can re-earn your Headspace app cost. 

1. Subscription

It is one of the most commonly applied app monetization models when you aspire to make a meditation app like Headspace. The idea behind this is that the users would get access to all your app features upon paying a subscription amount on a weekly or monthly basis. 

2. In-App Purchases

Another monetization model that your partnered recognized wellness app development company will vouch for is the in-app purchase option. Under this, you can give your users the option to pay to access certain elements of the app or charge them to reach the next stage inside the application. 

3. Advertisements

Advertisements is another most popular ways to earn money that works seamlessly in the Meditation app development domain. Here, you earn money from partnered agencies who shows their advertisement on the app and it gets clicked. 

We hope this article was helpful in understanding some of the important questions such as how much is Headspace app, how much does headspace app cost and what is Headspace cost. In case you still have some questions regarding Headspace cost or app development, you can contact us


1. How much does Headspace like app development costs?

It is nearly impossible to answer how much does headspace cost or how much is the headspace app without getting a clear understanding of your project. But in case your app idea is limited to features mentioned in the article above, the cost will come out to be in the range of USD 70K to USD 93K

2. Why Should You Develop an app like Headspace?

There are a number of business benefits that you can avail by investing in Headspace like app – 

  • High market stability
  • Greater revenue 
  • Plentiful app monetization opportunities

3.  What are good meditation apps?

Some of the good meditation apps are – Headspace, Calm, Aura, Simple Habit, Inc. 

Peeyush Singh
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