MVP in Mobile App Development for Startups

Saurabh Singh August 29, 2023
MVP in Mobile App Development for Startups

Mobile applications are, undoubtedly, the buzz in the entire business world. Today, every business is getting on mobile. But, is it wise to develop a mobile application? Is it a profitable deal, especially when you are a startup struggling to establish in the market? The answer to this question is quite difficult to say.

You can’t deny the importance of having your own mobile app, as well as can not invest an exorbitant amount of money in a single idea itself. And this situation becomes more complicated when there is a risk of app failure even after pouring all your money and efforts in the mobile app development. Remember, there are endless mobile applications in the market- you can’t expect the users to get entice with your app idea & choose it over other.

Then what to do? The simplest way to tackle this situation, as per our experts, is to go for MVP in mobile app development – a concept that is the brings down the cost of mobile app development to a great extent. 

MVP (Minimal Viable Product) App

MVP in Mobile App Development for Startup

An MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is the product (or we can say app) with least, vital features that target a particular problem using the minimum resources. MVP in software development is essential since it enables the start-ups to engage the first users, understand the audience needs, and make their application better using the feedback gained.

It enables the start-ups to engage the first users, understand the audience needs, and make their application better using the feedbacks gained.

In other words, it is the smallest, quickest yet functional version of your app idea that can be taken into consideration to understand the viability of your app idea.

Talk about Uber, Airbnb or Foursquare- almost every top-grossing app that is ruling the market today has undergone this phase. In fact, we recommend all of our clients to have a thought on developing an MVP, particularly in case of a complex app idea. Wondering, why? Check out the following points.

Benefits of MVP for Startups

MVP application is the ultimate investment for start-ups, due to the following reasons:

1.Testing the Main Idea at the Earliest

There’s no denying the fact that we all find our ideas good enough to set the market on fire. But, are they really so? Will the users really find them fantastic? The best way to analyze this is to launch an MVP app in the market. Develop an application with just the sufficient features that define your main purpose and launch it in the market. If it offers impressive outcomes, take it to the next step. On the flip side, gather user feedback, do market research, and improve your applications so as to launch them in the future. This way, an MVP application can help you to understand the market validity of your idea by testing it using diverse methods and can save a lot of money on developing a ‘less-effective’ app.

2.Reaching Investors

It is always better to visit investors with a functional model than a diagrammatical representation or an idea in your head. When you present an MVP to the investor with your future plan, the investor can more likely link to your idea and get interested into it. He need not visualize the main idea- he can see the demand for your app in the market, and hence, can easily agree to your request and contribute for further app development process.

3.Making an Impact on the Market

When talking about mobile application development, you hit the market at once. You have to make extra efforts to immediately attract the users. However, in case of MVP, you can keep on attracting a group of people throughout. With the introduction of every new feature, you can attract more users, as well as entice the existing users. This way, you continue to make an impact on the market.

4.Minimum Development Cost

We all know that the more the features & functionalities you include in your app, the more you have to pay for it. If you build a complete mobile application, it might cost you enough to make a hole in your pocket. But, here in MVP, you can test your idea by using different methods for less than half of the mobile app development cost. Moreover, you need not make a one-time investment; you can invest in different sessions related to the integration of different features into the app. You might want to check out the cost to build an MVP for detailed insights.

5.Prevents Losing Interest

It usually happens that the development process takes so much time that you completely feel detached to the idea. In such a scenario, an MVP app is a great investment. It gets developed in lesser time, reaches the market and keep you interested in updating it with what the users want.

6.Saves Efforts Time

MVP development not just saves the cost, but also the efforts and time. It allows you to determine if your efforts are getting a required response or not. Wherever you find that the efforts are not bringing fruitful results, you can put it on end. This way, it allows the startups to use their potential in the right way!

Wrapping Up!

MVP in mobile app development, as you might have learnt by now, is a crucial element to consider for both startups and established brands. It can help you develop a mobile app successfully. But in case, you are looking forward for understanding various other elements that should be considered for launching an app successfully, have a look at this mobile app development guide.

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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