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Peeyush Singh June 21, 2021
Calm like Meditation App Development

He who lives in harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the universe.

-Marcus Aurelius

WhatsApp deactivated. 

Facebook Uninstalled. 

Airplane Mode On. 

For a long time, smartphone users have followed this approach to focus or simply live a stress-free life. They have cursed mobile applications for the distraction and anxiety they face in their daily lives.

But, this perspective changed drastically the moment mindfulness apps came into existence. 

Mobile applications like Calm begun helping users meditate and live a peaceful live even when keeping their phone aside. A result of which is that the mindfulness meditation app market, as per the latest statistics, which was valued at USD 188.64M as of 2018, is expected to grow to USD 4,377.95M by 2027, with a CAGR of 41.3%.

Forecast of Meditation Market in the U.S for 2022

This not only made users enjoy a peaceful life without leaving the digital world, but also proved that it’s a good decision to step into this market with the assistance of top app development companies.

But, before you or anyone think in this direction and invest in calm like meditation app development, it is advised to be familiar with the reason behind this popularity. Or better say, having the knowledge of key driving factors of calm like mediation app market size. A glimpse of which we will cover in the next section of the article.

Factors Behind Far-Fetched Growth of Mindfulness App Development Market

1. Stress and Mental Healthcare Awareness

In the present days, around 75% – 90% of people in the United States visits doctors for stress-related issues and around 13% of kids are showing the symptoms of anxiety disorder because of stress. 

Because of this, more and more people are becoming conscious about the ill effects of stress and mediation as a way to improve their mental health. Something that is giving a push to the mindfulness app development market.

2. Rise in Use of Smartwatches and Smart Screens

With an increase in the number of smartwatches and smart screens, people are getting an opportunity to keep a real-time record of their mental health and well-being. This is again favoring the flourishing market for meditation apps. 

Now while you know the reasons that ignite the zeal to develop mindfulness app like Calm or HeadSpace, let’s move to the best mindfulness meditation apps in the market.

Top Players of Mindfulness Meditation Market

Top Players of Mindfulness Meditation Market

All these best mindfulness meditation apps – right from Headspace to Happier, Buddhify, Insight Timer, Smiling Mind, and The Mindfulness App are doing an amazing job in the marketplace. But, the one we will focus entirely in this article is Calm application.

A Basic Introduction of Calm Mindfulness Meditation App

Introduced back in 2012 as a meditation tool, Calm has now gained a huge momentum in the marketplace as a guide for proper sleep and relaxation. The application, till date, has over 60M downloads and 80,000 new daily users. It has also received the title of the ‘Top grossing’ Health and Fitness Application and the 20th Top App on the App Store. A credit of which can be given to the simple working mechanism of this application.

What’s more, the application has recently raised a funding of $88M, valuing it at $1B and collaborated with various popular products like Soundproof Phone Booth ROOM.

This altogether has made every business enthusiast interested in calm like meditation app development and in studying guides around mood tracking app development. It has raised a hype to getting comprehend with the technicalities of the application and build a clone with the help of top Android or iOS app development company.

Assuming that you are also one of those who wish to try their luck in this field, let’s cover the technical aspects of Calm-like application here – starting with taking a look into the top meditation app features.

Meditation App Features That Your Calm-like App Must Have

Meditation App Features

1. Profile Creation

When it comes to Calm-clone app development, the foremost feature you need to focus on is Profile Creation. 

This feature, as depicted from the name, enable users to create their own profiles on the application where they can see/store all the information related to them or the activities they have participated in.

2. Sleep Stories

Under this category, users opt in for the best of the stories that relaxes their body and mind and help them sleep nicely.

3. Calm Masterclasses

The Calm Masterclasses feature of the app lets users avail exclusive classes from world’s best mindfulness experts across the globe.

4. Scenes

This app feature enables users to change the scenic view that would be the background of the application. 

5. Calm Body

From the morning stretch to warm up, this feature of Calm mobile app helps users come across the best ways to relax your body.

6. Breathing Exercises

With this feature, you can set the duration of breathing exercises and exhale all of your worries without allocating a special time for meditation.

7. Reminders

Under this category, the Calm mobile app sends different kinds of reminders to users for living a stress-free life. This includes reminders to practice mindfulness, to sleep, and to check-in the app.

These meditation app features have shown given peace of mind to users. But, what has given a new definition to calmness is the unique user experience strategy this application has worked with.

So, taking the same into consideration, let’s take a sneak peek of the Calm meditation app design strategy.

UI/UX Analysis of Calm Mobile App

UIUX Analysis of Calm Mobile App

1. Aesthetic Vibes

Right from the icons to the typography, colors, and visual elements used in the Calm mobile application, everything gives a feeling of warmth and tranquility. A major focus has been kept on making intense topics like Stress, Anxiety, Relationships, and Self-care seem balanced and a bit more comfortable.

2. Minimal App Design

Calm application has also followed the concept of minimal app design thoroughly. The app has introduced the least required features and elements on the screens to give a soothing experience to users. An evidence of which is the ‘Breathing Exercise’ app screen.

3. Push Notifications

Calm mobile application uses the power of Push notifications to remind users about their scores, next activity schedules, and more. This is not solely helping users enjoy higher benefits of this mindfulness app, but is also making it imperative for other business enthusiasts to build a push notification strategy that boosts conversions.

4. Ease of Search

The Calm app smartly categories content under different labels that eases the process of finding the right content. Also, it avails content in the voice form that lures users to pick this mindfulness meditation app over others.

5. Localization

The Calm-like mobile app has also invested in App Localization. Meaning, the app content is available in six different languages including English, German, and Spanish. These gives users an option to grab the content in their local languages, which increases the possibilities of acquiring more users.

With this covered, let’s climb to the next level of the ladder and see what mindfulness technology stack back these functionalities.

Mindfulness App Tech Stack to Pick for Your Calm-Clone App Development Project

As we’ve already shared in our blog on picking the best technology stack for your app, the programming languages, frameworks, and tools we consider leaves a great impact on the outcomes. While the right technology stack results in proper working of your app and enhances the results, the wrong one can ruin your app’s image.

So, understanding the intensity of knowing the right tech stack, let’s check for what comes under the label of mindfulness app tech stack.

mindfulness app tech stack.

Now as you know the basics technicalities, it is likely that you would be expecting discussion around the cost to develop mindfulness app like calm in the next section.

But, wait.

Before we switch to calm like meditation app development cost, it is necessary for you to be familiar with the challenges your hired app development company would face while building the app, alongside the market-related issues you would come across. 

So, let’s check for the challenges you might come across while building an app like Calm.

Challenges You Might Face While Creating a Calm-like App

1. Simplicity and Speed

The headmost challenge your hired team app developers would face is maintaining simplicity and higher loading speed while adding ample options into the application.

2. Localizing App Content

When talking about app localization, there are various key challenges associated with developing multilingual apps. Mitigating those challenges and delivering the app on pre-decided timeline would again be a challenge for your hired app partners.

3. Transparency

In the present scenario, there are various mindfulness meditation apps available in the market. However, only a few of them are backed by solid research. This has made consumers sceptical about which app to prefer and which not. And thereafter, made it challenging for business enthusiasts to win the trust of these customers and keep them hooked to their platform.

Something that is possible if you introduce the right amount of transparency into your app working.

4. Higher Subscription Rate

Users, when concentrating completely on mindfulness market, are majorly not in favor of paying subscription fee for the apps. Likewise, the companies in this domain are extensively focusing on implementing effective price benchmarking to get better outcomes.

So again, higher subscription rate can be a stumbling block in the path of Entrepreneurs planning to invest in calm like meditation app development.

With this, let’s wait no further and tear down the cost to build a mobile app like Calm.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like Calm or HeadSpace?

The cost to make an app, as described in detail in our mobile app development cost guide, is not fixed. It varies depending on various factors such as:-

  1. App Specifications – The cost value is directly proportional to the app size and complexity. So, if you are planning to build a full-fledged app, the budget you require would undeniably be more.
  2. Development Team – The size, location, skills, and experience of the mobile app development company you hire also make a huge difference in the app price.
  3. Tech Stack – Likewise, the programming language, tools, and other technical elements you put into your development project will also influence the cost of Calm-like meditation app development.

In such a scenario, the optimal way to get an exact cost of developing an app like Calm is to contact the best app experts.

Now, while this would have shared insights around how much you need to invest into the Calm-like meditation app development, let’s turn towards how to earn back the money. Or simply say, let’s learn about the business and revenue model of Calm mobile application.

How to Earn Back Money From Your Calm-like App?

business model of Calm-like App

1. Subscription Model

Calm and other such mindfulness meditation apps highly rely upon subscription model. That implies, a meditation app monetization model where users pay a fixed subscription fee for unlocking the advanced features of the app on a monthly or yearly basis.

2. In-App Purchase

Under this label, mobile apps like Calm and HeadSpace provides users an opportunity to pay for purchasing some services/products related to meditation from the platform itself. 

By embracing this Calm app business and revenue model, you would be able to generate revenue nearly equal to that of Calm application. But, to outshine the mindfulness app market, you would have to put some extra efforts. 

Wondering what those extra efforts would be? What ways can you accelerate the pace of gaining the Calm-like meditation app development cost back? Let’s wrap up this article covering the same.

Tips and Practices to Opt for Successful Calm-like App Development

1. Search Option

Though the Calm app has efficiently categorized the content to deliver better search experience, a search option on the app screen can elevate the outcomes. So, look ahead to introduce a search filter option into your meditation and mindfulness app like Calm.

2. Use Technologies like AR/VR

AR/VR technology can take users to a virtual environment which can trigger their fears and anxieties in a better manner. And this way, speed up their process of relaxing and improving their mental health.

So, discussing the integration of such cutting-edge technologies while planning Calm-like app development process is also an effective way to raise the outcomes.

3. Start with an MVP

While building a Calm-clone application is a profitable business, it is again a good decision to start with a MVP first. The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) will help you to enter the market with less resources, time, and budget, and improve your application depending on the changing user behavior and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calm-like App Development

Q. Which app is better HeadSpace or Calm?

Since both the applications are popular in the market and offer certain value to the users, it is unwise to conclude one being better than the other without comparing. So, we advise you to go through this blog alongside that on Headspace to get an optimal answer.

Q. How to Make a Meditation App Like Calm?

When talking about developing a meditation app like Calm, the process is not as easier as it seems. You would have to focus on multiple things both from development and business front. So, we recommend you consult with top Wellness & Fitness app development company for getting a relevant answer.

Q. Is Calm meditation app free?

Some features of Calm app are free to use. But, to unlock more features and explore the world of mindfulness, you would have to pay a monthly/yearly subscription fee.

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