How Mobile Application Maintenance a Key to Your App’s Success?

Saurabh Singh May 24, 2023
mobile application maintenance

As we have already discussed in the last blog, 80% of the users leave the app within 90 days of the app installation. Surprised by the value? Well, it’s true and as per our experience, one of the prime reasons behind this is the improper maintenance of the app.

The competition in the app market is so tough that you can’t take a back seat just after the app launch. You have to remain focused on the market trends, recent technologies, and user feedbacks. You need to understand their expectations & issues and upkeep your app with the help of the best mobile application development agency.

Mobile Application Maintenance & Its Importance

Mobile Application Maintenance means improving the existing features and services and making them as per the user’s expectations. In the current situation, where the customers have a plethora of applications for every particular task or service, it is very necessary to have the users by your side. And app maintenance is undoubtedly a great way to ensure customer loyalty.

Besides maintaining customer loyalty, app maintenance has many other benefits. Here are some of them shared by our proficient mobile app developers:

App Maintenance & Its Importance

Larger User Audience

: When you listen to the customer’s complaints and suggestions and implement them, they feel valued. They continue to use your app as well as spread word of mouth to their near & dear ones. Ultimately, your catering audience grows and so the profits.

Higher Ranking in App Stores

: The Apple and Google appreciate the regular maintenance of the app. They take it as a sign of your commitment towards users and lift your app to a better ranking. This ultimately results in a higher ranking, higher downloads, and higher app revenue.

Longer Life of the Mobile App

: If your app is flawless along with updated features, it is expected to remain in the market for a longer period. On the flip side, if you have never maintained or updated your app, it will soon lose the traction and get abandoned.

Upgraded Security

: Since the users store their personal and financial information into the apps, the mobile applications are more prone to be attacked by the hackers. In such a scenario, keeping an eye on the app maintenance can help you to encounter with the security loopholes and take an action.

Better Productivity to Business

: With the implementation of new technologies into the existing app functionalities, you can attract more users. You can stay ahead of those who have never turned to their app since its launch. Also, you can remain in the minds of the users for longer with such tweaks. This way, you can bring better favors to your business with a well-maintained application.

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Criteria to Choose the Right Mobile Application Development Agency

Now as you know the gravity of mobile app maintenance, you must be ready to choose the top mobile app developers in nyc. No doubt, you can get the desired services from any development firm, but it is always better to seek maintenance services from the same developers who developed it. This is so because those app developers will need lesser time to understand your application, your expectations and make the changes. That means lesser time, efforts and cost will be associated with the maintenance procedure.

Anyway, if you still wish to reach the best mobile application development agency, look for the following factors besides their qualification, experience, and portfolio:

  • Average response time
  • Phone or Chat support
  • In-house maintenance or sub-contracted to a third party
  • Incident-based or time-based maintenance
  • Efficiency at keeping backups against loss of data

For better services, select a mobile application developer with short response time who provides time-based maintenance plans and have expertise at managing backups of critical data. Along with this, the developer must offer real-time phone or chat support since you cannot let your app go offline even for a few hours especially when a marketing campaign is working on sending massive traffic.


Understanding and considering the mobile Application maintenance is a crucial step in keeping the app on the top of the market and experience ongoing perks. If you think your app as a continuously evolving product, take no time to invest in app maintenance. Ask for a quote from the top mobile application development companies today itself!

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
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