A Guide to Impactful Mobile App Development Frameworks at year Ending
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A Guide to Impactful Mobile App Development Frameworks at year Ending

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Friday, December 23, 2016 07:29 AM |6 min read
Mobile App Development Frameworks

No other time could have been better than this, for mobile app development. No prior native development knowledge is required to develop a mobile app idea. HTML, Javascript and CSS are the skill sets needed for app development. One common question in the minds of the app developers is the right framework that has to be chosen and which among these provide the best of the frameworks.

Quite often, the app developer needs to transform an iOS application into an Android application. The app developers must be able to choose the correct frameworks which enables them to convert an application in one ecosystem into another. The task in hand that is the app development is not an easy task and the purpose of employing the framework is to make the life of the app developer easier and the experience much more flexible.

Following are some of the tools and frameworks that helps you in mobile app development:

Adobe PhoneGap

If an Android app development framework is developed by Apache or Adobe, it has to be something different than others. The PhoneGap framework enables people to see changes instantly. Moreover, it is a cross-platform application which allows app developers to develop in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. This is the reason for which, it is one of topmost  priorities for those developers who are interested in building hybrid apps.

The apps that are developed using Adobe PhoneGap ensures high quality performance and not only that, it allows mobile app developers to develop such apps, without any consideration of the hardware limits. The tool can be quite useful in building apps for Windows, Blackberry,  Max OS, Ubuntu, Firefox OS other than the usual Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, the developers can extend its functionality with a number of plug-ins that are associated with this framework.


Ionic is the most popular among the app development frameworks. Ionic is basically a front-end network, which helps to build native-like mobile apps with HTML, CSS3 and Javascripts. It works in an optimized manner on the latest mobile devices available and provides the best possible environment  for the app, to hit the market in the desired way. It never works as some sort of replacement for PhoneGap or even Javascript framework, but on the contrary the entire focus lies on the UI interactions and designs.  

Ionic market is an online place, where templates and projects developed by other developers can be downloaded. There is a quite useful command line utility with which the app developers can build, emulate and run their apps. The Ionic lab components makes it sure that you test your app in the most popular among the platforms, Android and iOS.

The framework has other advantages like working with powerful SDK, called Angular. It works well in combination with PhoneGap, Trigger.io and Cordova projects, along with accessibility of efficient core architechture, fitting simple to complex types of apps.

Ext JS

If the developers are willing to build a variety of apps from simple to complex, then Ext JS is one of the most flexible option among all other frameworks. It is based on HTML5 and Javascript. There are high performance UI widgets such as lists, toolbars and form menus which accompanies the framework. The components are based on key requirements for the apps. The framework lets the developers build apps for all three platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, with utmost ease.

JQuery Mobile

JQuery is a HTML5 framework and the greatest advantage lies in the fact that just one version of the code is developed and it runs across all devices. Irrespective of whatever is build, the website or the app, with this framework, that runs not only across all devices, but also runs in a variety of Operating System like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Firefox Mobile as well as Kindle, Nook and MeeGo. It is possible to download JQuery either as custom download or the latest stable version. JQuery can be an ideal choice when there is a need for rapid development of apps, with the plug-ins that come with the app.

The developers must choose among the best of the above framework for mobile app development.

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