Top 12 Programming Languages to Consider

Gurdeep Singh January 21, 2022
Top programming languages that will rule

As the web and mobile solutions are becoming an indispensable part of every business, the programming world is also growing at a faster rate than ever before.

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While on one hand, various new programming languages and technologies are getting into the limelight for making the different app development processes more efficient. Whereas, on the other hand, many existing web and app development technologies are disappearing from the graph.  

In a scenario like this, keeping yourself updated with what’s the most popular programming languages in USA is necessary for both the developers and businesses to build profitable solutions.

The other thing to keep in mind is the choice of selecting the best programming language for iOS App Development or Android Development.

Taking the same thought forward, here we have created a list of Top 12 Best Programming Languages for 2021. In this list, every new system-level programming language is included to keep you up-to-date with the emerging trends.

1. Java

When talking about the top programming languages to prefer in 2021, Java tops the programming languages list. The language was once the primary language for Android development. But with the advent of Kotlin, many apps have switched from Java to Kotlin for futuristic services. However, this has not made a major difference in its market popularity.

This one of the most popular programming languages is still considered by leading enterprise mobile application development companies and introduced into the software development plan both as a backend and frontend programming language due to its impressive features, like:-

      • Ease of use
      • Enhanced performance
      • Higher productivity
      • Improved polyglot programming, etc.

2. C

C, also called the backbone of the software world, also lands into the list of most popular programming languages to focus upon this year.

This one of the best programming languages became the winner of ‘Programming Language Hall of Fame 2019’ for giving deeper insights into how software actually functions on machines and thus, is used for building embedded systems and VR-based apps.


Besides, this one of most popular programming languages delivers high-end performance, reliability, and variety of context: making it the first choice of reputed brands including Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, and Paypal.

3. Python

Python, which received the recognition of ‘Programming Language Hall of Fame’ by TIOBE in 2018 is also one of the best languages to consider in 2021 and beyond.

This one of the most used programming languages is used for creating different kinds of applications including scalable web solutions due to its characteristics such as easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, and expeditiousness which made it the right tech stack for YouTube, Survey Monkey, and Pinterest.

Besides, this one of the best programming languages is also considered a prime choice for the sophisticated deep learning and ML app development processes.

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4. C++

C++ is a general purpose, object-oriented and hybrid app development language to watch out for in the year 2021.

This one of the most popular programming languages, often considered as a superset of C, is stable and comes loaded with ample ready-to-use libraries. But, what makes the language capable of enjoying wider community support and becoming a part of the technology stack of popular brands is its extensive library support and speed.

5. C#

C# is yet another multi-platform and most used coding language that is enjoying a huge momentum these days. 

The language, being one of the technology stack of top brands like Microsoft Intel and Hewlett Packard,  is often considered by both app developers, software engineers, web developers, and automation test experts because of features like:-

      • Strong typing
      • String interpolation
      • Auto property initializers
      • Exception filters, etc.JavaScript

6. JavaScript

JavaScript, which was holding the first position in the 10 most in-demand programming languages list last year, has experienced a decline in its ranking. But, it is still considered as one of the most used programming languages for both frontend and backend services in the mobile industry.

As per the Stack Overflow’s annual survey of 2019 , 67.8% of developers employ a highly efficient and flexible language like JavaScript to build interactive web pages, exhibit dynamic content and make the transition from web to mobile platform.


Besides, this one of the most used programming languages also provides developers with an exquisite collection of frameworks as shared in our JS framework guide which increases its popularity in the market and makes it the right fit for Linux, Mac OS X, SunOS, and Android.

7. PHP

Despite the competition from different server-side environments like Node.js and Python, PHP remains the star of the sector. And the credit of this popularity goes to the frameworks that make it one of the best and most useful programming languages for app development and the fact that 83% of websites on the Internet are based on this backend programming language.

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8. SQL

Though various database technologies exist in the IT industry, SQL (Standard Query Language) is still one of the top programming languages in demand. 

This one of the most useful programming languages founded by IBM Research center in 1974, is simple and reliable in nature and offers exclusive database management services to business developers.

9. Swift

Swift has not only become the most used coding language for iOS development, superseding Objective-C, but has also emerged as a trending programming language 2021 with a steep rise in its popularity as noted in the Google Trends graph below.


Introduced back in WWDC 2014, Swift, one of the top computer programming languages, is faster, easy to learn, secure, and has various other features that make it a best language for app development for iPhones, iPads, and macOS. Due to such features, it is considered as a highly efficient and flexible language.

10. Go

Also known as “Golang”, Go programming language has also made its entrance into the list of 2021’s top programming languages

The language, with its concise and easy-to-embrace syntax and faster compilation characteristics, has not just become the favorite of SoundCloud, Google, Netflix, and other such popular brands. But, it has also proven to be one of the best options to get higher salaries.


11. Scala

Scala is another popular programming language. This one of the most common programming languages was primarily designed to resolve the issues developers face with another language, Java. Scala is a general purpose programming language that supports both – object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It offers exceptional features such as lazy computation, string interpolation, type inference, great scalability, and many others. This one of the most popular programming languages is being widely used in the area of Web Development, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Several tech giants like Netflix, eBay and Twitter are using this one of the most common programming languages for their respective products and platforms. 

12. Kotlin

From the day Kotlin was introduced as an official Android app development language, it has enjoyed a skyrocketing rise in its popularity. It has not only registered itself as the first preference for building Android mobility solutions, but also got established as one of the most loved programming languages by mobile app developers, posing as a strong contender in the battle of Kotlin vs Java.


What’s more interesting is that the kotlin language has extended itself beyond mobile, in the form of Kotlin Multiplatform and is giving a tough competition to Flutter in the cross-platform market. A detailed information about which is covered in our Kotlin vs Flutter comparison blog.

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While these were the top 12 computer programming languages for 2021, there are various other trending programming languages that are gaining huge momentum in the mobile industry and are supposed to join the league. A few of which we will be covering in the next section.

Top 6 Emerging Programming Languages to Look for in the Future


MATLAB, the proprietary language of MathWorks, has also landed into the most popular coding languages list for 2021.

It is one of the best coding languages to learn in 2021 that delivers a myriad of options to developers, such as:-

      • ease to plot functions and data and implement algorithms, 
      • ability to create high-end GUIs, data-focused and scientific research apps.
      • Best language for app development
      • opportunity to work with codes written in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and Fortran, etc. 
      • Facility to enjoy higher coding efficiency and productivity, etc.

2. Rust

Introduced in 2010 by Mozilla and Graydon Hoare, this one of the best coding languages inspires developers to build efficient and reliable software. Rust is a decent alternative to C/C++ because it is fast yet safe and memory-efficient. It was also crowned the “most loved” technology in StackOverflow’s 2016 developer survey. This one of the most popular coding languages is used to develop operating systems, game engines, VR apps, and other systems where performance is critical. Unlike most programming languages out there, Rust has no intermediate layer like virtual machines.

3. R

R is also one of the most commonly used mobile app languages to introduce into your app development process. 

Developed in 1993 by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka, this one of the best coding languages is highly preferred for building healthcare, government and enterprise mobility solutions because of its built-in machine learning algorithms and data analytics functionalities.

4. Dart

Dart, the language behind Google’s cross-platform development framework Flutter, is also showing a huge momentum in the market. This is why it has landed in the most popular  coding languages list of 2021. 

This one of the most popular coding languages, since its inception in 2013, is providing ample benefits like clean and simple code syntax, higher productivity, support to JIT compilation and AOT compilation, ease of compilation to fast Native code, impeccable tooling support, and more. The language, just like Golang, has also fit into the category of programming languages with the ‘Scalable JavaScript’ tag.

5. Ruby

Ruby is also one of the top coding languages to consider in 2021. It is considered a user-friendly and open source programming language. Ruby has simple syntax and allows a developer to do more with less code. It is quite easy and fast to develop projects as there are a large number of open source code available within the community.

6. Bosque

Bosque, one of the emerging programming languages, is a creation of Microsoft. The language looks to enhance developers’ productivity, software quality and provide an array of new compilers and developer tooling experience. 

Bosque is inspired by the types and syntax of TypeScript, along with the semantics of ML and one of the best OOP-based programming languages ― JavaScript.

Now that we’ve covered the latest programming languages used in the industry, it’s quite possible that you’re confused with which one to pick for your app project.

Let us help you pick the right and most useful programming languages.

How to Choose the Right Programming Language for Apps in 2021?

The decision of which programming language is best in 2021 what is the most popular programming language for your app project depends on three factors, namely:-

1. App purpose

The main reason why you want to develop an app is helpful in picking the right language.

For example, if you want to create your presence on the web, PHP is the right programming language to go with as it holds the title of being one among the best programming languages for mobile apps 2019. If you need a programming language for database management, SQL is helpful.  But, if you want to add AI features to your app, the Python programming language is a good option.

2. Language characteristics

Are you developing a native mobile app or investing in Cross-platform app development? Are you looking for an open-source or licensed option? What type of technologies and features are you planning to introduce to your app development process? What level of security do you want to add to your mobility solution? These questions will help you to understand the technical requirements of your business app solution and thus, select the best programming language for app development.

For example, suppose you want to build an app based on the Machine Learning concept. If you are looking for a programming language with years of existence, Python is the right choice, for it is among the most useful programming languages. But, if you are ready to go with a newcomer based on the options it avails, TypeScript is apt for you.

Likewise, if you are planning to make your presence only in the Apple market, Swift is the preferred language for iOS development. But, when it comes to making an app for both iPhone and Android, going with JavaScript is a profitable deal, as it is deemed as a swift and versatile programming language by Github.

3. Local ecosystem

Last but not least, the decision of which top coding languages to prefer also depends on the skill set of your inhouse or hired developers. 

If you choose a programming language out of this most used programming languages list, you’ll experience a smooth app development experience. Your app project will face lower challenges and reach the market at the earliest.

But, on the flip side, the app development timeline might increase, hidden costs would more often be added to the overall app development cost and your app might fail to take the best advantages of the chosen language if they do not have a sound knowledge of the language you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best programming language in 2021?

Once we go through the article given above, we can easily conjecture that languages such as JavaScript, Python, Kotlin and others are rapidly becoming the most widely used and preferred programming languages around the world. It is their utilitarian features that have earned them this fame.

2. What is the hardest programming language?

Languages like COW, Whitespace, Chef, Intercal, etc are reckoned as the most difficult and strangest programming languages ever to exist. 

3.  What is the easiest programming language?

If you were wondering what are the easiest programming languages that you can hone to get started as a software developer, then let us tell you that JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Go are some of the languages that are loved by developers and are pretty easy to learn.

4. Should I learn Java or Python?

If you are a layman or a fresher, then Java is perfect to be your first programming language. It is so, because unlike Python, Java is said to be more explicit and strict, which is a good thing for you as a beginner. 

5. Is C++ faster than Python?

  C++ is much more fast and efficient than Python at runtime. However, Python is far more efficacious during the development process.

6.  Is Python more powerful than C++?

Yes. Python is a powerful programming language and the most used programming language as it provides the syntactical sugar that makes the code as simple and readable. 

7.  Is Java better than Python?

 Java and Python are both strong competitors and most used programming languages, so deciding which one is better is utterly situational and based on certain parameters like the purpose it is intended to be used for. Nevertheless, Java is more easy-to-use whereas, Python is famous for its fast speed.

Final Note

With the aforementioned factors and knowledge of the top 12 most used programming languages 2021, we hope that you will find it easier to make the right decision and build a successful approach to enter the mobile market. But, in case you encounter any challenge or still wondering what is the most popular programming language, feel free to consult a reputed mobile app development company USA. Working with a top-notch mobile application development company will speed up the app development process and offer you the best mobile app development services. 

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