Some Mind Blowing Features of Mobile E-Commerce Application
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Some Mind Blowing Features of Mobile E-Commerce Application

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Wednesday, October 12, 2016 06:35 AM |6 min read
E-Commerce Application

The increasing usage of smartphones by people worldwide needs for an e-commerce application, applicable for the smartphone environment. The ease of use and the quick access are some of the important aspects, for which the focus has been shifted to an online shopping. But, the higher level of competition means that it is tougher to attract and retain the customers. An app which is suitable for both the the storefront as well as embedded with features of a typical mobile application meets the user requirement, only when a smooth end-user experience is guaranteed.

While designing the mobile commerce project, one must be clear about the what is the intended purpose of developing the mobile application. The design must be based on the best practices of leveraging on the unique properties of the mobile technology. Only a perfectly designed mobile application will entice the customer as an alternative to an e-commerce websites. A mobile commerce application must be incorporated with some characteristic features, that will give the user a confidence in the purchase of the product. Following are some of the features of a successful mobile e-commerce application:

  • Simple and Uncluttered Navigation
  • Easy Buying Experience
  • Minimize Monetization
  • Security
  • Push Notifications is Mandatory
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Earning the Customer’s Trust

Simple and Uncluttered Navigation

There are a wide range of items on the mobile e-commerce stores. One of the most important feature of a mobile e-commerce application is simple navigation. The feature must enable the user to reach to their desired item, quickly and easily. The design of the app must not be too cluttered. Each and every product must be effectively displayed and minimum number of clicks must link you to the informative links. Customization will ensure that the navigational setup adapts to fit with the user.

Easy Buying Experience

All throughout the app, the purchasing of any product must be exhibited with just a click. All direct options must be displayed in such a manner that the new users locates them with ease. The purchasing process must not follow a convoluted path with a snagging effect, so that the customer loses the interest in the product.

There must be incentives in exchange of loyalty programs and reward points, for the already existing customers by building a specialized profile, with an account management system in place, thereby expediting any subsequent buying process.

Minimize Monetization

Advertisements must not be too blatant, to give a monetization approach to the user. They must be subtle in manner and an example that is cited is the other item liked by the same user of a product.


The financial and personal data must be secured in the mobile e-commerce application. The software or the Cloud infrastructure that is used by the app must conform to compliance and must be absolutely safe to use. A poor level of security for the mobile e-commerce application will have a lingering effect on the reputation of the brand.

Push Notifications is Mandatory

Reaching out to the end-users with the push notifications is a mandatory feature of the mobile e-commerce application. The push notifications are particularly useful for the newly launched products and the seasonal discounts or incentives available to the customers. The integrated push notifications with Analytics always helps the user with an increase in revenue.

Integrated with Google Analytics

The ultimate goal of any mobile e-commerce application is to earn a revenue for your business. Google Analytics reflects the behaviour pattern of the customer. It is easy to formulate the business strategy, only while analyzing the customer behaviour. Cost of conversion, click-through rates and session time are important factors that need to be followed in Google Analytics.

Earning the Customer’s Trust

The customer must not be bombarded with too much information by your mobile e-commerce application. What matters to the customer is accuracy of the information. Confidentiality of the data is a vital factor that builds up the customer trust.

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