Redefine Your Mobile App Retention Strategy With These Tips!

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Redefine Your Mobile App Retention Strategy With These Tips

If you look back a decade or before, the mobile app developers used to focus on attracting more customers and increasing their app downloads. For them, the increased app downloads is the app success. But, is it really so even today? Unfortunately, not. The app market is so much flooded with mobile apps at present that a user has a large number of options for every individual task. The users are no more restricted to download one and use it throughout; they can download several applications, try them one by one and ultimately, keep the one they find better. This leaves a drastic impact on the financial condition of mobile application development companies. Wondering how? Check the following data:

“According to a survey, 80% of the users leave an application within first 90 days of the installation. As we all know that it requires a 7x higher cost to attract a new customer than retaining an existing one, this value really affects the financial condition of the company. Again, it has been observed that an app development agency with higher user retention rate grows faster than the one that doesn’t. This implies that keeping your existing customers by your side is even more crucial than acquiring new users.”

Now, as you know the significance of user retention, you must be excited to know how can you improve the user retention rate of your mobile application. Well, here are some of the smartest ways to keep the app-bouncing customers hooked to your application:-

Tips to Improve User Retention Rate of Your Mobile App

1. Employ a Killer Onboarding Experience

App Onboarding is the first step of introducing your app to the customers. If your mobile app provides a smooth onboarding experience, it can touch the ‘heart & soul’ of the users and make them excited to keep exploring your app. But, on the other side, if your app demands a lengthy and uncomfortable sign-up procedure, the users will get frustrated and leave your app in the mid-way. So, from the ‘sign up’ itself, you should begin with user engagement and retention tactics.

“You would be amused to know that a frictionless onboarding can increase the app user retention rate by 50%.”

There are a wide array of mobile app onboarding practices which you can give users a perfect experience, but a few that we personally admire are:

  • Ask for Limited, Required Information only!
  • Allow Social Sign-ups!
  • Offer Short but Informative tutorials! (you can also give engaging video tutorials).
  • Provide only what Users want to See!

2. Engross via Push Notifications

Redefine Your Mobile App Retention Strategy

No matter how impressive your app idea is, you can’t expect the users to keep visiting your app without any effort from your side. When designing an app, keep in mind that a user comes across an enormous number of apps a day, it’s up to you how you remain in their mind. Among the various ways available, we prefer Push notifications.

A Push notification is an auto-generated message through which you can send a message or notify the users even when they have not opened your app. This kind of triggers reminds the customers about your app and prompt them to visit back.

“It has been found that users who opt-in to receive push notifications have about 25% higher chances to continue using the mobile application than those who don’t.”

Following are the points that our mobile app developers suggest to keep into consideration while using push notification:

  • Avoid sending endless push notifications!
  • Personalize your push notifications!
  • Restrain integrating vibration into your push notifications!

3. Serve Exquisite Customer Service

When you launch a mobile app, make sure the users get entertained in the best possible manner. Make them feel that they really matter, and their happiness is your prime goal. By doing so, you build a relationship of trust and loyalty which is really profitable for a business in the present hyper competitive market.

“According to a report, 49% of users leave the application after receiving the poor experience.”

The best methods adopted by the renowned app development agencies to deliver an exceptional experience to users are:

  • Always be Genuine and Polite!
  • Reply Instantly!
  • Review Feedbacks!
  • Offer Rewards!
  • Deliver helpful information!

4. Build a Community

There’s no deny to the fact that Social media act as a great tool to connect with the customers and take their reviews. But, it is always better to build a particular community where the users can talk about your product, their experience, issues & suggestions. According to a reputed app development agency, a strong user community can enhance the user retention rate. Through this online community, you can find out which customers are unhappy with your product, and how can you improve their experience before the relationship ruins.

“Only 4% of unhappy customers actually raise their issue; 91% just pack their bags and leave secretly.”

One of the best examples of companies preferring this user retention strategy is Starbucks. The Starbucks created an online community at ‘My Starbucks Idea’ for enhancing the ‘Starbucks Experience’. This way, they find it easier to understand their customers, better communicate with them and encourage them to become more passionate.

Here are a few effective ways to build a powerful community for your mobile app:

  • Write Blog posts and encourage users to like, comment and share.
  • Invite customers to contribute in your FAQ.
  • Create online forums for communication.

5. Update Your App

Last but not the least, app updations can help you to keep the users interested in your app. When you update your mobile app with features and personalized content that customers want, you increase the probability of engaging them. So, use analytics, study user behavior, review their feedback and revamp your application with updates that make it even more compelling and useful to the users.

Finishing Thoughts!

The competition in the mobile arena is rising day by day, making it much difficult for mobile app developers to keep their users by their side all the time. Hope that the information shared above will help you all to enhance user engagement and retention rate for your application, and thus empower you to enjoy higher benefits!

Saurabh Singh
CEO & Director
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