How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Edamama?

nitinsoni December 12, 2023
Edamama app development cost

Edamama has carved a niche for itself by providing a specialized, easy-to-navigate shopping platform for busy moms. It’s not just an app; it’s a community that offers personalized products and allows mothers to share experiences.

Naturally, the app’s success has sparked interest in developing similar platforms. You may be asking, “What’s the cost to develop the Edamama app?” The answer isn’t straightforward. The cost hinges on a multitude of factors, such as design complexity, feature set, and the geographical location of your development team.

In this blog, we aim to dissect each of these elements to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what financial commitment you might be looking at. Stay with us to explore the various facets of app development costs.

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Why Build an eCommerce App Like  Edamama

Edamama is an ecommerce platform that caters to busy moms by offering personalized shopping experiences. Investing in the development of an ecommerce app like Edamama could be a strategic move for businesses aiming to bolster their mobile presence and drive sales.

The Edamama app development cost can fluctuate based on the range of features and functionalities that you decide to include.

Depending on the region the app will be launched in, the features you want integrated and several other factors, the cost could fall within the range of $50,000 to $450,000.

This investment becomes increasingly justified when examining the promising trends in the ecommerce sector. According to the latest forecasts, the global ecommerce growth rate for 2023 is expected to be 8.9%, elevating global ecommerce sales to an impressive $5.8 trillion. This upward trend is projected to sustain, with total sales anticipated to hit $7.5 trillion by 2026.

Launching a mobile shopping app allows businesses to establish an additional marketing channel comparable in impact to social media profiles and online stores. Essential app features should include quick access to customer support, personalized product suggestions, and a robust review and rating system.

These elements not only enhance user engagement but also contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty. In turn, these factors collectively lead to increased revenue, fulfilling the ultimate aim of any ecommerce mobile app.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building an ecommerce App Like  Edamama

Here are the various elements that significantly influence Edamama app development cost. Understanding these factors can provide a clear picture of the overall cost to develop the Edamama app.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building an eCommerce App Like Edamama

Feature Complexity

One of the major aspects that influence the Edamama app development cost is the complexity of features you want to include in the app. Basic features like user profiles, shopping carts, and search functionality are usually easier and cheaper to implement. However, if you’re aiming for advanced capabilities such as AI-driven recommendations, chatbots, or real-time tracking, the complexity and, consequently, the cost will go up. For example, a simple search bar might cost relatively less to implement, but adding a voice search feature would involve additional technologies and, therefore, add to the cost.

Development Team Expertise

The experience and skill set of the development team significantly affect the cost to develop the Edamama app. An experienced team may charge higher hourly rates, but they often bring value in the form of expertise and efficiency, potentially reducing the time it takes to bring the app to market. In contrast, a less experienced team may offer lower rates but could take longer to complete the project or may not be able to implement complex features effectively.

User Interface Design

A good UI/UX design is crucial for the success of any ecommerce app. Designing an intuitive and attractive interface may require hiring specialized designers, which can increase the Edamama-like ecommerce app development cost. Case in point, adding animations or interactive elements to enhance user experience would require more design and development time, thus increasing the cost.

Platform Selection

Choosing the right platform for your app—be it Android, iOS, or both—also affects the cost to develop the Edamama app. Developing a native app for both platforms will essentially double the development effort and, in turn, the cost. Alternatively, using cross-platform development tools could be a cost-effective way to launch on both platforms, but this could have limitations in terms of performance and native features.

Location of Development Team

The geographical location of your development team has a significant impact on Edamama app development costs. Rates can vary dramatically depending on whether you are hiring developers from North America, Western Europe, or other regions like South Asia. For example, developers in the United States may charge $100-$150 per hour, while developers in India may charge $20-$40 per hour.

Data Security Measures

In an age where data breaches are all too common, investing in robust security features is non-negotiable for any serious ecommerce app. Implementing high-end encryption, secure data storage, and other advanced security features can increase the Edamama-like ecommerce app development cost. For instance, adding biometric authentication as a login option can not only enhance security but also add to the development budget.

Post-launch Support

Finally, the cost of maintaining and updating the app post-launch also contributes to the overall Edamama-like ecommerce app development cost. Regular bug fixes, feature updates, and customer support services are ongoing costs that need to be accounted for. A case in point would be seasonal updates. Say you want to introduce special holiday offers or features; these would require temporary but essential updates to the app, impacting the long-term costs.

By evaluating all these influencing factors, you can get a comprehensive understanding of Edamama like ecommerce app development cost. Planning ahead with these elements in mind can help you manage your budget effectively.

Must-Have Features for an eCommerce App Like Edamama

Here are the essential features you should consider when looking to build an app like Edamama. Including these must-haves can impact your overall Edamama app development cost. These features are critical not just for functionality but also for enhancing user engagement and retention.

Essential Features for an eCommerce App Like Edamama

User-Friendly Onboarding Tutorial

The first interaction users have with an app sets the tone for their overall experience. The Edamama app development feature of a smooth onboarding tutorial is crucial to achieving this. This tutorial should guide new users through the functionalities of the app step-by-step, ensuring they understand how to navigate and use the app effectively. Interactive elements like swipe gestures, animated indicators, and tooltips can enhance user comprehension.

Comprehensive Product Catalog for Kids and Parents

One of the unique aspects that sets Edamama apart is its focused product line. When you aim to build an app like Edamama, a comprehensive product catalog becomes non-negotiable. This means having an extensive variety of products that are specifically curated for both kids and parents. For instance, a well-organized interface that sorts items based on age group, product type, and themes could prove highly useful. Filters and search options should be easy to use, and products should be displayed with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

Educational Content Library

An important feature to integrate is an educational content library. Edamama is not just an ecommerce platform; it’s an educational resource as well. Content like how-to articles, DIY crafts, and parenting tips add value to the user experience. Video content and interactive quizzes could also enhance engagement. This dual functionality makes the app a one-stop solution for parents.

Personalized Recommendations for Products and Content

Personalization is the key to retaining user interest and boosting sales. To create an app like Edamama, advanced algorithms can analyze user behavior, previous purchases, and browsing history to generate product and content recommendations that are genuinely useful for the individual user. Offering personalized recommendations gives a sense of understanding and attention to detail, which can significantly improve user satisfaction and loyalty.

Quick and Secure Checkout Process

Security and speed are paramount in any ecommerce application. If you’re planning to build an app like Edamama, integrating a quick yet secure checkout process is an essential Edamama app development feature. Users should be able to easily add products to their cart and proceed to payment without any glitches or complications. Employing advanced encryption methods for securing user data and transactions can build trust and contribute to a better user experience.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Transparency is critical in today’s fast-paced online shopping environment. Adding a feature that allows real-time tracking of orders can enhance user engagement. Users should be able to monitor their orders from the moment they are placed until they arrive at their doorstep. Notifications at different stages of the delivery process can also be implemented to keep the user informed.

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Family Account Management

One of the standout features that can make your app unique is family account management. Unlike single-user accounts, a family account enables multiple users to manage a single account, where they can add or remove products, update the shopping list, or even share wishlists. This is particularly useful for parents who need to synchronize their purchases and wish lists for their children.

In-App Pediatric Consultations

Since the app aims to serve both parents and children, why not offer more than just retail services? Consider adding a feature for in-app pediatric consultations. Such an innovative feature can provide real value to parents and set your app apart from others. Parents can schedule appointments with pediatricians, engage in video consultations, and even get prescriptions, all without leaving the app.

Multi-payment options, including Family Wallet

One feature that should not be overlooked is offering multiple payment options, including a unique Family Wallet function. When you aim to make an app like Edamama, convenience is key. A Family Wallet allows multiple family members to contribute to a single account, making it easier to manage household purchases. Additionally, the app should support various payment methods like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and direct bank transfers to cater to a wide audience.These features help in simplifying the checkout process for the user.

In-app notifications for Sales, New Arrivals, and Health Tips

Staying engaged with your users is crucial for retention. The Edamama app development feature of in-app notifications can be highly effective in this regard. Timely alerts about sales, new product arrivals, and health tips can keep users interested and encourage them to open the app more frequently. The content for these notifications must be carefully crafted to ensure they are neither too frequent nor irrelevant.

Voice Search Functionality for Easy Navigation

As technology evolves, user habits change. Implementing voice search functionality can drastically improve the user experience. It’s especially beneficial for busy parents who might find it easier to speak a command rather than type it out. When looking to make an app like Edamama, voice search functionality should be high on your list of features to include. It’s not just a fancy add-on but a functional tool that enhances navigation.

Social Sharing for Product Reviews and Recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools, even in the digital age. Providing users the option to share product reviews and recommendations on social media platforms can amplify your app’s reach and credibility. When users share their positive experiences, it serves as a form of endorsement, enticing others to try out your app.

Customer Support with Chatbot Assistance

In the competitive arena of ecommerce apps, customer support can be a make-or-break feature. A well-designed customer support system equipped with chatbot assistance can significantly impact user satisfaction and retention. Chatbots are programmed to handle a range of queries, from order status to product information, providing immediate answers to users. If your plan is to make an app like Edamama, incorporating a chatbot into your customer support can streamline operations and offer quicker resolutions to customer queries.

Scheduled Deliveries for Repeat Orders

One feature that can set your app similar to Edamama is the option for scheduled deliveries for repeat orders. Imagine a scenario where parents need to buy the same set of baby essentials every month. Offering a scheduling feature for such repeat orders can add immense convenience, enhancing the user experience. By simplifying the ordering process for repeat purchases, you add an extra layer of user-friendliness to your app.

Investing in these key features will significantly influence your ability to create an app like Edamama that resonates with users. Make sure to consider these elements when planning your budget and development strategy.

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The Process of Developing an App Like Edamama

Here is the comprehensive breakdown of the steps involved in the Edamama app development process. If you’re looking to create an app like Edamama, this guide will walk you through each crucial phase, from initial planning to final deployment. Understanding these steps can equip you with the knowledge to build a robust and user-friendly app.

Market Research and User Persona Creation

The initial phase of any app development involves comprehensive market research. When delving into the edamama app development process, understanding your target audience is crucial. In the case of Edamama, the primary users are parents and caregivers.

Conducting surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews can help pinpoint their specific needs and preferences. Creating detailed user personas based on this data ensures that the app is designed with the end-user in mind.

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Feature Specification and Planning

Once you have a solid grasp of the target audience, the next essential step is feature specification and planning. At this point, it’s important to itemize the features that will cater to your core users. For example, functionalities such as quick re-ordering, parenting tips, and voice-activated search can significantly enhance user experience.

These features are not just pivotal for user engagement but also directly impact the Edamama app development cost. Deciding on the right features is a balancing act between what users want and what you can afford to build. This phase often involves consulting with technical teams to understand the time and resources required for implementation, which in turn helps in determining the budget and timeline for the project.

Prototype and Design

The prototyping and design stage is crucial for visualizing how the app will function. Creating a mockup helps stakeholders understand the app’s flow and design elements before actual development starts.

When considering the Edamama app development process, it’s vital to incorporate the design elements that resonate with Edamama’s primary user base—parents and caregivers. Features like a kid-friendly user interface and easy-to-read fonts are essential. This stage can also include A/B testing of different designs to evaluate which is more effective in keeping users engaged.

Development and Testing

The next major step involves the actual building of the app. Using scalable technologies is essential for accommodating growing user numbers, especially for an app targeting a large market like Edamama. This development phase is where the lion’s share of the cost to develop the Edamama app will be allocated.

Developers must adhere to best coding practices to ensure the app is robust and secure. Post-development, rigorous testing is crucial. Tests need to cover various aspects like load, performance, security, and user experience. A particular focus should be on implementing parent-friendly payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions.

By following these essential steps, you can develop an app similar to Edamama that not only meets market needs but also stands out from the competition. The key is to plan meticulously and execute flawlessly.

How Appinventiv Helped  Edamama Redefine the Online Shopping Experiences

Edamama online shopping experiences

At Appinventiv, we are extremely proud of our partnership with Edamama, an innovative ecommerce platform designed to simplify the lives of busy mothers. When Bela Gupta D’Souza, the founder of Edamama, partnered with us, we set out to bring her vision to life with a comprehensive ecommerce solution that was timely and within budget.

We assembled a specialized in-house team consisting of Researchers, Business Analysts, Designers, Quality Analysts, and App Developers to make this happen.

One of our main challenges was to build an advanced product management system that could automatically generate SKUs. Furthermore, we needed to create a unique flash sale management system programmed to start and end at predetermined dates and times.

Our team tackled these challenges head-on and developed a dynamic attribute management system, setting the stage for Edamama’s product engine to scale effortlessly.

Our involvement didn’t stop at development. We conducted extensive gap analysis research to ensure that we fully understood the market needs and how to bridge them effectively. We then created flow UML diagrams and data flow diagrams (DFD) for each unique feature, which were put through rigorous unit testing before final deployment.

We maintained complete transparency when it came to the cost to develop the Edamama app, allowing for meticulous budget planning. Our collaboration has yielded impressive results: Edamama successfully raised $5 million in funding, delivered over 20K+ SKUs, and has served more than 100K expectant and new mothers to date.

Our commitment to excellence and close collaboration with Edamama ensured that we not only met but exceeded the initial project requirements, leading to a highly successful and ongoing partnership. This successful venture perfectly encapsulates the quality and dedication we bring to the edamame app development process, setting a new industry standard for ecommerce apps designed for parents.

View our case study how we developed Edamama

Create the Next ecommerce Sensation: Choose Appinventiv for Edamama-like Success

When it comes to achieving unparalleled success in the ecommerce space, Appinventiv is the partner you can trust. We worked hand-in-hand with Edamama, bringing their vision to life while adhering to budget and timelines.

Our comprehensive and agile approach ensures not only the timely delivery but also the quality that sets new industry standards. Transparency is our forte, especially when it comes to discussing the Edamama app development cost.

Are you aspiring to launch an ecommerce platform that will revolutionize the market? By choosing Appinventiv, the cutting edge ecommerce app development company, you get the expertise and innovation that led to Edamama’s phenomenal success.

We provide a clear and concise breakdown of the Edamama-like ecommerce app development cost, ensuring you know exactly what you’re investing in. Partner with Appinventiv to build your next ecommerce sensation and make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


Q. How much does the Edamama app cost?

A. The Edamama app development cost can vary greatly depending on the features you want to include, the technology stack used, and the complexity of the design. Generally, it could range from $50,000 to $450,000 or even more. For a detailed cost breakdown, it’s best to consult directly with our team at Appinventiv.

Q. How long does it take to develop an app like Edamama?

A. The timeline for developing an app like Edamama can also differ based on various factors, including the scope of the project, the number of features, and revisions required. On average, it might take 4 to 8 months from concept to launch for a fully functional app. More complex apps with extensive features could take up to a year or more.

Q. Are there any recurring costs involved in maintaining an Edamama-like app?

A. Yes, maintaining an Edamama-like app involves recurring costs such as server hosting, database upkeep, and app updates. Additional expenses can include customer support and third-party services. These costs are essential for long-term app sustainability and should be factored into the overall budget.

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