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Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile learning applications are the need of the hour. Whether you are a business looking to impart training and induction courses or an educator wishing to deliver courses and appraise learner performance real-time, mobile applications can do the job efficiently.

Appinventiv has a vast experience in delivering innovative mlearning apps using the latest learning techniques-gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities. We can create tailored apps for your unique L&D needs. Our apps will maximize the output from your training programs and education courses. Teaching complex concepts in interesting manners, reinforcing learners by cool tricks, and encouraging them to apply the learnt concepts has never been easier. No wonder, mLearning apps have become one of the most popular categories of applications to be downloaded from play stores.

We not only ideate, develop and launch your app in play stores, we also provide comprehensive round-the-clock app support and maintenance services to facilitate new advancements and features. Appinventiv’s apps will keep your eLearning solutions mobile, relevant, competitive and profitable - now and in future.

Flexible Learning Made Possible by Smart Teaching

Flexibility of Usage
Flexibility of Usage

Learners can view content on devices of their choice. Self-paced learning and assessment are great for learners in classroom as well as training scenarios. The top benefit of mLearning apps is they can be run offline once the course is downloaded. Hence, home learning or on-the-job training becomes extremely easy using such solutions.

Mass Notification
Mass Notification

Mass notification of critical information and news or updates can be posted in seconds using a mLearning application. Integration of the app with social media further widens the reach of these apps. Also, timely push notifications and alerts regarding the course or resources can be done efficiently.

Higher Completion Rate
Higher Completion Rate

mLearning apps have proven to give higher completion rates tan eLearning courses. Since learners can access the course in downtime using their handheld device, they can complete the course more efficiently.

Latest Teaching Methodology
Latest Teaching Methodology

From developing easy to consume learning nuggets to interactive job aids, mLearning applications has varied uses. The best thing is that a scalable, well-designed app can easily be upgraded with newer teaching methodologies so that learners can derive maximum benefit out of them

Engaging & Interactive
Engaging & Interactive

Imparting courses, assessments, practice sessions, ready reckoners, FAQs can be made interactive and engaging for users.

Adaptive to Training Needs
Adaptive to Training Needs

mLearning apps can be combined with formal training to better convey concepts. It can be used for drilling into a concept or teaching various applications of it. In combination with blended learning (online and classroom) mLearning apps can be a powerful training and assessment tool.

Millennial magnet
Millennial magnet

Younger learners are avid smartphone users. They are carrying out all day-to-day functions using apps. For this reason, mLearning apps can become very popular and a ROI generator in a short time.

Performance Support Tools
Performance Support Tools

These user-friendly visually appealing apps can drive complicated concept in a fun, interesting manner. Keep reinforcing learners with cool methods, and keep instructors up to date with learners’ progress. Apps can be used as performance support tools such as quick reference guides, SOPs, ready reckoners, FAQs that can be used by learners in any environment.

Real-Time Connection
Real-Time Connection

Through database integration and cloud services, instructors, learners, staff and community can be connected 24/7. Each learner’s performance details and course content can be maintained online. It can work as an online pool of resources that can be accessed by learners according to the real-time availability and need.


Investment in a mLearning app is a wise decision. The one time development and maintenance expense can give long term returns as more and more subscribers pay to download your cool mLearning app. You can also generate revenue by entering into partnerships with digital content suppliers, publishers and other service providers to provide even more services to your users.

An App For Every Training Need
Appinventiv has an innovative app for all your L&D requirements
mLearning apps for Businesses
  • Our apps will do effective implementation of micro learning
  • They will give offline performance support to trainees
  • They will maximize your training efforts
  • They will facilitate training and induction of workforce in different corners of the world
  • Result-oriented training with measurable objectives will be provided in manageable modules
  • Simulation and game-based learning will keep training fun and lively
A Glimpse of Our Path-Breaking mLearning Apps
Appinventiv has crafted innovative mLearning apps that have featured in the hip and happening section of play stores. We continue to amaze the world with our proficiency in game-based and interactive apps. Boasting of sleek design and to-notch experience, our solutions appeal to trainers and trainees the world over.
Hiring Appinventiv Can Be the Competitive Edge Your Learning Solutions Need
We Craft Magic - Well, Almost!
Our app development process keeps you, our client and your learners at the forefront. At each stage, we come back to you soliciting your feedback. If you’re satisfied, we’re contented. We collaborate with you to give your app the best possible experience and interface a impossible. And we do all this within budgets and timelines. No wonder, our clients keep coming back to us as their needs evolve.
mLearning Process
01. Plan the masterpiece

We write a mobile learning vision statement

02. Gather your requirements

We understand all stakeholder's needs (yes, ALL)

03. Agree on scope

When everyone’s on the same page, we define project scope budget and timelines

04. Identify required content

we source, curate eLearning content and templates

05. Design & Development

We decide the best platform and tools required for your app development

06. Model Preparation

We make a minimum viable product (MVP) with all essential features for your feedback and testing

07. Testing for perfection

Then, we test your app to catch bugs. We rectify them till your app is running flawlessly. We test on real users to study their interaction with our interface

08. Rewind if necessary

Mush as eLearning solutions are edevloped, our development is done in interations, if an iteration works perfectly, the next one is started.

09. Launch the masterpiece

We package your app in an appealing wrapper and launch it in app stores

10. Analyze app's performance

We growth hack your app to keep it competitive and profitable for future

You Decide How You Want to Hire Us

We understand all clients’ needs from their solution providers are different. Some might want consultation about their app ideas; some are looking for entire development solutions; some want a basic skeletal system that their technical team can flesh out; others are looking for upgradation of their existing apps. What are your needs? Talk to us about them; we’ll devise a cost-effective satisfactory solution for you and even a FREE quote for providing our services. No matter what your chosen model is, you’ll be updated and reported of daily progress and have a good say in hiring of dedicated resources for your project.
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