IoT & Bots Development: Popular Trend in Modern Technology

Sudeep Srivastava September 15, 2022
Internet of Things Integrated into Mobile Apps

Nowadays, news channels, businesses, banks and several other sectors are all thriving due to the emergence of mobile apps because of being a wonderful opportunity for businesses for reaching to customers. In other words, it gives an easy way to showcase your products or services wherever they are, they can use an app as a one-stop point in order to get all the information they need. It also enhance engagement. This is because you can engage your esteemed customers with lucrative offers in real time. There are many more advantages of using an app. Thus, mobile apps is as important as the website. It is believed that by the year 2017, the total number of mobile apps downloaded will reach to a whopping number of 253.91 billion globally. Thus, according to these statistics, it can be said that mobile apps have become an indispensable part of the lives of all those who are using smartphones.

Internet of Things Integrated into Mobile Apps

Mobile app has a very important role in the growth of Internet of things and its implementation include two basic roles such as a gateway and an endpoint and mobile app can be effectively used to receive the data from endpoints. In most cases, people are using apps as endpoints so as to play games, locate hotels, streamline music or to have interaction with friends on social media. Examples of Internet of things extend from smart connected homes to healthcare and wearables. There is no exaggeration in saying that IoT is slowly and steadily becoming a part of every aspect of our lives. It is not only making lives more comfortable, but also giving a lot of control by simplifying daily routine work.

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In this regard, just consider the example of a smart home where devices such as microwave, air conditioner and also a refrigerator can be controlled with the help of a mobile app. In addition, you can also consider an example where a user can set or control the temperature of the refrigerator or a microwave oven through an app. It can be said that innovative collaboration of mobile apps as well as IoT will give some amazing solutions to users.

Integration of Bot into Mobile App

It is considered as software application, running automated tasks over the Internet. Users have the chance of interacting with bots by sending commands, inline requests as well as messages. Being a very important part of instant messaging mobile app, it can provide useful results to the users. There are several advantages of bots in which the first one is that it can play games with users and are helpful in sending weather forecasts, translations as well as user alerts. Furthermore, Bots are helping major brands for smooth communications with customers in an effective way. The benefits are not limited to these only in fact, the bots can help you in ordering food, hiring a cab, buying movie tickets, paying bills and last but not the least, in booking doctor’s appointment.

Wrapping Up

Both Internet of Things and Bots are amazing technologies that provide businesses a powerful medium to engage customers and thus, the future of mobile apps will be driven by both these technologies.

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Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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