Role of Corporate Learning Mobile Apps in Business

Sudeep Srivastava July 26, 2022
Mobile learning app for enterprise

2018 ended with the size of the corporate Learning mobile apps market at $165 Billion, a number that is anticipated to grow to $240 Billion by the time we hit 2023.

With the constant demand for transformation and innovativeness, a ripple demand has fallen on the need for constant learning that promises a skilled team that is updated with everything happening and entering the industry and is ready to make the most of it while making the whole business all the more efficient.

This demand has single-handedly increased the market size of the corporate education solutions – something that would draw the corporate learning market to grow further in 2019-2020.

Global Corporate E-learning Market Size

The graph here is a sign of how while mobile apps have already established a prominent part in the education industry revolving students, the trend is on a high even in the case of corporate learners.

Before we move on any further, it would help knowing what learners feel about digital learning in the corporate world.

*The insights into the corporate learners that we are about to share here will also allow you to devise your corporate learning and development mobile apps accordingly in 2019-2020, in a way that your learners get the maximum output.

Without further ado, let us get to what corporate learners have to say about mobile based corporate training solutions for businesses. This will give you an idea of the extent of the importance of mobile learning in businesses 

How is the Corporate World Responding to eLearning – The Learner Side of Corporate eLearning Market

A. Career progression is the Driving Force of eLearning Apps for Corporates

78% of employees feel that they are most likely to enroll in a course when they believe that it would have an impact on bettering their job or would help in reaching their future role.
The other big motivator besides this in using the eLearning mobile apps that offer recognition is the attraction of getting recognized by a prestigious corporation or university.

B. They are Pro-AI but with Concerns

While around 60% of learners said that they are more than willing to use AI for identifying skills and recommendations of courses that would help fill any gap in their present skill set, they were worried about how their manager would react.
They were tensed about the fact that either their managers would feel that they are looking for a job change or might think that they are not capable of handling a task according to the selection of course.

C. Learners Wish to Have a Portable Record of Education Achievements

Around 73% of corporate learners said that they would prefer corporate learning apps more if it allows them to take the record of what they have learned and achieved in the course to the next job. In short, they would appreciate it if they had complete personal access to their records.

D. An Ease of Access is what the Learners Want

Around 78% of learners felt that they would appreciate it if all the learning was there in one place along with the presence of well-synced learning recommendations.

The convenience to access the course from all devices and on an offline mode along with quick load time are some of the things that the learners felt a necessity to define the importance of mobile learning in education.

E. The Mode of Learning Was Not Restricted to Reading

All the learners were divided into several media of inculcating corporate learning and development. Modes ranging from – Reading, Online Courses, Webcasts, Audio, and Video.

They believed that when given options to meet the different style of learning, varying learning goals, and the difference in circumstances, they witnessed an increase in engagement and value.

F. 25 – 40 Minutes of Session was Best for Effective Learning

Around 50% of the corporate learners said that around 25 – 40 minutes of a session in the education app was the most efficient for them, followed by sessions ranging from 1 to 2 hours of learning and those lying in the 5 – 10 minutes duration range.

*Source of statistics: 

Now that we have looked at how the corporate learner world is reacting to the idea of Corporate eLearning solutions, it is time to look at the benefits that have helped shape the high growth and engaging online corporate training market.

But before we do that, it would be apt to look at how far the mobile learning apps for business have come in the corporate world. So, let’s take a quick detour and look into the journey the digital corporate eLearning platforms have taken.

Evolution of Corporate L&D

See how the corporate mobile learning solutions continued to grow and are even more persistently prepared to expand in the many corporates around the world?

Weel. The place that these mobile learning apps for corporates are able to create for themselves is the doing of the impacts of the learning apps on corporate, something we are going to look into next.  

The Benefits of Corporate eLearning Solutions for Your Business

1. A Competitive Advantage

With the business world as our witness, if there is one thing that stands between an averagely performing company and a true industry disruptor, it is the time that the disruptors put in learning and adapting to new technologies.

In fact, brands like Uber, Bloom Energy, Amazon, and the likes directly link their speed of innovation and intensity of growth to constant training and learning.

In such a scenario, a Learning Management System Software that is designed to keep your employees updated with the technologies that are not just mainstream now but have the potential to be major holds the ability to put you points ahead of your competitor.

2. Easy Accessibility of Resources 

Today’s businesses are coming out of the geographical boundaries shell, culture conventions, and time limitations. To work alongside them, learning apps would have to deliver training in a small time span. Depending on the job role and geographical location, it can be very difficult for businesses to deliver learning in a face to face mode. This is where the accessibility offered by mobile applications can come in handy. 

An example of this can be seen in the ATLNext app developed by India’s leading construction organization, L&T. it enables its employees across the nation to learn anytime.

3. Bridging the Skills Gap

The present era belongs to transformation. The skills that you require now to succeed in the market are a hundred times more complex than what they used to be when the industry was in an infancy stage.

By incorporating well devised mobile learning apps for corporations in your day-to-day work activities, you will be able to not just be updated with how the industry is moving but also know where you are lacking in the world-wide scale and take measures to fill the gap while there’s time.

4. Cost Reduction

Consider the cost of traditional training practices for a minute. Note the cost of accommodation, food, venue, per hour trainer cost, operational costs of materials like projectors, notepad, pen, etc. These costs can be brought down drastically if you employ a mobile app in the process. The cost of education application development will always be a one-time expense.

5. To Attract and Retain a New Age Workforce

As the well researched education app development services would tell you, it is estimated that by the time we reach 2025, millennials would have made up 75% of the world’ workforce.

And this new age workforce is on a constant thrive to learning and growing to a newer self. Sophisticated learning programs developed in modes that entice them can be your only way to keep them hooked with your company for they will not just be interested in the money but in an expansive career path and the diverse experience that it offers.

6. To Unite the Global Workforce

One of the biggest challenges that every business which operates on a global platform faces is passing off learning in a unified manner across the whole wide business comprising multiple offices distributed across various countries.

For a business that is not confined to any one geographical location, it becomes of prime importance that all the millions of employees are brought on the same page and given the exact same training and LMS modules. Brands that make use of regional language courses specific to individual regions are able to achieve an across company growth with much ease.   

With this, we have seen the benefits that come associated with every business learning app for Corporate there is but it is important to note here that all the information that you read above would be incomplete until you are able to design a learning solution that is prepared to offer all those benefits and be a part of the constantly growing education industry. Until you design the education app right, you will not be able to offer the right set of experience – something that your mobility partner who excels in corporate education application development services should tell you.

On that note, let us now look at the features that are commonly present in every Corporate education solution and elearning apps for corporate employees before we head on to studying the trends that would define the digital corporate eLearning industry this year and beyond.

The features that every enterprise application development company vouch for in corporate learning app design

Must - Have Features of a MLearning Solution For Corporate

With the features of corporate eLearning mobile app design now attended to, the time has come to look beyond.

Popular eLearning trends of 2018

BYOD is the news

BYOD or Bring your own device is one of the major mobile Learning trends that turned up in 2018. It was projected in a report by Sailpoint that 2018 will see approximately 70% of working professionals will prefer working upon their own electronic devices (mobiles and PCs), at homes as well as at workplaces.

This is so because people today are used to working with the comfort of their own devices. Being habitual of the convenience of smartphones which allow us to access any knowledge resource anytime anywhere, BYOD becomes an obvious next step. And with the majority workforce being tech-savvy, BYOD is one of the most appropriate strategies to be adopted in any workplace.

The hiking popularity of Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics is the way to deciphering learning patterns of different individuals at a workplace. And as more and more organisations are identifying themselves as L&D (Learning and development organisations), “the adoption of having personalized learning models developed for all the employees at a workplace” as an idea is catching fire.

In short, more organisations are addressing the importance of having personalized learning models.

Keeping it small to keep it effective

The average attention span of the present time’s learner is passably low. Therefore, in order to keep up with that, things need to be kept curious enough for people to respond to them. In fact, people tend to lose interest in anything that they know is a long winding course.

Thus, the best retention strategy for people is to keep the content portion small. It is better to keep the content focused on a single topic than to diverse out the things to learn in terms of topics.

In order to achieve the best results, this kind of micro-learning modules can be easily delivered through personal mobile devices of people and are highly effective.

Mobile phones for performance support

Now that we have already learned that corporate education mobile app development is directly related to enhanced performance, it is time that we learn how can eLearning help in providing performance support to our teammates.

In other words, the support that they need to perform their jobs perfectly anytime they need and anywhere they need it. For instance, personal sales meetings can be tricky while demonstrating a tech product, an app or a functional software. And, in many cases, the sales personnel on field end up requiring the support of the backend development team for a smooth presentation. And, education tools can be of great help in such scenarios.
Access to all the required information from the ease of a mobile device can work wonders for all the teammates in enhancing their overall performance at work.

With the rising number of mobile learning app development practices, it is safe to conclude that eLearning has become a dependable technology. In fact, The above-mentioned work trends have worked well with all kinds of business structures in this year and since technology is forever bettering itself, trend forecasts can be made for the coming year as well. Let us take a look at what 2019 and 2020 has in store for eLearning.

eLearning trends to be seen in 2019 to 2020

Mobile Coaching

As cool as Mobile Coaching sounds, it is, in fact, a great source of having a subject matter expert right in your pocket. So for instance, before an important sales pitch or business meeting, your teammates can easily log in to the “mobile coaching” application and have a real expert prep them for the meeting in real-time. Mobile coaching, with the benefits that it offers, single handedly makes Mobile apps a growing trend in the Education industry.. And this is not just an online portal but it also works as an offline video directory for people to browse through the videos to watch anytime.

Having Education apps in enterprises opens the possibility of learning on the go, especially in case of critical meetings and deals.

Micro-assessments on mobiles

Training and learning never end even when your teammates complete their courses. As an aid to knowledge retention, mobile micro-assessment tools will be a big high of 2019-2020. As for mobile micro assessments, the mobile apps for corporate training would enable trainers to create short questionnaires and have them scheduled to be sent at fixed intervals to the teammates after the completion of their training.

These assessments can even be taken via text messages or chat applications and services.
In fact, It will not be wrong to say that training and learning, either in Workplaces or in learning institutes, Mobile learning technology will revolutionise Education as we know it.

Augmented Reality will become a part of the process

Development of m-learning tools is on an all-time high now and for the future. Mobile learning apps are now moving towards AR and VR. With AR performance support tools, all the teammates have to do is hold their smartphones up to anything they require information about and they can get real-time information about the object to guide them.

No matter how rigorous training is given to the employees, the real knowledge retention takes place with hands-on-experience of the job. And there is no better way of embedding experience with learning except through augmented reality.

Today we have access to Some of the best mobile learning learning platforms, right through our app stores, like Coursera, Duolingo, Linkedin Learning and the list goes on.  elearning and education app developers are seeing a high demand of such apps among the over 2 billion smartphone users of the world. If truth be told, Mobile app development companies around the world have dedicated teams for mLearning apps.

The time is not far away when eLearning will be seen as the only way of learning in many diverse scenarios of life. In fact, mobile learning apps for enterprises and other educational bodies are being adopted rapidly. Future of mobile learning is not a dream anymore, rather it is already a practical, practicable technology which is seeping very rapidly into our training courses. And with this ever-improving technology, the scope of m-learning app development is also taking a leap.

Now that we have seen it all – the corporate eLearning market, how far it has come, the benefits that it offers to the many corporate learners around the world, the must-have features, the trends which will soon go mainstream in the corporate eLearning market – the only thing now left to do is to get a corporate eLearning solution devised and enter an era where your business emerges as the industry disruptor.

Not sure how to achieve this? Let us help you. Contact our team of education App Development experts, today!

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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