Uber Air: The On-Demand Helicopter Service Will Soon Hit the Market
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Uber Air: The On-Demand Helicopter Service Will Soon Hit the Market

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:54 AM |1 min read
Uber Air The On-Demand Helicopter Service Will Soon Hit the Market
  1. UberAir will be cheaper than Uber-copters.
  2. A distance of 19km will be covered within 10 minutes.
  3. It will be tested in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

Uber, the brand that changed the history of On-demand economy, has recently taken a great step in the field of a flying taxi. The company, in its annual Elevate Conference, unveiled the reference design for the electric flying taxi service, called Uber Air.

The Uber Air Taxi service, as per an Uber spokesman Eric Allison, will be four-sitter and make it possible to complete a journey of 19 km from CBD to Melbourne Airport within 10 minutes – something that takes somewhere around 25 minutes to one hour via cars. This will not solely increase the speed of travel, but also reduce traffic congestion which cost around $16.5 billion annually to the Australian economy.

These on-demand flying taxis will have a simple and sleek interior design, for which they have entered into a partnership with various companies like Boeing and Safran Cabin. Also, they are designed such that they gel well with the idea of becoming a widely accepted standard for eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicle and thus, delivering an exclusive vehicle rider experience.

It was also disclosed that this UberAir pilot progam will also offer cost-effective ride options in New York, from lower Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport, unrelated to its luxury-focused UberCopter that will be launched this July. [ Read more about Ubercopter here: UberCopter to Offer Flights from Lower Manhattan to J.F.K]

UberAir taxi service will be tested initially in Melbourne in 2020, which was originally planned to be in Dubai. This will be further followed in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2023 – giving hope that flying taxi service will soon make our lives better and bring a wave of disruption in the business world. This will eventually make everyone look ahead to know how to ride in the uprising Uber for X wave once again.

However, this will completely rely on various approvals by the Federal Aviation Administration and the cities and real estate developers that would be contributing to this idea for landing and taking off the idea.

So, let’s hope that everything goes in favor of this idea and we could soon head to our offices, shopping malls, flats, and other places in On-demand helicopters.

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