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What is Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies: 22 Use Cases

Chirag Bhardwaj
By Chirag Bhardwaj| July 25, 2018 05:08 PM |11 min read

If you look back at the Evolution of Blockchain, you will find that the technology only came into the limelight because of its association with the groundbreaking element that Bitcoin is. Bitcoin and Blockchain were the two terms that were used synonymously by a number of people around the world till even some years back. […]

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How Much Money Can You Earn With an App? Read Here

Prateek Saxena
By Prateek Saxena| September 14, 2018 |5 min read
How Much Money Can You Make from an App

Originally published April 10, 2018, updated September 14, 2018 Mobile App Development Industry comes along with a huge potential to earn millions of dollars. However, how much money you can make from an app depends on a number of factors which we will discuss later in this article. It takes a certain kind of application […]

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PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Update: Here’s What is New

Tripti Rai
By Tripti Rai| September 14, 2018 |6 min read
PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has recently rolled out the most awaited, massive update for the Android and iOS platforms. The Tencent Game, that had a little while back launched their Mobile Lite version, is now loaded with Sanhok mini-map and many other changes. Available earlier solely on XBox and PC versions of the game, […]

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React Native vs Ionic: Which is The Best Framework?

Shrikant Srivastava
By Shrikant Srivastava| September 13, 2018 |5 min read
React Native vs Ionic Which is The Best Framework

Mobile app development isn’t the same as it used to be. The process included simple decisions like designs, features and cost of building the application. The scenario has completely changed now. Mobile app development now depends on one of the most crucial factors: Which framework to choose for app development? There are various platforms like […]

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Apple September Event 2018: What to Expect and How to Watch it Live?

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| September 12, 2018 |3 min read
iPhone Xs, iOS 12 Release and All to Expect at Apple September Event 2018

We are just a few hours away from another exciting Apple event – the Apple September Event 2018 where the tech giant will introduce its latest product lineup. The event which will bring us closer to the Apple’s new collection of innovative and consumer-centric iOS devices, and wearables along with the software updates that will […]

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Explained: Postmates strategic Business model and Revenue sources

Dileep Gupta
By Dileep Gupta| September 12, 2018 |5 min read
Postmates strategic Business model and Revenue sources

Postmates is an on-demand food delivery services provider company that lets customers order anything from anywhere in the city. They work in more than 100 metropolitan cities in the USA. Postmates business model is often compared to other similar service providers like Uber and Lyft but have a unique way of delivering the goods i.e. […]

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