How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?

Dileep Gupta May 6, 2022
How Much does Flutter App Development Cost

The process of estimating Flutter app development costs takes businesses and enterprises through multiple factors and stages. In simple terms, developing a Flutter app might cost you anything from $25,000 to $80,000 depending on various parameters and requirements of the project. However, you must know what factors directly and indirectly impact the cost of Flutter application development. This article talks just about that. Let us start digging into the cost estimation journey of Flutter app development. However, before that, let us understand Flutter and its importance for app development briefly.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK that is used to develop native-looking iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. 

The framework has been operative in the industry since 2015 when it was first introduced by Google  and is now the most popular cross platform app development tool. The popularity level that Flutter has formed for itself is so much so that the answer to what is Flutter often draws parallels between the framework and React Native. 

Before Flutter came into the limelight, React Native was the ruler of the cross-platform domain. However, it took the industry one look into the Flutter offerings and the dependency on the React Native platform was forgotten. Why? The Flutter approach is time saving and cost efficient and this is probably why every business wants to experiment with the Flutter cross platform app development.

Flutter Timeline

flutter timeline

The frequent updates that Flutter shares are the doing of the growing demand of entrepreneurs who have based their trust on the cross-platform framework and the plethora of Flutter benefits. 

There are a number of benefits that Flutter offers to the entrepreneurs to make them choose the framework over any other cross-platform app development approach. 

Benefits of Flutter App Development for Businesses

Flutter app development is an optimal choice for building MVPs since it has ready made and custom widgets. You also get various options to explore and experiment in Flutter debug documentation. But the benefits do not end here. Below are the primary reasons why you should choose Flutter for app development.

1. Compatible

Since the Flutter widget is part of the application and not the platform, there is a very small chance that you would face any compatibility issues between Android and iOS. This translates into low testing time. One that gives a lot of weightage in Flutter’s favor when the parallels are drawn between Flutter vs React Native.

2. Expedited Development

Expedited development is the answer to why entrepreneurs should use Flutter for app development. There are a number of ways through which Flutter makes it possible:

  • Hot reload functionality
  • Detailed documentation
  • Platform-specific widgets

3. Widget Fabrication

The Flutter app development system comes with a widget library that can be used by developers for creating platform-specific widgets to give your apps a more native feel. In addition to the expansive library of widgets, developers also get to customize the application to the fullest, which offers a seamless UI giving users a memorable experience. 

What validates Flutter pricing further is the fact that from its 1.22 update to the current versions, Flutter has extended support to both Android 11 and iOS 14

4. High Performance

It is very easy to compile Dart into native code. And there is a lack of need to access the OEM widgets because Flutter has its own. Both these factors together translate into low mediated communication between the platform and the app. 

5. Extensive Testing Support 

Flutter provides solid testing support to the testers. They get the ability to perform testing at different levels. The abilities make the process of UI testing as easy for them as unit testing. 

The measures, mixed with the efficient features of Flutter, altogether bring down the testing time in addition to lowering the flutter cost.

6. Single Codebase

Another factor that emerges as a prominent answer to why to use Flutter as the ideal cross-platform app development approach is the usage of a single-codebase. 

When creating the Flutter app, you only have to focus on the creation of a single codebase – one version of the application that would run on both Android and iOS platforms. 

7. Google’s Back

Flutter is backed by Google. So naturally, the documentation is top of the class and so is the extent and stability of update versions. Plus, the semi-definite surety that it will not be killed mid-way. 

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Now that we know why Flutter is a popular and the right choice for cross platform app development, let’s move further and explore the possible factors that directly impact the Flutter app development cost. 

Estimating Average Flutter App Development Cost 

When we talk about the elements that decide the overall mobile app development costs, there are quite a few factors that are common between the Native and Flutter app development process. Meaning, they don’t play any standalone part in the estimation cost of Flutter app development. Those stages are:

  • App Discovery Cost 
  • App Deployment Cost

If we look at the average Flutter app development cost, the range might differ according to the below parameters. However, keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate driven by the type of the app. For an exact estimate, you might have to get in touch with  a reliable Flutter app development company that can conduct market research and put out a relevant cost. 

  • If you are developing a simple app with basic features, for instance, a fitness app with meal and workout suggestions, the app can cost approximately from $25,000 to $38,000. 
  • The cost to develop a flutter app with a middle complexity software like a messenger application with audio and video calling feature, the price may differ from $35,000 to $50,000. 
  • The development cost of a complex app for enterprise development starts typically from $50,000 and may cost as much as the features and functionalities of the app. 

Now let us look at the other factors which in fact play a specific role in the cost of using Flutter for mobile development. 

Factors Impacting the Flutter App Development Cost

Factors Impacting the Flutter App Development Cost

App Complexity 

Every application can be divided into three sub-categories: Low, Medium, and High Complexity Applications where we take note of the features or functionalities and integrations. 

This demarcation is done on the basis of these factors:

  • Deployment architecture model 
  • Admin panel development 
  • Third-party integration 
  • Use of the device’s in-built features
  • Integration with the enterprise/legacy system
  • Integration with other hardware devices
  • Addition of technologies like AR, AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc.

Like we have discussed in the above section, we factor the features and integrations around various app types. Apart from simple, middle and complex app types, other variations are:

  • List view – It can be imagined as an optimized version of a company’s website with a number of basic features in the app menu.
  • Dynamic – These apps are server-side and offer real-time access to the data used for personalizing the user experience. These apps are highly dynamic in nature, like Airbnb, Facebook, etc.
  • Gaming – These can be either simple gaming apps or ones filled with high-resolution animations, graphics, and AR features.

App Category

It is common to find a number of feature shifts as you move from one application to another. While some might have x functionalities some would have y, while some apps would multi-factor authentication, others might not even ask you to log in, and so on and so forth. 

Changing with these features set are the estimates of cost to develop a Flutter app. For example, a currency converter app will cost a lot less than an IoT or ride-booking app.

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Focus on Hardware

The more the hardware you try to connect with your application, the more would be the answer to how much does it cost to build the Flutter app. This is why it is a more expensive deal to develop and integrate an app with a legacy system or connect it with wearables. 

Tools and License Cost 

Flutter is entirely free even for commercial use, however, if you are willing to extend the functionalities and enhance the development process, you might have to pay for several integrations and tools.  

  • You would need third party API integrations such as application programming interfaces that can enable two different programs to communicate using protocols. For higher usage, we recommend using advanced APIs.
  • Flutter app development tools, also known as IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are special software integrations for building modern cross platform flutter apps. You can choose from popular integrations like Android Studio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, PyCharm etc. 

Server Space

If your app calls for processing and storing user-generated data, you will have to take care of the server concerns. Weak servers can lead to a low-performing application and greater response time on the users’ end. 

Additionally, unreliable servers having a vulnerable protection system can also lead to personal data leaks of your users. Generally  a 24 hour working server with an 8-core CPU and higher RAM space costs around $1500/ year, however, the customized server may cost more depending on your project requirement. 

App Design

An intricate design is one of the most necessary parts of an application. Ask any Flutter app development company and they’ll tell you the more intuitive and free-flowing the design is, the more users would connect with the app at a personal level. Achieving this connection is something that does not come free or at a low cost.  

But what comes as a relief for the money-bound app entrepreneurs is the low app designing cost that they pay when they invest in Flutter-based apps. Depending on the app complexity, the app design typically costs around $2,000 to $6,000 including the working prototype of the app. 

App Maintenance

The prominence of Flutter app maintenance cost in the price list is undeniable. No matter how new or old your application gets, you will have to keep updating it to meet your users’ changing demands. 

This necessity of adding in users’ feedback and improvement demand in the application is what makes it an important element of the Flutter app development services. 

There are mainly three things that we estimate Flutter app maintenance cost:

  • App updates
  • Design changes
  • App bug fixes

One thing entrepreneurs need to be aware of is that the app maintenance cost tends to increase over the app’s lifetime. As a general principle, companies tend to add 15-20% as the cost of Flutter app maintenance in their pricing list. 

Location of the Agency

Location is a very important criterion when it comes to determining the Flutter mobile app development cost. 

The difference in cost that would be charged when you hire a Flutter app development company in the US for their services will be starkly higher than the cost estimate an Eastern nation agency would ask for. This is one of the reasons why app enterprises choose the outsourcing approach for their app projects. 

Here’s a map showcasing geography wise per hour development cost –

Map showcasing geography wise per hour development cost

App Release in Stores 

Once the Flutter app is developed, the next logical step is to publish it in the stores. As of now the Play Store and App Store are the two most preferred deployment platforms across the globe. These platforms, however, charge a fee. 

  • Google Play – $25 one time fee
  • App Store – $99 annually

In addition to this, both the stores take 30% of the share for every in-app purchase your application makes. 

In addition to these factors, there is one other thing that is considered when estimating the cost of Flutter application development. Here’s what it is – 

The Discovery Process

An incorrectly held product discovery phase, consisting of – initial contact, planning, drawing specifications, creating wireframes, and detailed estimates, can lead to the decline of a project even before it hits the stores. 

It is very important for the project managers and development team to come together and chart the plan of action for app development and identify prospective loopholes that they might face during the development process.

Check out our product design sprint process to get an understanding of how we create memorable Flutter products.

Consult with our Flutter Experts

All these factors come together to answer the cost of Flutter app design and development that you would have to incur for your app project. Now, giving a numeric answer will only be possible once you share with us your project requirement. 

How Can Appinventiv Help You with Flutter App Development?

Appinventiv specializes in building robust and natively compiled experiences for web, mobile and desktop applications. We can help you create independent digital presence through our varied range of Flutter app development services starting from Flutter app ideation and consulting to app migration and deployment. So, don’t wait. Connect with us to leverage top notch features that will help you validate and convert your app idea into an efficient product. 

FAQs About Flutter and its Development Cost

Q. How Flutter reduces the cost of application development?

A. Flutter app development comes with a number of cost-saving factors like low developmental effort, single codebase, low maintenance timeline, location etc. All these come together to get its cost range down to a huge extent.

Q. How is Flutter mobile app development cost estimated?

A. The cost to develop a Flutter app is dependent on these set of factors:

  • App Complexity
  • App Category
  • App Design
  • App Maintenance efforts
  • Location of the agency 

Q. Why choose the Flutter platform over others?

A. There are a number of reasons, but if we as Flutter app developers have to pin-point some of them, the two prominent reasons for choosing Flutter development services would be – A. Google’s backing and B. The widgets that make your application native-like. 

Q. Is Flutter a good idea for every app?

A. Flutter can create any kind of application. It depends entirely on your development team’s efforts on how successfully they will be able to complete the project. But, between us, what we suggest is that you should opt for low to medium complexity apps when choosing Flutter. This way, the developmental efforts would be less and the time to market would be high.

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