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How to Personalize your Mobile UX?

By Shivam Srivastava
November 19, 2015 2. min read
Last update on: August 24, 2020

Mobile applications have become so omnipresent today that it is nearly impossible to imagine even a day without apps. Users of various mobile app look for a good user experience and thus UX is one of the most integral part of mobile applications.

Building a good user experience may be a daunting task, but with a few customization techniques, you would be able to win the hearts of your users and within no time, your app would rock the world. But what is Personalization? Is it a kind of alien theory? Absolutely not. Read further to know about how you could go ahead with the same.

What is mobile app personalization?

When you are at Pizza Hut and order for a Pizza with extra cheese and cream, you are customizing your taste that’s personalization. Similarly, when you design an app, you have to get it customized to get it right. Surely, it takes time, but it is not that tough as it seems to be.

You have to identify what your user wants. Here are a few examples for the same.

  • For example, if you built a dashboard app, you have to identify what your user expects- may be a chart or a single interface for multiple network or maybe a summary of the main modules of the app
  • Bank of America recently worked on the user experience of its mobile app after conducting a rigorous survey about what their customers exactly want. The outcome of the survey was that the users wanted everything to act quickly. Bank of America implemented the same and today the users can check multiple accounts and do any task via app’s home screen.

How to create Personalized Mobile User Experience?

You have many factors to consider while personalizing the user experience of an app. Here are a few essential elements that are recommended to be incorporated into your strategy.

Fetch the data

Best mode of personalization your apps is to make the users go through a questionnaire that would contain questions related to name, gender, age or location at the time of sign-up. Though this step is not very prevalent these days, but still it works. Just make sure that questions should be generic in nature and should not be very personal.

Create customized Content

In order to create a mind-blowing experience for your users, you should focus on the contents and personalize it. After that you can put the users into groups so that most relevant contents appear before them when they sign-in.

Testing, testing and testing

At times, it is observed that many apps become overwhelmed with personalization that hinders the growth of app. Therefore, it is always best to identify the features that are best suited for your users. The easiest approach would be the use of remote usability testing.

It has been estimated that about 50 million apps are being downloaded everyday, but only 5% of the apps are able to make the impact. Rest of the 95% mobile apps are abandoned within just a few days of download. Product managers of app based businesses make a lot of efforts and spend a good amount in order to get people to download their app but it is only the first half of the battle. However, everything is dependant on first time user experience or commonly known as FTUE of the users. There is no hard and fast rule to obtain good FTUE but rigorous analysis need to be done in order to reach to a conclusion.

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