Line App Launches Crypto Token to Solve its User Growth Problem
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Line App Launches Crypto Token to Solve its User Growth Problem

Bhupinder Kour
By Bhupinder Kour| Monday, September 3, 2018 13:50 PM |2 min read
Line announces Crypto Token to solve the User Growth Challenge

With a plan to extend its user base, Line, the popular chat messaging app announced its plan to launch a cryptocurrency token.

The brand said that they will be offering ‘Link’ digital coin as a reward to all the users who use the Line service.

These coins could then be traded with a number of other cryptocurrencies in the crypto exchange, BITBOX – a platform that runs as cryptocurrency exchange outside of the messaging platform which supports 30 cryptocurrencies namely: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple.

Line is also planning to make use of Link and the Blockchain that has been developed to power it, for hosting decentralized applications which will connect the coin to the messaging platform, which already offer a number of facilities like videos and music, ride hailing, payments etc.

Talking about Line’s crypto move, the brand’s CEO Takeshi Idezawa said – ““Over the last seven years, Line was able to grow into a global service because of our users, and now with Link, we wanted to build a user-friendly reward system that gives back to our users. With Link, we would like to continue developing as a user participation-based platform, one that rewards and shares added value through the introduction of easy-to-use dapps for people’s daily lives,” said Line CEO Takeshi Idezawa in a statement.”

Line is not the only instant messaging platform that is headed in the Crypto direction to expand its business. There are other brands in line too.

Let us look at the other Messaging Platform that already are or are planning to implement Blockchain technology in their services and offerings.

Popular Messaging Platforms using Blockchain


In August 2017, Kik raised over 168,732 ETH, which valued to $48 Millions for the development and launch of Kin, a crypto token and platform of digital currency exchange for the Kik users.


The cloud based messaging platform is also in news for its plan to raise an ICO for funding the creation of Telegram Open Network. TON would be a decentralized blockchain. They are also planning to launch a token for its 190 plus million users.

3.Kakao Talk

A lot similar to Skype platform, Kakao Talk application comes loaded with feature such as – Video call, voice call, instant messaging etc. – all powered by the disruptive Blockchain technology.

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