iOS 12 Developer Beta 6 is Now Available for Download

By Gurdeep Singh
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Last update on: July 27, 2020

iOS 12 is getting closer to its launch on millions of iPhones and iPads, one Beta version at a time.

Only a week after the iOS 12 Beta 5 version was rolled out, the iOS community has been introduced with yet another Beta version yesterday. With iOS 12 Beta 6, Apple is now only a few betas away from launching the power pack of iOS 12 features on millions of iPhones and iPads.

While looking at the short span of time between the launch of Beta 5 and Beta 6, it is assumed that iOS 12 Developer Beta 6 will only cater to bug fixes and optimizations, let us still dig in and explore what the newly released Beta is about.

iOS 12 Beta 6 Features: What’s New

1. New Splash Screens

Continuing its trend of using splash screens to help users get on board with the new updates, Apple has again added splash screens in the main Apple applications. In this Beta release, iOS app developers will find new splash screens for iTunes Store, App Store, Book, Music Apps, and TV.

2. Reordered Wallpapers

The most visible changes in the iOS Beta 6 has been brought in the wallpaper department.

While the stable wallpapers introduced with iOS 10 has been removed on one hand, on the other hand, the Home app has been introduced with new gradient style wallpapers

3. Minor UI Changes

iOS 12 Beta 6 has been introduced with some minor cosmetic changes in the UI as well. Some font tweaks have been made in Maps, AirPlay icon appears when users listen to music wirelessly, and lastly, the ‘Notification Close’ button has also got a new location when the iPhone is put in the landscape mode.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new iOS 12 Developer Beta 6 version? Know how to download iOS 12 Beta 6 on your iPhone

To download and explore the new Beta 6 version, you will have to login from your developer account and click on ‘Download New Betas’ button. Next, select iOS 12 Beta and click on Download.

Once downloaded, you will be prompted to install and then run the version on your device. Follow the instructions and you will have on your iPhone device the iOS 12 Developer Beta 6 version.

Once you run Beta 6, you will find that the new version is only a minor upgrade over the iOS 12 Beta 5 version launched a few days back.

Talking of iOS 12 Beta 5, Here’s what the leading iphone app development companies experienced with the version released on July 30th –

  • Darker Center Control
  • Greater Wallpaper Saturation
  • Screen Time with ‘Share across device’ toggle
  • Stock Widget size change
  • Updated Icon for News App
  • FaceTime with connection and disconnection tones.

With the rollout of beta versions every two weeks, the tech giant is constantly striving to perfect its operating system’s user interface before the anticipated September release.

The time is getting near for you to scale your iPhone app to iOS 12. Get in touch with our iPhone experts and prepare your app before the official iOS 12 launch.

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