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IBM Watson Media Launches Live Mobile Video-Streaming App

By Shivani Dubey
October 31, 2019 2. min read
Last update on: July 16, 2020

News in Brief:

  • IBM launches its IBM Video Streaming app enhancing workplace communication globally.
  • The mobile application can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.
  •  IBM Video Streaming allows users to broadcast multiple live-streamed videos.  

Video conferencing has become an essential medium for businesses for smooth workplace communications. Though there are many tools out there facilitating the business leader to broadcast meetings to their globally-dispersed workforce, there was still a little room left for a new initiative.

Recently, IBM Watson Media has launched its brand new IBM live-streaming video mobile application. 

IBM Video Streaming is a enterprise-ready broadcasting tool offering enterprise businesses a solution enriched with security and impeccable features. Enterprise app development companies are sure to find this launch inspiring.

This video streaming mobile application facilitates multiple live-streamed videos. The features added to the app are tailored for the business including closed captioning powered by AI. Administrators can easily edit this closed captioning for contextual relevance or more understanding.

What is more, after the completion of broadcasts, the enterprise can utilize auto-generated metadata to browse for and index data.

In the IBM blog, the company stated- “The IBM Video Streaming application offers businesses full control over video content including ingestion, transcription, storage, distribution, content and metadata management and access. In order to safeguard confidential information like financials and sales strategies, administrators have the power to grant individual access to specific employees.”

It also goes on to say that via this video-streaming application, they have lowered the “barrier to entry for live streaming video”. According to the company, impeccable live video-streaming previously required the cooperation of professional production teams, which now can be done with the help of the application and a mobile device.

In the words of David Mowrey, Product and Development VP at IBM Watson Media, “This product really helps enterprises to securely deliver their corporate communications, end to end, all the way from a device to the consumers of the enterprise stream,”. 

He also said that though there are several live-streaming apps for users, none of them deliver adequate toolkits for the enterprise. IMB Video Streaming app has the potential to offer large and small opportunities for live-streaming from allowing the CEO to interact with thousands of employees and partners to help a manager launch a broadcast to his team.

This newly launched video streaming app really complements the IBM Watson Media’s Enterprise Video Streaming which is an on-demand and live streaming platform connecting globally-dispersed workforce via laptops and desktops. 

Mowrey also said that this platform is in use currently by customers in all industries and around the world, also including clients namely, Herman Miller, Nvidia, and Rodan + Fields.

After this launch, the tide of investment in enterprise mobility solutions is not a far cry as IBM has always been an epitome of inspiration to many businesses.

The IBM Video Streaming app is now available to download on both Android and iOS platforms. So, say goodbye to ineffective Video Conferencing and download this solution to your business communication problems.

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