8 Important Tips to cross Mobile Application Development
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8 Important Tips to cross Mobile Application Development

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Saturday, October 10, 2015 17:22 PM |6 min read
Cross platform Mobile App

Mobile apps are the new way for businesses to interact with their customers and it has given rise to many new business avenues. Tech savvy customers are becoming more and more use to mobile applications and their utility. One of the toughest choices to make for mobile phone app development comapnies while the development of app is that which operation platform to choose for your app. There are plenty of cross platform mobile application development frameworks and mobile developer tools. These tips are going to help you in cross-platform mobile app development.

Opt for Native Mobile Apps

It is a universal truth that native mobile apps are the best option for mobile app development and they directly interact with the underlying operating system and this makes them faster in execution and more secure. Web based apps can also be developed, but they lack the flexibility and performance of native apps.

Do thorough testing on all Platforms

Your cross-platform app should go smooth with all the platforms. You have to test your codes on all the target platforms. Do a rigorous testing so that fonts, colors, object placements and GUI layout- all are well set. An app that is not tested on any of the platforms may also crash frequently on that platform. 

Think from the user’s perspective

The app developer is required to think from the user’s perspective while developing the app.The questions like – What the user really wants?, Is the navigation user friendly, or not? Is the UI attractive enough? All these questions need to be answered. Above all, you must be in love with your app, because if you love your app, your users would also love it.

Fix small issues at the earliest

Many app makers hold a view that the fixing small bugs frequently don’t help and they only make fixes when they release the app with bigger enhancements. This notion is completely wrong as app stores are flooded with similar apps. Hence the users won’t take any interest in app that has bugs. So you are advised to plan your bug fixing strategy as per user’s expectations.

Allow different layout for different operating systems

Different mobile operating systems render the same visual elements differently. Hence, it becomes extremely important for an mobile app developer to take care of this fact at the time of development. The other day I went through a food ordering app; the layout was different with Android and iOS, but most importantly, both the layouts were awesome. So app makers have to play with the layout as per different operating systems.

Be unbiased towards the platform

It is true that developers are in love with the particular platform they feel connected with. However, when developing a cross platform app, you should pay heed to all the platforms and appreciate them for their strengths and limitations. Keep aside your love for your pet platform, else this love will affect the quality of app on the platform that you do not like.


Finally, keep in mind that these tips are not the sure shot key to success. When you have taken care of these, the users may or may not appreciate because they have come to expect cross platform compatibility from your app. But in case of absence of these factors, users will definitely complain and be dissatisfied which anyone won’t like.

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