Elves App: Representing How Chatbot Development Can Help You Earn $80,000 a Month

Prateek Saxena May 23, 2022
Elves App: Representing How Chatbot Development Can Help You Earn $80,000 a Month

As mobile apps are eclipsing the websites, the Chatbots are becoming the new face of web browsers. People are no more interested in searching on different sites to fulfill their desires. Instead, they want everything in the easiest and earliest form. This has triggered competition in the app market. Companies are experimenting with uprising technologies to give services others are not providing yet. In other words, they are turning towards technologies like Chatbot development to provide super-personalized experience to the users.

Chatbots- Ruling the App Market

You must be wondering what a Chatbot is, and how can it give ultimate experience to the users? Well, here are some interesting facts about Chatbots shared by our experts:

A Chatbot is a computer program designed for conducting intelligent conversations with humans, via audio or text. Since its arrival in 2011, it is working as the new tech wave to ride on so as to reach on the top of the market and beat the competitors. The AI-based Chatbots interacts with users; analyze their habits and purchasing patterns to deliver them more personalized choices. It also shares images, links and CTA buttons enriching user experience.

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At present, most of the conversations are made by Chatbots. Some of the famous chatbots in use are Slackbot, Google Allo, Duolingo, Prisma, MagicX, and Mona. This throws light to the fact that Chatbot has become the trending way to remain in the limelight and do business.

Many big and small companies have already developed their own Chatbot applications, while many have made their chatbots available on the messenger apps. This is so because the messaging apps are gaining high traction over the other apps. With Chatbot technology integrated into messaging apps, one can easily increase its chances of success in the app market. So, what’s your plan now? Reach out to the best top app development company and give a tweak to your marketing strategy!

But, if you are still wondering how Bots can help in lifting your business, here is an example of a startup that is earning high revenue all because of Chatbot development.

Elves App & Chatbot Development

Cairo-based Elves, a personal concierge app, is known to help people with all sort of shopping, including Grocery purchasing, Booking cars, Discovering new places & making a booking, and so on. The mobile app operates through live interactions via text. These interactions were made by humans before. But with time, the conversations increased. A single individual had to perform 25 conversations at a time. To prevent compromise with the quality, the company switched to Chatbot development. The Elves Chatbot (Elf) is available on Facebook Messenger and allows users to get in touch for all their needs. The Elf interacts with the users, ask them different sets of questions like their like & dislikes, and offers options based on the information gained. The Chatbot enables users to find the best deal/product within budget as well as choose the best gift for others. Besides this, it also takes care of wrapping and delivering of the gift. In short, it helps to easily find the right thing without undergoing time-consuming, chaotic process of purchasing and delivering.

Elves app is in practice to do shopping and gift purchasing even when stuck in hectic daily schedule or sitting miles away. And the most interesting fact is that it does not ask for any membership or subscription fee, but is still making $80,000 a month. Isn’t the value surprising? According to our team, the Elves get 30,000 hits a month on Facebook and is easily accessible by the users throughout the world. Also, the Chatbots conversations are combined with actuals humans in complex situations to provide enhanced user experience. And this is the secret behind their brand awareness and revenue earned.

Wrapping Up!

The progress in technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) has increased the interest of companies in Chatbot Development. Companies are highly investing in this medium to provide exceptional user experience without suffering from a cognitive load of learning.

This also signifies that Chatbot will be a part of every business in the near future. It is also possible that it completely overtake market from the mobile apps. So, if you don’t want your business to be outdated, invest in one today! Look for the best Chatbot App Development Company and discuss your business goals.

We, at Appinventiv, have 200+ mobility experts having extensive understanding and expertise in technologies like Chatbot development. For last 2 years, we have worked on a wide range of automated features across hundreds of mobile app. We have a perfect record of serving clients worldwide with services including Facebook Bot development, Telegram bot development, and Slack bot development. To know more about our work, check out our portfolio!

Prateek Saxena
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