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Appinventiv Technologies October 25, 2021
Appinventiv store application

Product Overview

Appinventiv store is an application envisioned and developed by Appinventiv’s in-house expert. The idea behind the app is to offer a frictionless buying experience to the customers. 

Our aim is to unfold a new reality with the ‘scan and go’ technology using Magento 2. It is a future facing innovation that is redefining the shopping experience for both customers and retailers. 

Industry Application

The steep rise in contactless payments and the growing use of mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay is a testament to the fact that consumers are embracing innovative technology. 

The need of the hour is to bring a disruptive change in Retail, and with our app we are taking shopping to the next level. 

We conducted detailed analysis and studied a ton of findings. As per a study conducted by GPShopper, 48% of US internet users believe that the scan-and-go technology would make shopping easier. And 43% would rather try scan-and-go than wait in a checkout line. 

Another research from Mulesoft found out that 60% of internet users worldwide would prefer to shop at other retailers if they offered a ‘just walk out’ experience. 

We targeted retail clothing stores because we wanted to make shopping simpler, faster and convenient. The whole waiting in line for an assistant to scan items and processing payments is a thing of the past. Our application eliminates the whole checkout process and overhauls the experience. 

Problem Scenarios

While the first problem we targeted with our app was eliminating the checkout process and rendering a wholesome shopping experience, the second problem that retailers experience more often than not is that of inventory management, especially during the sale  season. 

Clothing items being displaced from their original place of display often leads to a bad experience for the users and results in chances of missing out on the particular item. 

How we solve the problem: 

To solve the problem of inventory management, as a customer picks up an item and adds it to the cart, the retailer is notified that the said item has been picked up and new items need to be added. 

Typical User Journey: 

Upon downloading the appinventiv store app, you need to fill in your personal details, complete the KYC, and link it with your preferred payment cards. Then, choose the retailer of your choice. 

Scan your QR code as you enter the store. Take a cart. Your cart will be paired with the application. 

Appinventiv Store QR code

Each time you add an item to your physical cart, it will add the same to the virtual cart on your mobile app. 

Add item to the cart

If you don’t like the item, you can put it back and it will automatically be deleted from your virtual cart. Once you are done shopping, you can check out without having to stand in queues and just go. The amount is deducted from your preferred mode of payment.

Order Placed Successfully Page

We have built the prototype of the application and the entire admin panel is developed using Magento2.  

Advantages of using Appinventiv Store

The app offers a whole raft of features and advantages that are impossible to ignore. With our app, we are streamlining the in-store experience and combining it with the convenience of mobile shopping. 

  • Frictionless buying experience. 
  • Cost Savings 
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Customer empowerment 

With our app, retailers can also benefit from having an unprecedented insight into the customers’ purchasing data and shopping trends.

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