5 Dockless eScooter Companies to Join Bird and Lime in Louisville

By Bhupinder Kour
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Last update on: September 17, 2020

Louisville eScooter riders have a reason to rejoice. Bird and Lime are going to be accompanied by more dockless eScooter companies soon.

The city has given license to five operators to run their business – Spin, Jump, Cycle Hop, Lyft and Bolt. According to the city policy in Louisville, the vehicles will be allowed to operate within the Watterson Expressway with extensions in the south to Palatka Road to include Iroquois Park and west to Shawnee Park.

Moving on to the core side of the information, these newly licensed operators are currently holding probationary licenses which will expire after six months, somewhere around the end of this year.

As per the city policy, these companies can start their fleet from 150 dockless vehicles and can increase the vehicles as per the need and requirements of the residents.

Also, if the ridership exceeds more than 4 rides per day and that too on a per vehicle basis, the companies would be given the freedom to increase the fleet by 100 vehicles per month and to around 650 while they are in the probation period.

Operators will be permitted 1,050 vehicles if they are able to complete the probationary period successfully along with meeting the performance standards.

The move is a sign that things which were once bothering municipal leaders regarding these dockless are now under control. As for the residents, these dockless are certainly going to help them bridge the gap conveniently from their native location to their ultimate destination.

What Does this Move Mean for the eScooter App Industry?

The move has come as good news for the eScooter companies who are planning to expand more densely into the USA.

The openness that the US cities and countries are showing towards the adoption of eScooters as a prevalent mode of transport is a sign that the domain as a whole is soon going to be on a growth trip.

Making now the right time to enter the market and run alongside the top brands.

Do you too wish to take advantage of this opportunity? Get in touch with our eScooter app development experts, today.

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