New Turn in Google Assistant vs Alexa War: Google Assistant Hits 1 Billion Devices

By Bhupinder Kour
January 9, 2019 2. min read
Last update on: September 8, 2020

At the CES 2019 event, like its earlier – CES 2016, CES 2017, and CES 2018 events various world-changing innovations and announcements are being made, but one announcement that has raised eyebrows of everyone is – Google’s declaration of War with Amazon in the Voice Assistant market.

Google has announced that its voice assistant is going to expand to much  bigger market – one is that is even greater from its current presence on 1 billion devices including Google home speakers, Smartphones, and other gadgets.

The announcement is expected to bring a new turn in the Google Assistant vs Alexa war. Seeing how things are turning out, the time is here when Google Assistant will not just come neck-to-neck with Alexa’s popularity but also surpass it – thus marking an end to the two years long competition.

But, will it be possible? Will Google Assistant get ahead of Amazon’s Alexa? Or is it simply a wishful thinking?

Google Assistant, in just two years of its existence, has created a remarkable impact on the market. The virtual assistant, with its impressive 30+ features including a support for around 30 languages in 80 nations, has shown to be a far better option over Apple’s Siri in terms of ease, security and ample of opportunities.

The presence that Google Assistant made on over  500 million devices till last May, along with a steep rise of 4 times in the daily and monthly users has been the two validating reasons which prove how ready Google Assistant is to top the Voice technology industry.

Even amidst the growth, one cannot simply overlook that the main reason behind this rise in numbers is the default presence of Google Assistant on Android smartphone.

Google Assistant, unlike Alexa, is not available on these devices by user’s choice, implying that the high market presence is not something connected directly to the customer experience or even willingness to adopt Google Assistant.

Countering this argument, Google, announced at CES that is planning to diversify their devices range – making Google Assistant available on various new non-smartphones devices along with the advent of a couple of new Google Assistant-enabled products at CES 2019, which will eventually encourage the use of Google Assistant.

The tech giant is expected to launch as many Google Assistant-enabled devices in the market as Alexa-powered devices will reach the market.

Along with the intention to increase the active device count, the Google Engineering team  is running a kickass market campaign at CES 2019, just like Amazon to beat the competition and wear the crown of being No. 1 in voice assistant market.

Noting all the plans that Google has saved for Assistant, it is safe to assume that Google will emerge as the uncontested winner of the Voice Technology market.

Ultimately, the time has now come for businesses to avail the benefits of features that will now be announced and launched one after another, in an ode to keep the fire of competition to be the best fueled.

With this said, if you are willing to take leverage the benefit of million device expansion that Google Assistant has by integrating Voice technology into your mobile app, contact us.

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