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Scaling Merchant Onboarding
for Nation’s leading Fintech
Enterprise - Bajaj Finserv

About Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv is the next-generation digital marketplace that
connects both customers and merchants. The platform offers easy
and affordable finance options through low-interest rates and
flexible repayment options.

Industry Finance
Services Conceptualization, Development and Deployment
Business Type Startup
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Our Process


  • Market understanding
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business plan discussion


  • Android, iOS development
  • API development
  • Frontend development
  • Architecture development
  • User testing


  • App Store & Play Store deployment
  • Post-launch maintenance
Bajaj finserv loan app

Our Project Challenges

Appinventiv’s Development Journey with Bajaj Finserv

We kicked off the project by gathering an understanding of the client’s vision of the product. We held
meetings with the Bajaj team on a regular basis to understand their problems better. Every part of
the project development was aimed at creating an efficient portal for both merchants and customers.

Our team faced some challenges in the way, which made the project all the more competitive, productive,
and immersive.

full cycle app development

The primary challenge was that the setup of Bajaj was coded in Java and which had to be shifted to
Node.js. This required installation of new extensions and packages. We had to face several issues in this
shifting process and debugging those issues required an extensive amount of time and attention to detail.
However, our team was able to come up with effective solutions and create an efficient online platform for

The second challenge was to ensure that security is not compromised. As we were working on a fintech
application, we had to take extra precautions to ensure that sensitive information is secured completely. So,
we used advanced security methods and walls to predict and prevent financial fraud.

Bajaj finserv EMI Card
Bajaj FInserv App by Appinventiv
Bajaj Finserv Loan App

The Results

300+ Merchants onboarded
3 lacs+ Transactions per day

Appinventiv helped Bajaj Finserv
build a digital platform to increase
their merchant onboarding

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