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World-class Mobile App Ideas Tailored For Your Business

By Shivam Srivastav
May 12, 2016 5 min read
Last update on: November 14, 2017

The Smartphone has changed our daily lives. Be it booking tickets, paying bills or even ordering food, we are using it for everything. Whereas we are aware that these apps are changing the way customers interact with businesses, it is also true that these apps are also changing the dynamics of how business is conducted. Let us try and analyse some of the leading Business Apps that are changing slowly but certainly the way businesses and customers connect and do business.

Since there are thousands, possibly millions of Business apps, we will try and segregate those into separate heads, so it’s easier for us to compare those in the same group and advise upon the ones which are better than the others. These groups can be listed as:

Business Productivity

These are the apps that help you work faster, better and with more accuracy, basically increasing your productivity at work. There are hundreds of apps in this category, notable and the most popular ones are translation apps such as iTranslate, communication apps such as Skype and data apps such as Ever note etc. This range is the most important and the most widely used section of Business apps.

Business Social Networking

Social Networking is one of the most effective and important use of technology today. Businesses are no different. Social Networking apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetme, Shapr, Namerick etc. Help people communicate and connect like never before.

Business Travel / Entertainment

With the globalisation, Travel is becoming a more and more important part of the business and along with that comes business entertainment. A lot of apps these days can help you find help before, during and even after your business travels. Travel itinerary apps such as Tripit, Weather forecasting apps such as weatherpro and Cab calling apps such as Uber is really changing the way people now conduct their business travel.

Calendar / To Do Apps

With people being more and busier and multitasking all the time, Calendar and To Do apps are a boon these days which remind you of impending meetings and chores. Although most handsets have native apps for these functions these days, some of them have limitations of use and specially sharing connectivity. Apps such as Fantastical, e calendar and digical help people prioritize jobs, which is the most important part of business decision making these days.

Finance / Expenses

These apps help the user to manage financial data and expenses. It also helps in billing customers and collating accounts and book keeping processes. Some apps also help in payroll management. Apps such as ZenPayroll, Expensify, Gullak and freshbooks etc.. help in business accounting and financial management. In our view these are the single most important apps for businesses, specially smaller businesses an offer immense value.

Scanning / Printing / Authenticating

There is a lot of paperwork involved in businesses these days. Whereas much of it is now in electronic format, still some have to be taken care of manually. These apps help a lot in managing the paperwork by storing, sharing, scanning and printing documents, and reports. Some apps help in integration of digital signature and thereby in the authentication process. The most notable of Scanning / Printing Apps are: Cam scanner, Turboscan, Signeasy etc.


These days’ businesses rely very heavily on technology and apps. It is important for all businesses to analyse the available apps and use these for the smoothening of operations and processes.

Shivam Srivastav
Shivam Srivastav
Marcom Manager
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