Best Productivity Tools for Mobile App Developers

Saurabh Singh May 23, 2022
Best Productivity Tools for Mobile App Developers

Mobile app is considered as the new way to promote growth. Most importantly, apps are connected with customers in a real-time and thus, paves the way for immediate as well as precise consumer feedback and insight. By providing awareness of and communication with your brand through an app, you are definitely fostering trust. It is believed that the more your audience trusts you, the more likely they will commit to your brand. For all those businesses which have an app development idea needs to visit mobile app development company for high-ranking mobile apps.

The high demand for mobile apps has opened up avenues for app developers to develop unique apps. In order to improve the app development process as well as the product, there are some productivity app development tools for developers:


This tool is based on agile development methodology for mobile testing and reporting on isolated changes in larger code base in real time. In addition, the tool allows developers to find as well as solve defects in a code base at a rapid speed and it also automate testing of their builds. With the help of Jenkin plugins uploading of applications available in the Jenkins workspace onto the devices  is very easy. Last but not the least, the tool supports continuous integration as well as continuous delivery of projects.

Bit Bucket

This tool is a distributed version control system that helps you in collaborating with your team in an effective way. It is considered as the only collaborative Git solution that scales massively. The biggest advantage of switching to this tool is that it offers both private and public repositories. In addition to this, it even control the actions, which a user can perform through branch permissions and as a result, prevent errors.

Notable Prototypes

This tool plays a vital role in creating prototypes from sketches, visual mock-ups and wireframes, You just simply needs to upload screens, add hotspots in order to link them together and then start testing your ideas with your users.

Geny Motion

The tool works on the agile methodology, enabling app developers to code and test fast as well as frequently. Developers can develop test cases with Java API and can also automates them with the help of either command line tool or with Grade plugin at the time of development phase. Moreover, it can effectively simulate 3000+ virtual device and all imaginable situation for giving pleasant user experience. This tool is highly compatible with Android SDK tools, Android Studio as well as Eclipse.

Stack Overflow

This is a question and answer format website that acts as a knowledge base for all app developers. With the help of this open source site, app developers can easily find the solution of their problems, which are faced during the development process. Furthermore, developers have the chance of posting answers and comments for the questions asked by other developers. However, some of the most common topics of discussion include Java, Javascript, HTML and Android to name a few.


It is referred as a mobile analytics platform, offering in-depth analysis of your user’s behavior to provide the ultimate app experience. It paves the way for easy integration as Appsee allows you to integrate mobile analytics SDK into your iOS and Android app with a single line integration code. It also auto detects screens, buttons as well as user actions. This means that there is no need to decide what to measure in advance.

These are the best productivity tools for mobile app developers, allowing them to collect all things they need for their projects.

Appinventiv is a leading mobile app development company with a huge and a talented team of mobile app developers. With the help of cutting-edge technologies and app productivity tools, developers are able to offer qualitative mobile app development services.

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
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