What Are Some SaaS Product Ideas To Boom In The Coming Years?

Sudeep Srivastava September 21, 2021
saas application development

The SaaS business has seen an immense upsurge in the previous decade. There have been wide changes in every aspect of organizations from on-premise to cloud solutions.

Cloud software distribution, to be specific SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models, conquered the tech world and now won’t disappear any time soon. Simultaneously, the COVID-19 pandemic expanded the significance of distant work for a business to last as well as provide high benefit.

During the pandemic, SaaS application ideas have attracted many SaaS development companies with their cloud software services. This surge is the reason why people are coming up with fascinating ideas and making their ideas come true. For example, finance services are finding ways to incorporate security through SaaS.

Who thought SaaS business ideas set-up could be this much fun?

SaaS is known for offering agility and cost-effectiveness to the business, which makes it one of the most reliable amongst other business platforms.

  • As per the growth parameters, the SaaS industry will be worth $143.7 billion by the end of 2022.Hence, investing in SaaS business is a stunning opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

What Is A Saas Business?

SaaS businesses are hosted in the cloud. Unlike other softwares, in SaaS business the users need not install anything to access the product features. SaaS business is helpful as it provides targeted customers along with recurring revenue for you to control the churn rate.

There are various types of SaaS companies. With the increase of software companies shifting towards the SaaS model during the past decade and coming time, various different types of SaaS products are coming into view.

Types of SaaS Companies

There are various types of SaaS companies. With the increase of software companies shifting towards the SaaS model during the past decade and coming time, various different types of SaaS products are coming into view.

Top SaaS App Ideas to Boom in Coming Years

best saas startup ideas

Marketing automation 

Software management programs can assist in automating SMS, emails, payments, and tools to manage social media. Marketing automation programs offer easy solutions. It can help with strategic marketing and streamlining job flows, marketing campaigns, and their outcomes. 

Some SaaS Examples are: Duel, Hubspot

Video rendering

Video conferencing is mushrooming due to the lockdown and work from home scenarios. The real-time video calling and rendering demands an accessible and straightforward SaaS application so that a child in an online class or grandparents in another state can use it without any confusion or difficulty. 

This software sector which was previously catering to the larger companies is now a part of regular households—a tremendous profitable SaaS startup ideas.

Some SaaS examples are: Veed, Keyshot


Telehealth has opened a new door for medical practice. Finally, patients can consult professionals anytime from the comfort of their homes. Convenient and accessible patient monitoring, even in the areas simply via mobile, is in high demand.

Some SaaS examples are: BetterHelp, Teladoc

Social media

In 2021 marketing needs social media. Entrepreneurs these days want to interact with their customers directly. Social media is providing that transparency. A new start up or SaaS business plan which can connect the audience with the content creator in a uniquely satisfying yet efficient manner can be a good recipe for your start-up.

Some SaaS examples are: Loomly, ContentCal, Buffer

Content planner

Planning and strategizing social media content can be stressful, time-consuming, and hectic. Yet, this kind of SaaS application development is in high demand these days as we see a rise in content creation. Such a software SaaS product can also boost creative content, analysing it, and distributing it to a bigger audience.

Some SaaS software examples are: Dropbox, Groove

CRM freelancers

The CRM sector is growing a huge profit potential for freelancers. As a result, on-demand SaaS applications for mobiles are highly favoured in this industry. It offers them a distinctive customer interaction, access to analytic, reporting tools, and marketing via email.

Some SaaS software examples are: Zendesk Sell, Dubsado, Agile CRM

Team training, and mentoring

With the Covid-19 scenario, collaboration devices have become a productive specialty for SaaS firms. Today organizations give SaaS different tools to improve project management and upgrade remote work efficiency.

The SaaS product ideas for team training and communication offers devices for active interactions and messaging. Furthermore, SaaS software development helps in communication, project management, and higher productivity through online collaboration tools.

Some SaaS software examples are: Mobilize, Trello, Slack

OKR tracker

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Tracker software makes arrangements around organization objectives. This is a somewhat new SaaS programming region and hence offers great potential for new participants to the market. OKR tracking solutions give reports and empower users to see progress on dashboards, making tracking outcomes visible and measurable.

Some SaaS software examples are: Inspire, Betterworks

How To Find Innovative SaaS Ideas?

Getting an idea for a business requires a lot of research and brainstorming, especially when it is about SaaS startups ideas. Your answer to the question of how to build a SaaS business or how to start a SaaS business, lies here. The first and foremost thing is to find effective and great ideas and then focus on the business.

Let’s have a look at what steps to follow to get an innovative idea:

Follow your expertise

You can start with something you are already familiar with. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, start implementing your unique concepts and find a niche market for your SaaS business ideas. On the other hand, if you are good at something, dive deep to discover your potential in that field.

Find problems

Nowadays, there are a lot of work sectors. Simultaneously they have a lot of difficulties, issues that need to be fulfilled. So, you can try to come up with the idea that can bridge the gap. 

Evolving markets

Doing a business online is a no-brainer. However, you will be surprised to know that many companies are still left out of the online game due to their unique challenges. If you can find an idea to bring them under the spotlight, it might be a game-changer for that industry and your SaaS startup.

Ideate and validate

Once you know about your industry where you want to establish, the next step is to conduct research and learn about the tools that the competition industries are using and think about what could be improved. Create a good presentation and examine your SaaS idea by sharing it to (or emailing it to) the potential customers.

saas application development

Why Should You Consider a SaaS Company?

Many good reasons to switch to the SaaS business model include low cost, hazard-free, flexibility, scalability, and simple deployment. Let’s take a closer look.

Low cost 

The SaaS business model is all about software maturing. So, the investment cost for expensive hardware for service providers is out of the window. It is an immense cost relief with just an early development cost in this field.

International access 

Demand for SaaS is very high for its boundless reach. In addition, users can approach SaaS based applications from any digital device at any location because of its modern cloud placement.

Effortless maintenance 

SaaS takes care of refurbishing because the providers know how challenging it is for start-ups to maintain. SaaS takes this responsibly so the users can sit back and relax.

Recurring revenue 

Statistically, companies with repeated revenues are way ahead of the curve than those with one-time profile methods. This gives start-ups much-needed stability, which paves the way for the success of the users.

Most Commonly Cited Business Drivers for Recurring Revenue Models


SaaS understands the need for ease when it comes to improvement. So upgrades of the SaaS app is way better than upscaling any other company.

Now let’s move on to the ideas with SaaS applications examples for your reference.


The SaaS market is growing exponentially while benefiting and taking care of each of the providers. With little investment and potential for rapid revenue, this start-up program is highly alluring.

To create a successful start-up, you need to bring something new to the table. By researching, you can detect gaps in the market which can be a significant problem for your possible customers. We hope this article evoked your thoughts for the next SaaS start-up.

And if you are searching for a good SaaS product development company that can help you with your SaaS product development services then Appinventiv is here to help you and provide consultation to you.

Sudeep Srivastava
Co-Founder and Director
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