Avail Pleasant User Experience with Behavior Driven Development
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Avail Pleasant User Experience with Behavior Driven Development

Shivam Srivastav
By Shivam Srivastav| Monday, January 23, 2017 08:16 AM |6 min read
Behavior Driven Development

With the growing demand for mobile apps, a large number of companies are coming up with qualitative mobile app development services and today, there are numerous mobile apps in the app marketplace. However, in today’s competitive scenario, offering wonderful user experience is an essential component for distinguishing your app from your competitors. In this regard, behavior driven development making a huge buzz in the programming concept and gives a lot of emphasis on the user as well as their specific requirements.

Features of the product are considered as the set of behaviors that they need to understand and this is known as biggest reason behind the cohesive bond between the user experience and behavior driven development. It is believed that BDD offers software development as well as management teams with some tools in order to collaborate decisively on software development. Behavior Driven Developers comprises of all the ingredients that are important for enhancing user experience or in other words, acts as a competent force in increasing app sales.

Better Ways to Understand The Role Of Behavior Driven Development In Enhancing Experience:

Development As Per User Needs

App development should be done according to the needs of a user and in most of the cases, developers and testers don’t understand the actual needs of a user. In this regard, there is a need to listen to the users properly, but this is not always possible. This is because a mobile app development process includes a designer, a product manager as well as a developer and these people doesn’t have a direct communication with the customer and this leads to an awful product development.

Hence, behavior driven development allows all involved people in the app development process to know the needs of a customer. This way they can streamline the development process. This means that they can give a pleasant user experience, which is unbeatable.

Communication Barrier Is Eradicated & Better Specifications

Updates are being done on a regular basis in the world of mobile apps and it is important for developers to make sure that they are making the updates without hampering the usability of the mobile app. By opting for behavior driven development, a common language can be created and this specifying language can be easily understood by everyone. This means that with BDD, communication barrier can be removed.

Furthermore, all the members of the team can easily discuss and write specifications and are able to realize new opportunities which were never thought before. This way the overall knowledge will increase, which paves the way for high-quality apps that leads to better user experience.

Provides Amazing Ways To Enhance Experience

The best thing about BDD is that it considers both technical as well as business perspectives in writing the code languages so that programmers and non-programmers can understand. The process of BDD includes two related cycles, which work in tandem from monitoring the problem to the coding phase and passing the app scenario. There are some tests in the coding phase, which includes the failing unit test, refractor and the green unit test.

In addition, behavior driven development plays a pivotal role in facilitating the flexible implementation of the testing phases, helping developers create an app that suits the needs of customers and as a result provide them an impressive user experience. It is said that as long as the desired behavior is same, for app tester, there is no need to see how the developer has implemented the code.

These are not just the advantages of BDD in fact, it also offers better understanding of the software and user experience test can take place in the beginning or in other words, before the starting of any coding activity. This way the process of development can be described properly. It is believed that with this activity, the team involved in the project can expect some obvious things from the software and the way it can be redesigned if there is a need for enhanced customer engagement.


Behavior driven development improves the communication and also helps solve the issues of mobile app development, which directly improves the user experience. When users are happy, the business can touch the horizons of sky.

Appinventiv is a leading mobile app development company with numerous successful projects under its belt. You can simply avail the benefits from its huge experience of developing apps for diverse industries.

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